I also love brownies, so it made sense for me to want this cute brownie bite pan. I whipped up a batch of homemade brownies and today im going to try out the baking pan and let you know how the pan performs dont forget to hit that like subscribe and share button lets get started. So the pan is made in the usa of aluminized steel and it has 20 wells for brownies or other baked goods, its a commercial grade for the home baker. Theyre extremely high quality for all your home baking needs most of the ones i use are coated and theyre fluted for an even distribution, and it allows airflow to move while youre baking. This one is coated with what they call americo, which is a non stick. Silicone to allow for quick release and they recommend you do not use any cooking spray. So all you do is pour the batter in and bake, so the directions say to fill each well about two thirds full and when youre done filling ill. Do it now, but you want to give your pan a little whack down and thatll get all of the air bubbles out of your brownies or whatever youre baking. So all of my wells are full. Before i bake brownies, i like to give it a good whack on the counter that just gets rid of all your air bubbles and because these are so small, i think im going to watch the timer.

Maybe bake them for about five six minutes and im going to use my thermometer to check the internal temperature once brownies for me hit about 195 degrees thats when i know theyre done so. The brownies have been cooling for about 15 minutes. I used a silicone, spatula and kind of worked around the edges of each one to try and release it. They tell you not to use anything sharp, so i didnt do that. Im still a little torn if theyre gon na actually come out so im gon na. Do the flip method im not sure if some people online said they did use a spray, some people didnt im a little torn. I guess on. If i should or should not here, goes nothing. Oh okay, they came out so yep. Those are pretty cute. I would absolutely give this pan an a so i can see making many cheesecakes, maybe little pies, especially around the holiday like apple or pumpkin. Pies, would be a great idea. I heres what the little brownie bites. Look like im actually going to freeze these because ive been eating raw batter all day, but im going to have some later anyway. If you have tried the pan, if you have some recipe ideas leave those in the comments below.