Well, what i want to talk today about is one of my favorite stones that i love, and this is priscilli blue stones from west wales, the priscilly mountains, which is a very, very important and historical stone to the ancient britons. The celts way way back pre history time now. The reason they’re considered so important is these stones are found in the inner circle of stonehenge on salisbury plain in wheelchair. Now, for a long long time for all millennia, people thought the big sauce and stones, the sandstones, the big massive ones. You see were the important ones to ancient man, but it was only in the last century. They discovered ines excavations of dead bodies and cremated remains that actually the blue stones were the important ones, and this was totally reinforced when they identified where these blue stones came from. They come from one place, i’ve said priscilli in west wales and that’s. The only place you’ll find them now. The significance of that is it’s 250 miles away from salisbury plain and the question. The mystery is how they were transported there by ancient man, because if you held one of these stones, you’d realize one thing: it’s like concrete it’s like holding concrete heavy, concrete and it’s, actually stronger than concrete it’s, a very tough stone. So, even though the blue stones are smaller, they weigh many tons and it would have been an incredible task for ancient man to be able to transport them.

I mean you’re talking about something like 5 000 years ago, so it’s a long time ago that they were transported now. The belief is that they were used for healing the sick, because for a long time, don’t forget as again and say only up until the last century. They discovered this. It was believed that a stonehenge was a druid temple. Then, when it was dated they realized. It was way way way before the druid ever came into existence, so the druid certainly didn’t build it. It wasn’t a jewish temple. Also, the question is: was it for the summer stalls which was always believed it was to mark the summer solstice like a solar calendar that was thrown in the bin? They know now that was the winter solstice it wasn’t the summer solstice, because when you think of it the winter was more important to ancient man, because that’s the time when things died off, was it a temple? No one knows for sure, because the simple fact ancient britons did not depict the gods or leave any evidence of what they believe to be the gods. All that we know is that they held great importance or value to certain rivers and bodies of water. Now before anyone says, oh, what about the green man? The green man was not ancient britain ancient celtic. That was actually a roman invention which the saxons took on and brought over here, but ancient britain’s themselves, the celts, the original britons.

There’S, no idea. We have to go by what romans said about what they believed in and they came well after a stonehenge was abandoned. What it seems to be from the archaeological digs that they’re finding is that it was a monument to the dead as well that’s. What the thousands are the big stones, and that was confirmed because the person who realized, i think he was from africa – he realized he said no, he said it’s a monument to the dead and he said you’ll find somewhere a wooden henge and he said that will Be a monument to the living and that’s exactly what they did find. They eventually found evidence that there had been a wooden henge, so the people, the idea this went from the wooden henge, the place of the living to stonehenge, the place of the dead and ancestor worship and just had a huge party for days on end because the Amount of food pig that they found is tremendous, so it was a huge party and people came from all over europe there’s evidence that it was a significant place vastly far and wide. So it was extremely important to man, and the blue stones are the ones that they seem to be preoccupied with, but it looks like that was for health reasons. Now, nowadays you get oh, it can do this. It can do that. Look, no one knows for sure what priscilla bluestone was used for, and also just say this.

This idea that they were transported to salisbury plain from in the priscilly mountains. There is a theory that actually what happened was during the last the end of the last days. Ice age, the ice floes actually carried them to salisbury plain and just to post them there, and all that the locals had to do was pick them up, because when they say this evidence of mine at the sally mountains, they can identify exactly where they came from. And which rock formation that came from it there’s no evidence as such that it was actually mined you just don’t, see it. So the question is there where the carry door? Did the glacier flow? Take them there now you’ll hear things now about oh it’s, a it helps you find your soul mate. It helps you get in contact with your ancestor, helps you with past life, aggression and when they start going on about maryland. He loves mentioning mail and that’s. When i switch off switch off because i think you’re going into nonsense, then, but it’s interesting, i mean what i’ve done this one see this one is a bit darker isn’t it. I used to put that in my bath to see if it i’ll have to start doing it again, because i haven’t done it for a while. I used to put down me bath water to see what would happen and, lastly, this one which i want to draw your attention to, which is just a little bit of fun.

That is actually what is called a hackstone or a druid’s egg it’s a stone that naturally has a hole in it and apparently on certain nights. If you look through that hole, you can see spirits and see into the other world never way to me. I’Ve never seen anything through it and then also it saves you from drowned and sailors used to carry them around so just so. That would be a bit of fun a hackstone.