The one thing that kept coming to my mind after using it on a day to day basis, was this simple statement that i think explains the 13 mini pretty perfectly, and that statement is. I think that the iphone 13 mini is the best compact phone in 2022, and i say this because, when you think about it, the iphone 13 mini does many things as good as any top tier flagship phone in the market for a much cheaper price and a Much smaller size, the 13 mini, has a beautiful display that isnt as big as any other phone, but still looks just as nice. It has a very premium yet durable, build quality that will be able to last you for a long time. It has that premium. Ios software that will support newer updates for many years to come, and it has that same 815 bionic chip as a 13 pro max, so youll be getting a ton of power. But one thing that i will say about the 13 mini is that it does not have the best battery, but if you can manage it right, it will still be able to last you all day without any problems. And now the first thing that i wanted to look at when it came to how the iphone 13 mini held up after eight months of use was the display. Now the iphone 13 mini has a 5.4 inch liquid retina display that overall feels really smooth.

Whenever i was scrolling through the os or any other app, i never got any lags, and i was really impressed with how well the 13 mini held up after extended use, and something that i surprisingly really liked about. The 13 mini was that it was really small in comparison to the regular 13 and 13 pro, but it still had a full display, unlike the more compact sc3. So whenever i was using my phone, it wasnt hard to see anything and i could still enjoy everything that i had to offer. The brightness was honestly okay. At best, whenever i was outside with my phone and the sun was shining, i would usually put my hand over my phone so that i could see better, which was underwhelming when compared to other phones in the market. The haptics were the exact same as the 13 and, as you can see right here, everything feels really sharp. I didnt notice any hiccups and whenever i press on something the app animations were flawless and still impressive, even when compared to last years version and now. The last thing that i liked about the display was how good the overall viewing experience was. The resolution was very sharp. The colors were very vibrant, just like on the regular 13 and while the watching experience wasnt as good as the 13 pro or pro max. It still got the job done and left me pretty satisfied and to show you guys what i mean heres an example of me playing a game and watching a video Music Applause.

Balls on wiggins, one on one with wiggins, turns shoots. Scores wiggins got six points here. In the first Applause were getting super aggressive right there. This inside shot is Applause, and now the next thing that i wanted to look at when it came to how the iphone 13 mini held up after eight months of use was the software. Now the software on the 13 mini was really impressive when it came to how smooth it ran. The animations were very fast, even when i was in my car, and my phone would get hot. The software still held up really well and was able to withstand rough conditions. The only problem that i had was when i would play a power heavy game like jetpack joyride, the battery would heat up and the game would become a little laggy. Also. The fact that i was putting much more strain on the battery really took a toll on how the game would perform, but, besides that it still had those premium. Ios software features like the ability to connect the different devices at ease, imessage, facetime and all the premium. Ios apps that many people use and it still had that ios smoothness, that even with the bugs was a joy of using and if you are considering getting this phone, then using less power. Heavy apps will improve the performance and minimize the bugs. And now the next thing that i wanted to look at when it came to how the iphone 13 mini held up after eight months of use was the battery.

Now, when it came to the battery on the 13 mini, i would usually get about four to five hours of on screen time, which was much less than any other phone. But it still performed better than the 12 mini. But if you want to get the most out of your 13 mini and make it last a full day, i would say turn off 5g put it on power saving mode and try to keep the brightness down and the charge times were also pretty much the same As the iphone 13 and 13 pro, the only difference is that the battery life was worse than the 13 mini, so the charge times werent as rewarding. So, overall, i would say that the battery in the iphone 13 mini was pretty bad, but with the right tricks you can make it work and, to be honest, if you dont want to do any of that, then its best to keep a portable charger on you And now the next thing that i wanted to look at when it came to all the iphone 13 mini held up after eight months of use, was the speakers now the speakers only 13 mini werent as good as the 13 or the 13 pro, because they were Indeed, smaller, but i would say that they were still able to hold their own weight. The base was weak as usual, but thats pretty much the case with most smartphones. The overall sound quality was pretty good, though the vocals were crystal clear.

The instrumentals sounded good and the only other problem that i had was that, since they were smaller speakers, they werent as loud. So that could be a turn off to a lot of people and to give you guys an idea of how the speakers sound im going to play a video so that you can just see how loud they are. Applause 524 smart drives down the lane running layup doesnt get it to go williams titan. This is green with the quick outlet here: comes curry, perry going coast to coast, Applause, Applause and now. The final thing that i wanted to look at when it came to how the iphone 13 mini held up after eight months of use was the cameras. Now the iphone 13 mini has a 12 megapixel wide and a 12 megapixel telephoto. That, i would say, were pretty much the same as the 13 13 pro. It was still able to capture great looking photos and handle nice environments really well, and we look at these daytime outside photos. We can see that this is where the camera was able to shine. My selfies were surprisingly good. The accuracy was on point and the resolution was mildly sharp, and now we look at the inside daytime photos. We can see that the camera again was able to shine with good lighting the sharpness wasnt, always there, but was still acceptable. My skin tone looked great and objects, look really good, and now, when it came to the video quality, i would say that this is one of the best cameras that you can get in the market.

Every video that i took was good, especially when the light was right and to show you guys what i mean here are some examples of different videos i took and now coming to my final conclusion. I think that the iphone 13 mini was definitely a step up from the 12 mini when it comes to battery, but it still has a lot to improve on if apple ever thinks of reviving the mini series, but overall, its still a really good phone and worth It despite the battery and there it is my review on the iphone 13 mini after eight months of use. Now let me know down in the comments. Would you get the iphone 13 mini in 2022? Let me know, and if you guys made it to the end of this video, i like to say thank you for sticking around and dont forget to like the video subscribe.