This is the b model, its the easy um. You can call it as well so lets press all the buttons to make sure it does good in service well its already in service, but for this, video were just acting like its new, alright, so um what you want to do. I have a another weather radio antenna on it instead of the middle on one um. So you see this on the right side of your radio um you um have to make sure this switch is on and ill demonstrate why, in a second uh midland wr120 easy. So your back theres, your battery compartments, theres, your kickstands and you can hang it on the wall. Its got its rubber feet looks pretty good. It is the wr 100s um. I guess you could say little brother, so um lets extend the antenna and lets plug it. In so a little trick, um every time you reset your wr 120, a and b um it activates faster, so yeah english set location, any uh set time. It is seven 23 p.m. Mountain standard time to 15 miles an hour chance of precipitation; okay setup done. Okay, now our time is set. Okay well, set events. Button beeps, i like my backlight on uh, you got that set all right here is how this is the warning tone. So um lets, do it pretty cool Music? All right lets set events um. This is the b model, so um you could just select all, but on the b one you have to go through every single thing, just to turn it on oops evacuation watch, flash flood, fresh flood, flood watch, flood statement, flood warning fire warning.

Flash freeze got a couple of those and um the required monthly and weekly tests are off special marine special weather statement. Severe thunderstorm warning severe thunderstorm warning special weather statement is that on okay – oh these guys arent on thats on unrecognized unrecognized, unrecognized emergency ive not had an advisory go off; whoops, oh shoot, maybe oh hold on okay. That is a thing. Okay, all on it. On the b theres only available on the a okay, all right cool, you cant, you cannot no matter how hard you press! You cannot go to your no station so make sure the switch is on so lets. Do that all right! So do i recommend this radio? First starter: yes, does it do good in surface yeah? It does pretty good in service, actually um it activates for all alerts. Um. I like how it looks um. I think it looks better than the 100 um. You got your external antenna, your cloning port and your external alert. Did i say that this is external um? Like i said you got your kickstands and i honestly think this radio is amazing um. It does pretty good. I have a few videos of it activating on youtube, so um go check.