So, first of all, i love the design refresh apples. New laptop design language, as weve seen from the previous macbook pros, is very squared off. So this macbook air is no longer a wedge shape, its very much rectangular with the sharper edges, but its still an air. Its still razor thin 11.3 millimeters, total z, height less than half an inch and 2.7 pounds. It kind of to me looks like two ipads sandwiched together. Basically, still all metal still really well balanced and easy to hold definitely earns the air name right. So, on the right side, theres a headphone jack with the new high impedance headphone support and on the left, theres two thunderbolt ports and they added magsafe and itll, actually come with a color matched magsafe cable, which is new and its a really nice touch. So theres. Four new colors of this laptop silver space gray, then starlight and midnight, so each magsafe cable matches the color of the laptop you plug it into the side. It looks pretty seamless, i just love them, bringing back magsafe here and then with magsafe. They also added fast charging up to 67 watts with an optional power, brick that slide of a dual usb type c charger, which looks pretty sweet. Just a heads up, though, that one is not 67 watts thats, not the super fast charging that is 35 watts. I got to actually hold it and read that on the back of the brick, so you can get either the fast charger or dual usb c charger, its macbook air.

They thinned out the bezels all the way around making room for a slightly bigger 13.6 inch display, which is now also brighter at 500. Nits, basically matching the 13 inch macbook pro and, of course, it now has the notch, with the new 1080p webcam up there. Also, this is again part of the new apple pro aesthetic that honestly, we are already getting used to as dorky as it looks when you just stare at it. But anyway, you also have a full height function row up at the top of the magic keyboard with touch id in the corner, backlit keys the whole also in my very very limited time playing with it uh. It picks up a lot of fingerprints, a lot and it was kind of hard to clean off. So in my time, handling it getting fingerprints all over the thing and getting kind of annoyed with trying to clean them off. It made me lean way more towards like just safe space, gray or maybe silver, which would never show those fingerprints theres more memory, bandwidth up to 100 gigabytes per second, more maximum system memory at 24 gigs, but its worth remembering this is still very much. The baseline chip right, the m1 pro and the m1 ultra chips are definitely still higher end chips and we can expect new generations of, i guess, an m2 pro and an m2 ultra at some point. But yeah. This m2 is targeted for baseline, everyday computing and then occasional, maybe some more demanding stuff it can handle stuff.

Like video editing, light gaming stuff, you want to throw at it once in a while. This one got absolutely no redesign at all. It is the exact same body and display and outside as the m1 13 inch macbook pro they just bumped a new m2 chip inside and so that machine will start at 12.99, and i just want to just talk about that for a quick second like. I actually feel like you could make an argument that the m2 air which is cheaper, is actually a better computer for most people for 90. Something percent of people you should probably just get the air look at this chart – expect a new m2 macbook air and m2 macbook pro to cost the same amount with the same specs 14.99. Right at this price, though, the air is thinner and lighter, has the new better design has a larger display has touch id with a real function. Row, which is, i think, better than a touch bar. It has magsafe with the color matching cable. It has fast charging that the pro doesnt have. It has a much better webcam. It has new speakers and microphones, and it literally has more ports than the pro. So the only advantage to the pro would be pairing the m2 chip with a fan. So the active cooling system can get you some extra performance out of sustained workloads like long renders and gaming, i guess and then the slightly longer battery life from the bigger laptop having a physically larger battery.

But if youre, already a person, thats thinking about performance for sustained workloads and things like ports, youre already going to be looking towards the m1 pro macbook pro the 14 inch, so its just kind of a weird sliver of people that i dont think are gon na. Actually get very many m2 macbook pros just my thoughts on that real, quick anyway thats pretty much it. The air is a really good machine. The one weird quirk about it that i noticed is. It still only supports one external display, even though it has two ports. Now, still only one up to 6k external display, but its a good. This is a good machine, its fun to hold and use and carry around, and it makes a perfectly reasonable computer in a vacuum.