Hps new laserjet, both sides printing, absolutely fantastic printer, with a lot of features that normally im usually looking for in a printer, and i dont get and ill take you through the pad mini. This is a small little tablet at a small little price, but a really really good one and ill tell you why at maybe 10 000 bucks. This may well be the best and well move on to a very fast and reliable new mouse of the block. The logitech g pro x super light 25 lighter than the standard pro delivers extreme accuracy and ultra fine control, and we all really enjoyed using this. And then this is the story. You all asked for the sony wf 1000xm4 versus the airpods pro doesnt get better than this in terms of these two giants, with the fact that were looking at tws earbuds at the high end of it all, but which one is the best that and a whole Lot more happening on the gadget 360 show our top story today is the hp laserjet mfp2606 sdw. Now this is a really interesting printer because it really first of all looks really good and then, as a laserjet, it has hassle free refill of 15 seconds courtesy, hps toner cartridge its a beast with two sided printing 40 page auto feeder 50, 000 page imaging drum 22 pages per minute for one sided: printing and 14 pages per minute for both side, its got dual band: wi fi.

You can print through your smartphone using the hp, smart, app apple, air print and wi fi direct printing, also and in terms of the input tray. The 100 feet sheet feeder on the top. It is a really good printer and you know. Usually this is the kind of things a printer doesnt have the features. This one has take. A look. Printers have held some sort of reputation across all generations by the time it reached us, it became synonymous with toner, isnt working and then the generation after us going from having a small portable printer for school projects to being almost forgotten in a pandemic ridden digital world. The time isnt far when the printer joins the ancient relics of the floppy disk and cd drives and the hp laserjet mfp 2606 sdw is here to say not today, sir, not today, perhaps rightfully so, for a printer that prints 22 pages a minute. Yes, this new sp laserjet gets a4 size, black printouts at 22 papers per minute on side and 14 papers per minute on both sides. A fast printer resolves half of our problems and the other half of it is solved by the easy to reload toner that hp claims can give you a hassle free, reload in under half a minute fast and easy isnt. All we want from a printer of our age well, hp says that printers are here to stay and they have to imbibe the fast paced world we live in, and to do that, this black and white printer has been equipped with dual band wi fi and enables Printing through smartphones, using the hp, smart, app apple, air print and wi fi direct printing for a small office home office setup, this should fit in seamlessly, but what about work from home or personal use? This is a big printer, no doubt weighing about 8 kgs and with a boxy design, itll really fight for space on your desktop.

It doesnt come with any flashy light bars or leds, but we appreciate the design aesthetics with the dark and light grey tones and clean lines. Sadly, that doesnt prevent it from sticking out its a printer that even our grandfathers would recognize. The printer has a 250 sheet input tray with a 100 sheet output bin. This will prevent frequent refilling and with its seamless, wi fi connectivity, you can probably assign it a corner in your office. The printer also comes with a flatbed scanner and smart guide buttons with a small lcd display which are intuitive enough to not require a visit to the manual each time you use it. This will make it accessible to the young ones as well. The printer also supports connectivity through other third party apps, like google drive and dropbox. It also lets you scan your documents and send them directly to your email and scan your paper document from your scanner, a harmony between the digital and physical. This would be a good upgrade to your home office. Hp has tried their best to make it as useful and easy to use as possible. They promise 5000 pages in the laser image drum out of the box, which, for us means clean and clear prints up to 5000 pages before you have to get it serviced. This printer also has a monthly duty cycle of 25 000 pages, which essentially means that it can print up to 25 000 pages in a month without breaking down which, for a non print, heavy work environment is pretty good now sitting at around rupees 30 000.

This black and white printer comes equipped with everything we expect from a 2022 printer, its fast easy to use and maintain so should you get it, and the answer to this would completely depend on your usability if you find yourself running to a printer or scanner every Day then, you are definitely better off hiring this as your new intern, but if your volumes or prints are less and your workspace is small, maybe being paperless and staying paperless is the future for you, Music. Our second top story of the day is a real b pad mini now. 8.7 inch display 720p display, so that part feels a little underwhelming uh, a unisoc t616 processor. Most people will be like im, not even familiar with the processor, its not a bad processor. Eight megapixel camera the rear, five megapixel camera and the front those are just about. Okay battery is also okay, its about the size of a phone 6400 mah battery, but its priced really well at 10, 999. Well, give you our verdict. Is this worth the money small tablets fit a great middle ground between phones and full size tablets for those who value portability? You can comfortably use them for watching videos, while traveling or scribbling notes on them, and yet the number of affordable options has been pretty limited. Now ryobi is making an attempt to break into the ultra portable tablet segment dominated by samsungs a series tablets with the real me pack mini from a design point of view.

The realme pad mini nails the script and manages to look plenty premium. Its got an 8.7 inch display, combined with a 7.6 mm body. The entire back is finished in aluminium and feels sturdy to the touch. Unfortunately, the display is also where we observe our first issues with the tablet. The 8.7 inch 720p display feels underwhelming at a time when phones not only have full hd but beyond. It makes text and icons. Look blurry and videos. Dont look particularly sharp either. The lackluster screen is paired with dual stereo speakers that go loud and offer crystal clear output, theres, not much bass, but the speakers more than suffice for casual media watching the rest of the construction is solid too, with flat edges on all sides and just enough bezels To hold the tablet comfortably, the real me pad mini weighs in at 372 grams, which is on the higher side, so you might want to hold it up in both hands for long media watching sessions on the performance side of things real me, isnt, promising the moon, The tablet is equipped with the unisock t616 processor, combined with 3 or 4 gb of ram wed recommend opting for the 4gb variant, which also gets you 64gb of storage. It is possible to further expand the storage using a microsd card as well. Realme is taking a near stock approach with the software on the realme pad mini the software, keeps things neat and clean with little to no bloatware, but optimization leaves much to be desired.

On more than one occasion we observed stutters while navigating the interface. The tablet can also run popular games, but youll have to drop the graphics options for a stable frame rate. Looking for cameras on your tab, the real me pad has them, though. Youll only want to use the 8 megapixel camera at the rear for grabbing shots of documents. Meanwhile, the front facing 5 megapixel camera isnt the best in class but will come in handy for quick video calls battery life on the real me pad mini is exemplary. The 6400mah cell comfortably last a full day of use with normal use. We clocked multiple days before we had to charge up the tablet again priced at 10, 999 rupees. The real me pad mini is a mediocre tablet for the money that youre paying. There is not much competition in the small tablet segment, but the choice of a low resolution display and iffy performance hurt the companys chances of having a standout success. Next up on the show is the logitech g pro x super light. This mouse is a really interesting one. Very small minimalistic design weighs about 59 grams. Hero sensor can track up to 25 600 dpi five buttons overall clickable scroll, wheel, left and right mouse buttons and two buttons near the thumb. Now this is ideal for long gaming. Marathons right hand, usage mainly and the battery life is about 70 hours priced at about 13 000 rupees Music. When it comes to gaming mice, there are a few important things that need to be taken care of the most the design, the weight and the latency.

The logitech g pro series has been all about prioritizing these factors the most and the g pro x. Super light is built with the same things in mind and through this review, we are here to tell you whether this mouse will be worth your money or not. The g pro x, super lights, design can be described in one word basic. It is a no nonsense approach to design to keep the weight of the mouse extremely low, so there are four buttons in total, along with the clickable scroll wheel, there is no rgb either. It is just a simple black mouse, with two buttons on the front back and forwards buttons on the left side and a white logo near the middle on the back are the ptfe feed for a smooth glide and the 2500 dpi hero sensor. There is a circular magnetic flap, which covers the small slot for the wireless receiver to be kept in when the mouse is not being used, and this basic and minimal design leads to a weight of just 59 grams, which is truly incredible for a wireless mouse. The curves of the mouse are also pretty simple. The support is plenty for the palm and fingers it ends up being comfortable for most hands. Unless someone has long fingers or a larger bomb for most people, the size should be fine in the box. The user will find the cable for charging. It is a proprietary cable, hence the user will have to make sure to not lose it.

The charging port is a micro, usb 1, and the cable has supports on either side, which makes sure the cable will stay in place, no matter the intensity of the movement. Now, coming to the experience, it was as good as one can get if youre, not a gamer, who needs a lot of buttons for macros on the mouse. The g pro x super light will be incredible. The lack of weight, the feet and the sensor contribute to an ideal gaming experience, no matter the kind of game youre playing, be it a first person shooter an rpg or a third person adventure. The mouses trends play out well for every session and with the latency of just 3.1 milliseconds, the response is barely short of instantaneous. It is incredibly comfortable for long gaming sessions, especially if the size is right for your hands, and those long sessions will be plenty too. As with no rgb, the battery can easily last for 70 hours on a single charge. The logitech g pro x, super light, surely does nail down the aspects you need in a gaming mouse. The design is great. The weight is amazing for a wireless mouse and the latency is next to nothing, but at 13595 it surely is premium, as it should be. With the incredible sensor you get along with the excellent experience. So if you game a lot and are looking for a simple wireless gaming, mouse logitech g pro x, superlite should be a strong consideration.

Lets take a quick break right now on the show when we come back lots more happening all right. You all asked for it. So were doing it, this is the highest level of tws earbuds, the sony wf 1000xm4 versus the apple airpods pro both cases very, very small airports, pro a little slimmer scratch resistant, the light stem design sits a little easily in the air. The xm4 is comparatively larger way, heavier a little more. You know its a little blocky, but i actually like that design a lot fantastic memory. Foam tips that really help to seal the sound in the sony. Xm4 go for a very warm and dynamic sound. The airpods provide balanced, safe approach. I think, in terms of purely in terms of sound, i think the sony are way way ahead. The active noise cancellation, i think, a little bit better in the airpods pro, especially the transparent mode. Xm4S have a anc tech, which is an upgrade from their previous modes, and the airpods have pressable stems for all their controls, while the xm4 go for the touch weight. Gesture control, i think the stem control is way better lots and lots of other things. Also that we have to compare lets, take a look at our story ever since their launch in 2019, airpods pro have been the go to premium tws for every iphone user. However, since then a lot has changed. Competitors have done a lot to catch up with the airpods pro and even surpass them in certain aspects, specifically sony with their wf 1000xm4s earbuds.

Should you buy the x4ms or stick with the ecosystem and get the airpods pro today? We are here to answer which one of the two will be the best for your iphone in terms of the case. Both cases are very small, curvaceous and easily pocketable, with the airpods pro being slimmer as well, but at the same time the airpods are covered entirely in glossy white, a finish prone to scratching the xm4s, go for a matte black finish and also have a weighted flat. Bottom, making the case easily stand up. As for the buds, the airpods pro have a lighter stem design which easily sits in the ear. The silicon tips provide a good seal as well. The xm4s are larger way heavier and take some effort to stick in, but once they sit inside the year the fit is extremely snug, helped by the memory foam, ear tips. The tuning of sound for the drivers in the earbuds is also extremely critical. The airpods pro go for a very safe, balanced approach, with neither frequency getting any special treatment. The bus is fine, the mids and vocals are clear and the treble is comfortable for the most part. The separation is impressive. The xm4s go for a very warm and dynamic sound. The bus is punchy, the mids and vocal are clearly defined and well saturated, and the trouble is sharp, clear and comfortable with the better seal. Every genre sounds exciting on the xm4s, but in terms of picking up sound, the airpods pro are much better with their mics for calls than the xm4s, while the airpods pro were one of the first few tws to have active noise cancellation.

Sony has come a long way with the tech and it shows the xm4s anc tech helped by the snug fit and seal end up cancelling most of the background noise around the user, the airpods pro dont slouch, either as even with a rather easy and comfortable fit. The noise cancelled out around is a lot, but not nearly enough when compared to the xm4s, but where the airpods pro are much better is the transparency mode, as it is much more natural on the airpods grow in terms of control. The airpods pro have pressable stems for all the controls, while the xm4s go for a touch based gesture control controls work accurately on both the earbuds, with neither of them getting disturbed in their fit when the controls are used, the xm4s come with some smart features. Like speak to chat where they can detect when the user started speaking, so the song being played is paused and transparency mode is automatically triggered where the xm4s technically pull ahead is onboard battery life, as the earbuds can last six to seven hours on a single charge. While the airpods pro lasts for about four to five hours on a single charge, but the case adds around 24 hours to the battery life for the airpods pro, while the xm4s adds 16 hours at most, both cases can charge wirelessly as clear from the comparison in All possible aspects, the main focus of either of the two tws is different: ideal noise cancellation and an extremely tight fit the airpods pro focus more on ease of use.

Hence, if you want an ideal, sound snug fit and amazing noise cancellation go for the wf 1000xm4s priced at rs 19900 999. But if you want comfort, great transparency mode and better mics airpods pro will be better for you priced at rupees 26. 300.. That, then, was the gadget. 360 show with me: rajiv makhni, as always its been a pleasure to bring the show to you im sure, youre feeling the same thing. If youre going to miss me, a lot do remember, i will be back next week with a whole sack full of amazing tech.