I mean compared to the size of my phone, and inside comes this little um, its quite similar to the airpods little case, and it actually comes with an insert like this, but i took it apart and i dont know how to put it back together and inside There are um different sizes of buds of what are these called? I dont know what these are called ear pieces, the inner ear piece, theres different sizes. I have the smallest ones in because i have tiny ears and i always have an issue with um earbuds, fitting or popping out so anyways ive taken them out of the box. Now and as you can see, they are lighting up, which means that they are looking to pair um. Let me just go to my phone Music wheres, my bluetooth, bluetooth, okay, wow jlab cant really see connected okay anyways there, thats simple to pair now, ive got them paired um. I just want to say that im absolutely in love with these right now um. I just want to see: will my phone show me how charged they are? Okay, so currently theyre about well on friday, when i lost checked, it started its yo, my days, im its a public holiday. So ive got my days mixed up yesterday. When i checked wednesday, they were about 70 charged, and today is thursday, so theyre probably still the same because as it says, on the box 32 plus hour play time.

This is true, like its a legit fact. Ive had these, since the 20th of may so its almost exactly a month since ive bought them, and i decided to wait to do my review because i wanted to just you know: give you guys a third review um here. It says jlab on the bottom. It has this thing that you pull out to charge, so this is a pro and a con, because you can just stick it into any usb adapter or your laptop for it to charge. I havent actually charged it yet and its about a month since i bought them so thats, really amazing, um thats. Actually what encouraged me to do this review because i was like wow. These earphones are amazing. They literally last forever. Audio quality is really nice. Theyve got a setting where you can tap on the side, and you can change it to just a moment, so they come with the touch sensors on the earbuds. Let me just show you all you have to do is literally tap here depending on what function. One tab does something two tabs to something: three chaps does something um: they can connect separately on two separate devices, so ive had it where one was connected to my laptop one was collected to my phone, which was really dope, and you can repair them. After doing that, theyre, sweat and water resistant um, and if theyre outside of the box, for about three minutes without being paired, they automatically turn themselves off um.

I just want to say the battery life again is amazing: im literally going to charge them, probably for the first time next month july and i bought them in may um. This is a huge bonus for me because i do not want to be constantly charging. Like my phone got, ta charge my earphones and just to give you an idea of my use, um its probably average use i listen to them during the day at work, so ill say, maybe an hour two hours during the day, maybe an hour at night, its Not excessive, but its just average use um. I can speak on the phone with them, and people can hear me it doesnt sound, muffled or strained, which is also another big plus for me, because i like to speak with my earbuds theyve got a two year, warranty, which is really great, and they have an Eight hour play time which i havent tested because you know but im sure for travel. That would be important and if you, for example, want to put the volume up, you single tap right. Put it down single, tap, left double tap for google double tap to play, pause on the right. You can answer a call with a tap hang up with a tap and you can do the eq change with triple tapping, which is this really cool feature that jlab has on a lot of their products where they allow you to change the sound or the way That audio sounds and yeah thats my jlab butt review um and, as you can see, they kind of fit snugly inside your ear and they do have a noise cancellation effect that ive noticed.

If i just wear them like without playing any music um. I definitely have less sound of the outside world just to give you an idea of the general consensus of these. These reviews on the website and most youtube videos that i watched, because i actually watched reviews myself before i purchased. These were of the same caliber and yeah. They were lets see they were 479 south african rents um. I think 20 about 20 us dollars. If im not mistaken and honestly, they were so worth it theyre good quality, earphones, um at a low, not super low, but an affordable price. Considering the price of earphones these days, if youre not ready to invest in a super expensive pair or if you cant, afford a super expensive care pair or if youre like me, and you kind of lose earphones and youd rather not have something super high value. These are perfect for you, they do come in other colors. This is lavender and they also come in black red, blue and a turquoisey color. Okay. My next gadget that i am so obsessed about and had to do, a review for is this logitech m171 wireless mouse. It literally is one of the best purchases i have made on take a lot and honestly for these types of things. I like to wait to do a review. Ive had this since july 2021, so im coming up on a year with it a year with a gadget is a lot.

Usually things break in three months: six months these days, so yeah, um and also can i just say i have had the same. Is it double eight or aaa battery in here since i purchased it? I have not changed the battery once it is sleek, it fits really comfortably in my hand, it travels with me everywhere i take my laptop um. Only downside is it: doesnt really have like a nice, rubber or cushiony grip, but i honestly dont mind that at all its just a nice to have that this one didnt come with it um again, it was only 180 180 rams, and this is of course, the Receiver, you plug into your laptop. It works on my macbook. It works on my work. Laptops ive used the dell ive used a toshiba like ive, had no issues with it honestly theres not much to to review on a wireless mouse. I can just guarantee that it works that it lasts and it does what it needs to do, because the last thing you want to do is buy a gadget and have it die out on you randomly when you need it, you know. So i love love. Love love, love this um also. Can i just like evangelize, you trackpad people to please move on to wireless mice. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and your wrist, like i cant deal with a trackpad, maybe its just me, but i just work so much faster and more efficiently, with a nice little mouse and again for scale um.

What can i use? This is my iphone 12, so yeah Music, its about the size of my hand, my palm so its not super tiny, its its workable, its a decent mouse ive dropped. This countless times on countless floors, hard floors, concrete yeah it slipped out of my hands im a little bit clumsy and its still in working condition. Um a year later, almost forgot to show you the other thing i really like about it. Is you store the receiver inside the mouse okay im trying to do it with one hand, so bear with me. So the receiver goes there when you want to travel with it cover it up done portable. You havent lost any bits and pieces, its turned off, and then you want to reuse it.