So welcome to the trader club. Here we go welcome back everybody. Let me know in the comments below. Are you guys excited about mega ampharos and pokemon go because it is officially out right now, so one thing i want to mention is going to be my discord. If you want to raid for these, if you’re having trouble finding them, please join the discord. If you want to get into a smaller group, please check the pin comments below as well. Both of them are going to be there. We have the patreon 10 option. We have the free option: that’s going to be a free for all in the discord. We have over 77 000 people in there, so you’re for sure going to find raids. But if you want the more intimate version, that’s going to be through patreon groups of 50, a lot more fun a lot more condensed you get to rate a lot more frequently. But with that said, i just want to point out mega. Amphros is out absolutely love. This pokemon, it does change it from an electric type pokemon in afros to an electric and dragon type pokemon when it becomes a mega form, which then gives us the possibility to exploit the dragon weakness and the dragon pulse is the only dragon type move. It gets which is going to be the comm day move and when mega ampharos does go into the dragon and the electric type, obviously it’s, adding a new typing in there.

So it can get a stab bonus. But after we check out the counter guide, you guys are going to notice that there’s no dragon moves that this pokemon has available to it. But the comm day from 2018 does give it dragon pulse and normally, i would say you either have to elite tm it or you have to go ahead and lucky trade for it or just trade for it. But obviously you’d want to trade for a shiny mega. Ampharos or regular ambrose that can go mega with the dragon pulse, but also just wait. We just got the news if you guys do want to see all the jotun news you can check it out up here, but during the johto event, which is going to be on january 26th at 10 a.m and that’s going to go through the 31st at 8 Pm we’re gon na be able to evolve the flappy into ampharos to be able to get the dragon pulse move set, so no need to go and waste any elite, tm resources or even have to lucky trade for it. If you don’t want to, because you can evolve for it, so getting a good quality. Mareep is going to be of your highest interest and then obviously we have the mureep day as well, which can help you guys, hopefully get a good quality, mareep, even a shiny one, and then you can lucky trade it and then evolve it to get the dragon Pulse on the ampharos, the other thing i’m going to mention.

Thank you to ben for pointing this out to me. In order for you to start earning mega candy for your pokemon through walking, you have to actually raid for that pokemon first to be able to then mega evolve it once it has been mega evolved. Then you can walk for mega energy, so you are going to have to rate for it in order to mega evolve it, and then that qualifies you to be able to get you mega. Xl candy when you are walking this pokemon is a five kilometer per walk. Pokemon, so it does take a little bit more time to get the mega energy, but it’s still going to be that five mega energy per kilometer. So, during that time frame, you’ll get 25 per cycle that you do walk for the kilometers mega ampharos is going to be a dragon and electric type pokemon like we talked about it’s, going to have a max cp in the mega form level. 50 is going to be 4799, which is mighty powerful it’s going to have the same exact weaknesses as the zekrom, which is going to be for ice ground fairy and dragon combination. This one does get some unique move set, which we will cover that’s, going to put a little bit of dampening on certain pokemon, but it’s also going to free up a lot of other pokemon to go ahead and attack. It it’s going to double resist electric single, resist fire and water flying grass and steel and as far as the move set goes it’s going to have two quick moves which is going to be charge.

Beam and volt switch double electric moves and then it has a bunch of different charge moves. It has thunder zap cannon focus, blast power, gem and thunder punch, so let’s cover a couple of those move sets to match up with some of the counters that we may be encountering. So since it’s going to be weak to dragon, we’re, obviously going to have pokemon they’re going to be paired with dragon and flying combinations such as the dragonite, the rayquaza, the salamance. They are all both of those typing, so that’s gon na be slightly problematic for the rock move. It’S power, gem it’s, not the most powerful move, but it is going to put a hurting on that type of pokemon. So do be cautious about that something like the zekrom is going to be weak to dragon, which is not an issue. It is also going to double resist electric. So a lot of these moves – zekrom is gon na, do really well against, and then we have the focus blast, move focus blast really strong, hitting move. The flying pokemon are gon na resist it, such as the dragons. However, we do have dialga that we will cover that’s going to be a steel type combination in exca drill. Both of those pokemon with the steel type combination are going to be weak to focus blast that’s, going to hit those pokemon really hard so moving onwards. What are going to be 100 ivs to look at when we do catch the ampharos it’s only going to be weather, boosted in rainy weather, because that’s, what we’re going to be able to catch it at 16, 30 at the level 200 iv and then boosted in The rainy weather level 25 at 2037.

, it does have a shiny out that’s going to be a pink shiny, really cool and then it’s gon na according to pokey badler. Three trainers is going to be needed during that time frame. So with all that said, guys let’s get it to top counters we’re gon na start with the shadows, then we’re gon na move to the non shadows and then we’re gon na wrap this up so let’s go shadow pokemon starting right now, there’s really only gon na, Be two shadows that make their debut it’s gon na be double dragons, so we have the dragonite with the dragon tail and the outrage combination followed by the salamance with the dragon tail outrage. Dragonite does not need a comedy move. Those are non comdae moods, however. The salamance does need the kanji move of outrage, because normally it will only get draco meteor. So, in order for that shadow to be as effective as it is right here, that’s gon na be the case 572 seconds on the dragonite 564 seconds on the salamance dragonite deaths 29 salamance 33, so salamance dies a little bit more that’s. Why the dragonite a little bit tankier, even though it does take a little bit more seconds, but the die out time makes it the number one spot, because salamance with that dial time makes it a little bit more. So now guys let’s get into the top counters. Without the shadow forms in counter spot number one, we have garchomp with dragon tail and outrage combination.

This pokemon is going to be triple resistant to electric being that ampharos has a lot of electric moves and mega ampharos cannot get a dragon move. All these dragons are going to be safe, so that’s, why that pokemon sits in the number one spot 650 seconds with 12 deaths, which is really impressive for that death count? And next we have the zekrom double resistant to electric. This one is not going to be weak to rock, because it is a dragon and an electric combination which is really effective. 660 seconds on this pokemon, the move, set’s gon na, be dragon breath and outrage combination, so dragon breath not being the most premier raid attacker move, which is why it would sit in counter spot number two, but with dragon tail it would change it definitely to number One in counter spot number: three: we have hacksaws with dragon tail dragon claw that’s a pure dragon type pokemon. So it is going to be safe to all the moves, and then we have rayquaza with dragon tail outrage, pokemon’s really strong. It just dies a little bit more frequently, and then we have regular salamance with dragon tail outrage calm day move. This pokemon is approximately 100 seconds slower at taking down in comparison to the shadow form, which is why i say the shadow form is really powerful, but the mega form is going to be even more powerful when it does come out, and then we have palkia with Dragon tail and draco meteor palkia is not going to be weak to any of the moves, because that’s, a water combination and a dragon combination, which is really cool, it’s only weak to fairy and dragon, and then we have dragonite with dragon tail outrage.

Doesn’T need a comedy move. The comedy move is actually draco meteor, which is actually inferior to the outrage, and then we finally have the diagonal encounter spot number. Eight that we did talk about dragon breath, draco meteor, draco, meteor, being a one bar charge, not the biggest fan and this pokemon is going to be weak to focus blast. So please be a little bit careful using this pokemon counter spot number nine. We have dragon claw on the ladies and then we have reshram with dragon breath draco meteor on this pokemon. This pokemon is gon na be weak to the power jam because it’s, a dragon and a fire type combination. Dragon does not resist. Rock fire is weak to rock, which makes that pokemon semi susceptible and then in counter spot number 11. We have what is out right now, a groudon if you just want to catch that one, the move, set’s, actually gon na, be dragon tail and earthquake combination. This pokemon does resist the electric it’s, not gon na, be weak to any of the move, and then we have mega charizard x with dragon breath and dragon claw right here with mud slap and earthquake combination, followed by the landorus, with the mud, shot and the earth Power combination and then we have mammo swine mud slap as well as avalanche combination, and then we have exca drill, which is also like. I said the steel type combination, which is why it makes it weak to focus blast with the moveset of mud slap and the drill run combination.

So if you guys do want to pause here, check out any of the other counters, please do so right now, which then is going to lead us into the weather conditions. So, as far as the weather conditions go, we have sunny weather which is going to boost all of our ground. Type counters, which is really effective. Partly cloudy is going to boost the power gem, which is going to be the rock move of the mega ampharos, which is going to make it powerful against the flying type. Dragons, so do be careful during the partly cloudy weather, when it does have that cloudy weather is going to boost all of our fairy type counters. We haven’t really seen in the top 15 mentioned any fairy type counters, because there are a lot stronger counters. As of right now, when xerneas and maybe some megas come out, we will start to revisit that, but as of right now, that’s just a scenario and then also focus blast during the cloudy weather is going to get boosted. So please be careful. That move is just strong in general it’s, probably going gon na do a lot of damage to most of these pokemon, except for some of the flying type pokemon that are gon na resist it, such as the dragonite, the salamance and the rayquaza, and then we have The snowy weather snowy weather is going to boost all of our ice type counters, such as the mammoth swine.

Once again, we don’t have some of the top ice type counters active right now or the megaz mega obama snow. Yes, but it’s not in the premiere top counters right now, so do be cautious of that, and then we have the foggy weather no effect. But finally, the windy weather is going to boost all of our dragon type counters, which is really effective and it’s going to boost the ampharos that’s going to be stronger in the dragon category. But it doesn’t have any dragon moves, which then is going to lead us into the rainy weather, so rainy weather, boosting the mega ampharos going to boost all the electric type moves which is really effective, even though most of our pokemon are resistant to that. Just be careful with the dragon and the flying type like the dragonite and the salamance, because they’re gon na be neutral to electric, as opposed to other pokemon, that aren’t paired with the flying, because dragon resists flying is weak. They make it neutral. So during the rainy weather and other weather conditions, even with just the electric it’s still going to do a decent amount of damage to these pokemon, so what’s going to be the ideal party setup. Honestly speaking, zekrom and garchomp are going to be the two best options for you guys. They both resist they’re, not weak to any of the moves. So setting up your party with those two up front and then you can put other dragons in after that as well.

So appreciate you guys being here likers comments or subscribers patreon members, everybody takes a support. Subscription emphasis to do the next level, see you guys out on the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons. I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyone’s benefit. Plus i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and raiding all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.