I smile until i Music, as yeah im bout to fade away cause every time. I wake up, i feel like its monday somethings going wrong with all the chemicals up in my brain. All of a sudden, i dont look at anything. The same way got ta build up of my thoughts sitting in an ashtray im, sorry that im so inconvenient. Okay, just let me be me and ill stay out of your way. I can see the way you look at me im such a disgrace. I never really asked to be brought into this place. You wan na love me well then baby. I have a taste all the highs and the lows know youll never be the same. I dont really wan na hurt you, but i cant control the pain. If youre sticking by my side, maybe we could be okay, okay, okay, maybe you could be the change. I need today i promise that im there never fell this way. I really hope that you will choose the pain Music Music. As you fade Music, you fade away: dont, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music. I know im not perfect, but some days, Music Applause. Until i looked as you fade away – Music, Music, Music, Music, it hurts to watch your blue eyes: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, you can see the riding on the pavement. Young kids, theyre growing up in basements online, a whole new generation imma make mine.

So you better go, take it always they need a new replacement decentralized cant contain it were changing lives, yeah, upgrading to a side effect of generations, make all the demons Music make all the demons Music Music nation. We control the airwaves, no negotiation.