Thank you. This is a sweet looking device, even among the community here running built from gorilla glass 5 on the back and front with aluminum frame. This is a solid built in level quality device. Another headphone jack single button boom box. Speaker, engineered from lg squad, dark system with volume up and down power buttons on the right. There is a dedicated google assistant button on the left, which is not remarkable, so suddenly you just have to disable it all together. It has a very clean and minimal back and the design phone print is so gorgeous. This is beautiful to look at with such a melting and shimmy gray. Color that strikes beautifully with light when its hitting the lg g7 thinking with the largest phone have held years. It just weighs 156 grams, it is so light. I find it most comfortable using considering how heavy smartphones are becoming these days. This has a fingerprint scanner on the back. It has a 6.1 inches ips lcd hdr 10 display, although an ips panel, its so bright, that in darker environment, they might appear too blinding when brightness is fully activated. With a 2k 1440p display. Colors are vivid, vibrant, good balance of highlight and produces richer details for content consumption. It has a pixel density of 564 ppi and so pixels are closely packed. Oh yes, this has an always on display feature powered by quad com, snapdragon 845 chip and paired with a 4 gig ram.

64 gigabytes internal storage. This is very solid for handling applications, but the task in gaming or whatever you its breezy through everyday tasks, without a sweat finding enough lg copied apples and famous, not on the g7, but there is a catch. It really gave a lot of customization to it. In the software known as the new second screen, it could definitely be said as a gimmick software thing. However, one look at it this way, i find it a little bit fun trick to play with where, personally i love the rainbow and wine ascended colors. That gives a cool vibe to the notch. Cameras on this device are surprisingly good, with a 12 megapixel main sensor and 60 megapixel auto ride. This camera shoots 4k videos both in ultrawide and main lens. There are a lot of proof features on this device such that it even provides cinema level of videography to turrets. That is how huge the device can be, but images from this device are vibrant and colorful and very detailed check, some short outs Music. Even in 2022. The lg g7. Thank you. This is a premium packed device with an ipc8 what and thats resistant. I honestly think that lg made one of the most impressive looking device with the lg g7. Thank you, and it is still a classic subscribe to this channel.