Um im gon na give a thanks to team pixel for sending this one out uh for uh for review one whenever they send them out last year, the pixel six. I did buy by my purchase myself so yeah. I like the pixel six pro so much about the six, so anyway, the six pro um. It does have a few advantages over the six, but is it worth the extra three hundred dollars lets find out Music? Okay, so the pixel 6 pro released at a price of 8.99. It gave you 12 gigabytes of ram and 120 gigabytes of storage. You could step that up to 256 if you wanted to as well im, not really sure the price of, if you double the storage or not, but it did have 2 gigabytes of ram in their base model. Yeah. You know im getting that with that 8.99 uh. You got a triple camera set up instead of a dual camera like on the six, you got that uh what telephoto lens uh with four times zoom, and i like that four times, zoom, okay, you can get a really good, clear picture. You know it. You know what it was was a four time i think its four times zoom something like that and it it looks really good. The screen is a quad hd display uh with a 120 refresh rate, and this screen i mean its just. It just looks super good. Okay, this wallpaper here i dont, know it.

You cant it just this screen here. Cant, do it justice all right? It looks really good. The phone is just super smooth. Now you know there was bugs, like i said that plagued the pixel 6 and 6 pro it released. It got, updates and stuff like that. Ive only had really one issue the entire time. With the six pro now was. Sometimes the phone calls wouldnt come through. It was, i would have service, and sometimes it would just say, a missed call, but it would never ring uh that happened once or twice but thats it. It didnt happen very often. Most of the time you know everything came through, fine text came through, fine costs. Came through fine um, some of those may even be spam. Calls because you know you got that awesome spam. You know thing from google on this pixel on these pixels and thats an awesome feature. I wish more phones had that feature, but you know this is awesome to have that, but anyway, some even some contacts or whatever like i said it would be in the missed call, but it would never ring so i did experience that issue now. If i had the same issue with the fingerprint scanner on the 6 pro like ive, been having on the 6. the 6 pro, whenever i press it every single time, it seems to open right up with no issues. If i can do it here on camera, i mean it seems to open up every single time i mean without fail.

It seems to open up every single time. I just wish it was like a lot of phones where, when you like, if you pick the phone up like this right here, it would kind of like glow. You can just like press it and it will come on, but you cant do that it has to be awake when you go to press it and then itll open up or whatever. So i wish i had that feature where it had a little circle that pops up on the bottom right here like a lot of the phones, do, but it dont so thats what so there we go now. I wish these phones have face unlock as well, uh ill be just. I wish that the six and six pro had face unlock uh, i believe its compatible with face unlock. I think that its in the phone they just need to release it i mean were already going into june. I mean its the end of may were going into june and the sixth, then the sevens are going and the seven pros coming out in the fall. So they need to, you know, do what theyre gon na do with these phones and go ahead and get over with you know what im saying, but getting on with the call quality is fantastic as well. You know the same with the reception, its about on par with the six. The speaker. Quality is great if you want to watch movies on here, youtube netflix, whatever amazon, prime, whatever youre going to get really good video quality.

With this quasti display, i mean both of them are 5g devices as well, and i mean theyre theyre, just nothing really bad to say about it. Now, of course, if youve had one and its been plagued with issues since day, one and youve not had its not been fixed or whatever you know. I know theres something like theres this. This had those problems, and you know, but now, if you like, i said earlier, i think in another video or maybe this one here, im, not sure if you bought pixel 6 pro as their 6 pro after 6 pro and they all seem to have the same Problem im kind of wondering: are you? Are you doing something wrong, i mean, are you doing something wrong or is it or are you legitimately having a problem? I dont know, but you know this one has a curved display. I change direction just just like that. This one here has a curved display, but this case kind of evens – and then it has large, raises so buy a rinky fusion case for this phone. If you want good protection, not sponsored by them, they dont send me no cases. Okay, every case that i buy from rinky i buy on my own, so renki, if you watch this hit me up, if you want to you, can reach me so uh yeah, but anyway uh besides, that, like i said, not sponsored, not affiliate, nothing like that.

Just i, like the cases, its been a good phone okay for me, ive experienced just that one issue with calls for a very brief time. Ever since then, ive had no issues with this phone. No bugs ive not experienced any hiccups, any crashes. Anything call quality has been fantastic as well um and everything about this phone has just been good. I mean i have nothing really negative to say about it other than the fact that it did have a few little issues. Now the fingerprint scanner was worse. When i got this phone than it is now, it would not work very well when i first got the phone for the first few months until some of the later updates it. The fingerprint scanner, really wasnt that great here on the pixel 6 pro uh. But after the updates and after everything, the fingerprint scanner seems to work a hundred times better than it did when i first got it and its definitely better than the six so um you know, while the six works it dont work nowhere near as accurately and as Good as the six pro so i mean, but you got ta sit there and think the main point you know this video was: is it worth paying 300 more for this six pro over the six, because, basically, all youre, really getting extra, is youre getting a larger Display from 6.3 or 6.4, i cant remember the size of the pixel 6 screen.

This is lets just say that 6.35 i dont, know uh, but you get a 6.8 inch display here going from 1080p to quad hd youre, going from a 90 hertz to 120 hertz, going from eight gigabytes to ram to two gigabytes to ram youre. Getting you get an extra camera with telephoto camera, you dont get that on the six and i think thats it i think thats it. So is that worth 300 to you going from 600 to 900? Is it worth the extra money if you think it is, but now, like i say, carrier deals theyre everywhere. You know. I know this things been out since you know fall of last year. I think it was fall of last year sometime around in there. So the seven and seven pros coming out soon, if you want to wait off and not buy one of these phones, i understand i could really understand that way for the 7 7 pro uh. But if you dont want to wait till then – and you want something like this here now – i still recommend it, but is it worth three dollars more to you to have the bigger display and what i just mentioned a minute ago, uh thats up to you, thats, Always your decision uh im just here to give you my thoughts uh both of them are great phones and i enjoy using them. Uh battery life has also being good as well on the six pro they wont leave that out um its been good, but anyway thats all, i want to say the cell phone form of any.

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