Video were going to be taking a look at the alcatel c21 pro. Okay, now ive had this device for about nine months now. But if you check on aliexpress or amazon, theyre gon na be different prices right, because this device is going to be on sale right now for the north american market. Okay. So if youre trying to get your hands on a really cool budget phone with a cool. Looking camera system, but also some really decent cameras, battery life, build quality and so forth and so on then make sure you stay to the end of the video, because im going to be talking about everything that there is to know about this device after ive been Using it for a long period of time, nine months old, you know going on a year right, but this device just recently got introduced to the amazon shopping center, so ill make sure ill leave a cheap link down below, but it comes in the purplish color. It also comes in the milky black color, and then it does come in um. You know im saying like a green color as well, so youll get three different color options with this thing and as far as the unboxing experience its going to be pretty cool because youre going to get the wall, brick youre going to get the charging cord as Well, as the um pin for removing the uh the sd card up to 256 gigabytes – and this thing does come with a really solid case on here – which i think is really sturdy, it doesnt feel cheap.

It doesnt feel like its made of like cheap materials. Its actually really sturdy so were going to be talking about this device. Im going to go into the build quality, then im going to go into the screen display then were going to talk about the battery the performance and then the cameras right so make sure you stay to the end of the video. So you dont miss this um. Anything right, but if youre already a part of the crew, i truly appreciate you for coming through, but if youre brand new to the crew, i encourage you to subscribe and get notified for more videos, just like this and um. So lets just jump right in okay. Now this device does have a really nice build quality right, its got facial recognition, which is really solid. So when i want to look at the phone and unlock it with my face, i do get that option. It unlocks really quick. You can see that right there. It has a nice um face id system right when youre giving the right amount of light. It will work every single time. Okay in dark situations, it wont work every single time, like i just showed you, but if im looking at it like this, its going to unlock because theres a lot of light facing this direction right, so its got the face, recognition, which is pretty cool. We got a punch, hole cut out which is kind of small at the top, which gives you a really nice aspect: ratio with this device, its 19 um by five nine aspect ratio.

So its got some um decent weight to. It is about 129 about 130 grams of weight, so its pretty much a lightweight phone feels really good in the hand really sturdy lets talk about the design. Okay, so the triple camera setup is going to house a 21 megapixel main camera right and then its also gon na have a eight megapixel front facing camera. But then they have uh two other cameras inside of this thing right, so it has the um. You know what im talking about it has the two megapixel for portraits and then a two megapixel for macro: okay, so thats. What the spec sheet is saying on amazon im, not sure if its completely 100 accurate, because the specs always change on the website right, but theyre, also claiming that this thing will give you about a day and a half of battery life with the 4 000 milliamp Hour battery a headphone jack, it does come with, but just keep in mind it wont, have nfc or the 5 gigahertz wi fi network. So i just want to be 100 transparent with you right. So we do get a bottom speaker right here for token phone calls. You could take phone calls. The phone looks pretty decent when you hold it up to your head. It looks like its like really premium, but people see that those three cameras on the back up there, theyre gon na think youre rocking an iphone or something like that.

Right headphone jack at the top, which is going to be blue, um youre, going to get bluetooth 4.21 here as well. Okay – and this thing does have a side mounted fingerprint sensor, which works every single time now, as far as the price im gon na leave that in this description box down below. So you can check that out right, but i did see it for about 169 dollars. 15 off right now, if you take advantage of the sale that theyre having on amazon its going to be 140 right, so thats pretty crazy, because theres not a lot of phones that you can get for this price that are gon na. Give you um some of these features right. So, as far as the display goes, its gon na be a 1080 display which is going to be pretty solid. Its going to offer you a 6.’ inch display on here so um as far as the viewing angles, its going to be pretty decent. Its got a 720 um aspect ratio on here, so its going to be pretty cool because its got um 720 by 1560. When it comes to the resolution for the screen resolution, so you dont get an app draw. I noticed on this guy. Maybe the software changed since they actually released it, but right here when i click home settings – and i go into some of the features right here, its just like an iphone – they dont give you the app drawer so its pretty much similar to an iphone when youre Browsing going through the overall experience of this device, its going to be pretty snappy too, so its not slow whatsoever, but you get your sim card remover tool as well as uh, a slot for your uh nano sim card, which is gon na, be youre gon na Get to up to 256 gigabytes, so you can put your your your pictures, your videos, your movies, um.

You might be able to move your some of your apps over there as well, so i think thats pretty solid right, so it has uh. You know im saying as far as the storage configuration this device is going to be pretty solid, because what theyre offering for this thing is 64 gigabytes with four gigabytes of ram. So those are really good. Specs on paper, right but day to day performance, actually matches up really well with this device with the helio, the mediatek helio p60, because i was able to get some really good battery life. Some good decent um screen resolution, but it doesnt have the five gigahertz wi fi nfc and things of that nature right, but it does have a really beautiful design. It has like this boxy design, which kind of makes you be able to grab it a lot easier. It can stand up on the table vertically or horizontally, which i really do like about this device, because it just feels really solid overall, when im using it. There is a rattle in here im, not sure if thats the sim card, but when you shake it and put it next to your head, you can hear somethings loose inside of it im, not sure if its the buttons thats shaking or the sim card tray inside Of it right but, like i said its going to have bluetooth 4.2, which is i didnt, have any complaints, but they just had to save money and somewhere right.

So it has a sony xmr camera, which is like sonys um entry level, camera, which surprisingly takes really good shots, and i was actually surprised with some of the photos but well jump into that in just a second okay. But if youre still here just comment down below and say im still here, so i know youre still rocking with me and kicking it with me right so, like i said, the overall build quality is really good on here it just it has the alcohol alcohol. It has the alcatel brandon on the back of the phone, and it has this shiny glossy material which does gather fingerprints. It looks like glass and it doesnt scratch, but just keep in mind, thats, not glass, and it will fingerprint really easy. So i just want to make notice of that as well, so, overall, just really solid, build quality really built nice built design fits really good in the hand plastic frame, um plastic screen. So if you drop it its a glass screen, but if you drop it im pretty sure its gon na crack easy. So just make sure you keep the sturdy clear case on there right, but other than that lets talk about the overall display, which i talked about its a 720×1560 19×59 aspect: ratio 269 for the ppi, so first viewing angles watching movies browsing social media is going to Be real solid when it comes to all three of those things right and thats, pretty much what you need to do shopping.

You know scrolling the web, you know im saying playing spotify netflix or whatever, whatever um hulu. Things of that nature are going to work really good with this phone right, its got android 11 on deck too, so i think thats something thats pretty sick. The fingerprint works really quick. The facial id works really quick right now. The 4 000 milliamp hour battery will get you a day and a half on average right and youre going to get some pretty decent um. You know viewing angles, you know call quality is going to come in pretty decent too um with this thing, because but it does have a single firing speaker right, so i just want to make mention of that right. Im going to show you some of the photos at the end, so make sure you guys stay locked in with me, but theres not really that much bloat on here. The only thing i see on here that that this thing is really stock, so youre going to get a refm radio youre going to get all your google apps youre going to get an audio recorder, calculator, calendar, clap as well. So everything is baked in. I was able to play again shin impact call of duty, mobile and pub g. Those are the three big games for me that i like to play also asphalt 9 as well, so you cant complain when it comes to the performance, because its got the helio p60, which is going to be adequate right.

So i just want to make sure that you guys are 100 aware that this thing also does pack a notification light at the top left hand corner which will turn blue. When you receive a notification. Obviously i cant make it um get a notification at will, but when you do get a notification, you will see the blue light. Flash at the left hand top corner right so thats pretty much what i wanted to talk about as far as the overall design, the cameras um are going to take some decent shots out of a scale of one to ten. I would probably give it like a a a solid seven and a half right, because it doesnt have stabilization on the cameras, but for the price, its going to be pretty clear images and clear video. You just got to hold it with a with a tripod or hold it with a gimbal, or something like that right, so that its not going to shake when youre moving and when youre walking nighttime photos actually came out pretty decent on here. So i was able to get some pretty decent quality even at night time because of the sony camera that they punched inside of here right. But you know im saying if youre liking, the video so far smash the like button kill the like button um, we do get a tight seat for charging at 15 watts, which was actually surprising because its gon na get some pretty decent speeds when you want to Top up real, quick, okay from a zero to 100, real, quick, um and thats pretty much everything i mean this device works, really solid for pretty much as a secondary phone, even if youre on a budget for a kid or um, an older person, its going to Work real well, i, like i like browsing my instagram, my meta.

I like twitter on here. You know some light gaming um. It has a real smooth flow to it. It just feels really solid in your hand, and all those reasons um that i just talked about its held up really. Well, it has a nice. My favorite thing about this device is the overall design because it just looks really premium and it actually matches up with the performance too. So youre not going to be its, not all, looks its not it just doesnt look good, it actually plays good and it plays nice. You know im saying so: theres no real lag on here when it comes to some app closing from time to time, but its not going to be something that youre going to notice on a consistent basis might happen like once every two weeks or something like that. But im really in i like the design on here. I like the performance and i like the cameras so as well, so i could definitely recommend this device ill leave the cheapest link. So you could pick it up as well down below. But if you found this video helpful in any way possible make sure you smash. The like button show your support by hitting the bell icon right here and im going to put up another video right here on the left or the right of me coming up right.