He had to get on a plane this week, right after we came back from europe so off he went and this weeks video is up to me. So its gon na be pretty straightforward im, not so good at the comedy bit you can decide to watch or not. Watch i wont be offended. Well, okay, im! I might be a little offended anyways. Today we are talking about our gadgets and gizmos that we used in europe and well let you know what we thought of them: Music. Our first gadget is apple air tags. We stuck these in our luggage, so they come just the middle piece and then we did buy these clips to clip them into our luggage. So we just put them on our checked luggage, because we had heard so many horror stories about people losing their luggage, especially traveling internationally, and having so many connection flights we put these in. It was really cool that you could tell where they were. So when we were in the amsterdam airport, we could see where each of them were they werent, always all together, which kind of made us a little nervous, but they all ended up in the same place. So that was really cool and gave us some peace of mind. The interesting thing from amsterdam. We ended up having two separate connecting flights where originally we were supposed to have just one connecting flight. It was a miracle our luggage actually had no issues.

It came right with us and we had no problems, but there were people in the laundry room every couple days, washing their few items that they had brought in their carry on still waiting for their luggage, even on the fifth day of the cruise. So were really glad that we did the apple air tags because we could have told the airport. This is exactly where theyre at theyre in another country theyre on the side of the road, and we could have maybe gotten them back a little quicker than hopefully five days into the cruise. The next item is due to my paranoia: if you guys watched our questions, video about europe and traveling to europe, you will know. I was very paranoid about pickpockets and for good reason. We actually saw several people get pickpocketed and we also saw a man talking to the police about how to recover his stolen phone and the police really didnt have any good answers for him. So im really glad that we found this for my phone. It is a wrist strap. This part hooks into the back of my phone. I was able to keep this part on my wrist, while this part was in my phone, so the whole time i was videoing, i could hold my phone and know that it was still attached to me and i didnt have any problems with this. I came home with my phone came home with all our stuff and we didnt have any issues.

This also came with a lanyard, so one that you can hook around your neck. I enjoyed the wrist, strap so much that i didnt use the lanyard so im sure it would work the same its attached to you. They would have a hard time. You know taking that off of you so im sure that would work too. It calmed my paranoia. Okay, so for this next item i am videoing a lot while we are going on vacation so daily. I need to be able to charge my phone and we do have some chargers that attach with cables, but justin actually got me this really cool charger. It works for an iphone 12 or 13.. It will also work for wireless earbuds. The nice thing about this is it does have a little thing you can set it on. So if i wanted to actually use it to selfie me and talk like i am like this, i could do that it was nice because basically it has that magnet on it that the iphone 12 and 13s have so. I could just stick it on to the back of my phone and i could walk around with it. No problem. I could hold it in my hand and also hold my phone now. The one thing that i did have an issue with was: i have a case on my phone, its not a very thick case, but it was enough that this did fall off, pretty easy.

It would magnetize to it and it would get a charge, no problem, but all of a sudden, if i was walking around every once in a while, it would fall off. So i really had to actually hold on to this with the phone which, with how big it is it wasnt a problem at all, and i really did want to keep my phone case on. I didnt want to take that off. There might be other occasions at home where i feel comfortable, where i can take the case off, and this will work a lot better. But when im walking around and theres the possibility of dropping my phone, which was pretty unlikely because it was attached to me with my wrist strap, but i do like having the case on there. It gave me about one full battery charge, which was pretty good. Its definitely not a fast charger, but it worked all right next item on my list is plugs, so knowing that youre going to europe youre coming from the us or the uk, you know your plugs are going to be different. Now, on disneys cruise ship we used us plugs and then, when we went into barcelona and stayed in barcelona, then we used the european plugs. Disney did have the possibility to use european plugs so that wasnt an issue we could have used either, but this plug was so helpful. So it has the possibility of doing usa, plugs uk plugs and european plugs, and so you just pushed out lets see lets.

Do the europe, since that is what we used, you just push it out and use it that way, and then, if youre done with it, you do have to come on the other side, push it and itll go back in. So not only can you plug in your regular plugs, you can also use four different usbs at the same time or a type c on the side, so this was a lifesaver it worked. I could plug as many things in it as i wanted to. I didnt have any problems with it. We really liked these im, not sure if the name is epica or if its pika, but these worked well. Okay for our last item that i want to talk about its much different than all of the other items. Ive talked about, most of them have to do with the phone or videoing or power, whereas this actually has to do with makeup. I found a really cool eyeshadow pencil that i really liked, so it has on both ends. Eyeshadow. I really liked having it because it didnt break. I have taken eyeshadow in the past where it has crumbled in travel, so this was really nice because it wont break its on there and then, when youre actually putting it on it, moves around really easy. You can use your finger really easy to meld the two colors together, so it comes with a beige or a cream is what they call it, and cookies is what they call the other one brown, which is normally what i would wear for eyeshadow anyway.

So i just took this and when its coming down a little low on the pencil you just file it down, like you, would a pencil and you have more eye shadow, so that was something really small and easy to take for travel and it didnt break. So i really liked that as well. I thought i would just add that in there im sure theres a lot of other makeup as well. That is good for travel, but this was one i had actually gotten in my fabfitfun box and just really liked it really. Like the color, and really liked how small and concise so i actually did buy this after getting it in my fabfitfun, so this is my second one that ive gone through. I liked it that much okay were gon na see. If we can do this one more time, keita can you be part of the show were basically just saying goodbye were done with everything. So if you enjoyed watching this video and seeing our gadgets and gizmos that we used on our europe trip, give us a like a comment and subscribe to our channel, and we will see you next friday. Thanks, say: bye, Applause, Music, Applause, Music! Are you good youre? Gon na lay there lets see if we can get here. Okay, i think shes gon na chill, okay nala and i are going to be reviewing this next thing. I was trying to get keta to come, lay with us and review it as well, but she just cant stay still, so you get nala whos see.

What do you think of that and here goes? Are you gon na help? Are you gon na help? Can you sit down, can you sit down? Can you sit down? Okay, okay? This is this.