High quality sounding earbuds and today were checking out their latest earbuds, which is the aerofont air mini and lets see. If this model is any good, so todays earbuds is sent over to me from c plus malaysia and if youve been hunting around for earbuds on sharpie youve, definitely seen their store on there and they always have the latest and greatest earbuds and headphones for you to Choose from, although these were sent over to me, this review will still be based on my honest and unbiased opinion, so the earphone air mini retails for about 130 malaysian ringgit or about 30 us dollars and its really quite a budget friendly earbuds, especially for what its Capable of so if youre interested in getting these earbuds do check out my links in the description below so being a budget earbuds there isnt too many fancy, design or features, and the design of the earbuds is honestly quite basic. So the case of the earbuds mimic. What you get with the original ear front air pro, but in a more stripped down design. So at the top here, youre gon na get the earphone branding there and the charging part is placed on the side of the earbuds case, along with a tiny charging indicator, and the led indicator here also tells you about the battery life of the case. So if its constant white, you have more than 10 battery and if it flashes in wide, you have less than 10 battery.

So the material of the case is made of this plastic that, in my experience, will scratch up quite easily. So youve got to be careful when using it and the lid opening action here is also very basic and it uses a friction lid to hold the lid up throughout the entire stroke. So thats pretty nice and i just want to point out that you know you can feel the edges of the case not being the smoothest, and you can feel that they are quite sharp along the edge here. So thats one area – i guess its – not the best quality in order to cut costs, so the earbud sits inside the same way, like many earbuds do today and very similar to the internals of the earphone air pro just missing some cosmetic as well as a button. Any earbuds is also very basic. Looking you get your stem style here with a glossy part at the top right here and at the bottom here, youre going to get your earphone logo so at the top here is in this glossy plastic, so its easy to distinguish. Where is the touch sensor and the earbuds is also made of the same material as the case, so its not the best feeling plastic to be honest, but apart from that pretty basic earbuds and theres, also no in ear sensors found on these earbuds. So the air mini has a very basic battery life as well, and it comes in at 5 hours and 20 additional hours with the case, so its not suited for people who use their earbuds throughout the entire day.

But if you use them sparingly throughout the day, maybe early in the morning, then you charge it during lunch and then you use it for the rest of the day. Then it should work pretty well. Volume on these earbuds is also pretty good, with a comfortable listening volume for me around 30 and at about 50. It starts to get loud, but still sounds really good. With no distortion about 60 to 70 is already too loud for me, so you can see that theres plenty of potential with these earbuds, especially in terms of volume. So if you like your music, loud and powerful, then this is for you. The features on this earbuds is also pretty decent for its price. Youre gon na get a bluetooth, 5.2 chipset with support for aac and sbc kodak, no qualcomm chipset this time, but even so, this earbud still sounds really good. The earbuds comes with earphones, legendary, sweat protection and is rated to be ipx7, which is essentially waterproof, but then again in ear, earbuds are not made for swimming, so dont bring this earbud swimming. You can work out in them, sweat in them run with them and they still hold up really well. These earbuds also support a seamless left and right playback and its very common feature nowadays and gone are the days with master and slave connection, so those are really old school technology and you can pick out any side of these earbuds and it would just work fine.

Finally, there is no multi point connectivity on these earbuds, so the sound signature of this earbuds is absolutely great and just like every earphone products, ive checked out so far, im never really disappointed with their tuning and how they perform youre gon na get a very nice Balanced powerful, sound signature throughout the range based on these earbuds is strong and powerful, very thumpy, and this focuses slightly more on the mid bass. Sub bass here is present, but not very audible, but the overall basic nature is still very powerful, especially when you listen at higher volumes. Vocals in the mid range on the air mini is amazing, with very good emphasis and reproduction of both male and female singers. No distortion and no indication of vocal sounding behind the instrument so very well tuned and the highs on this earbuds is acceptably bright and even with all that is going on with the bass frequencies. The high still sounds really well and shines through brilliantly, so overall im very impressed with what earphone pushed out with this earbuds this time. So this is a test to see if the earphone air mini is a good earbuds for making phone calls. So this is miss became relatively quiet environment and this is the call quality that you can expect. So what im going to do now is to turn on a simulated background noise, so you can hear a difference so now theres a simulated background noise playing in the background – and this is the call quality that you can expect from this earbud.

So what do you think of the call copy? Let me know in the comment section down below so latency on the air mini is rated to be less than 100 milliseconds and im glad that they market it that way, because its indeed quite accurate, so using them for games like pubg with gaming mode turned on You can still see a slight delay and that is typical to the 100 millisecond respawn time. So i think there is no false marketing here and kudos to ear fund for doing that. Anyways lets take a look at the latency performance of these earbuds Music, so Music. So, Music, Music, so the controls on these earbuds is complete and earphone really takes pride on this, because not many earbuds out there have full range of controls so to play a pulse media tap twice on either side of the earbuds and it will play or pause. Your media to increase the volume tap once on your right, earbuds and it will slowly increase the volume and tap once on the left, earbuds to decrease the volume so skip tracks forward, tap and hold on the right earbuds and it will skip your tracks forward and Tap and hold on the left, earbuds and it will skip backwards to call your assistant tap three times on the right earbud. So one two three and ill pause your media and call your assistant and tap three times on the left, earbuds to toggle between gaming mode and normal mode, so thats pretty much all the controls you get with these earbuds, so im impressed mainly with the sound quality Of these earbuds – and i think most if not all, of eurofunds earbuds sounds really good.

However, im underwhelmed with the innovation in this space in 2022 and its already june now and were not seeing much innovation in this space instead were seeing more of that innovation. More in the iem space, which is really exciting, so im hoping to see more great pivots with the tws space, so that is it for this review.