Are you looking for tools to promote your kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign? Look no further in this article im going to introduce you to a product marketplace. The gadget flow that will drive potential backers to your project. All youve got to do is get listed in boom. Youll find your product in front of gadget and design enthusiasts interested in bringing your campaign to life, find this video to be a helpful resource, for you got some ideas as to how to move forward with gadget flow, get more killer crowd. Funding advice like this by subscribing to my youtube channel, there im always producing helpful and interesting videos for you to get funding for your crowdfunding project for now lets get into the product review of the gadget flow. What is the gadget flow? The gadget flow has built up a marketplace of curated products. The site targets, people who are passionate about travel products, design, products, gadgets and more customers can go on to this marketplace to discover some of the most innovative and exciting products coming to the market. Its taken a long time for the gadget flow to have the following base that it does today, because they did it right away. Their base is made up of dedicated organic users that are actually interested in supporting new creations. To date, the gadget flow has over 13 million platform visits, 1.2 million followers, 1.4 million app downloads and reaches 31 million people per month, pretty impressive stuff.

The gadget flow functionalities on the customer side of the gadget flow. They are met with a user friendly dashboard that allows them to create things like wish lists. My feed referrals they can also easily browse by category which includes most popular best products crowdfunding with a pinterest style layout. Customers can discover cool new products easier than ever before. So why does all of this matter if youre trying to sell a product on the platform, its an extremely powerful tool for reaching organic backers for your crowdfunding project? For you, the creator, the gadget flow has made their platform a one, stop solution to marketing your product and making sales conversions. Some of their most notable features include newsletters reach people interested in your product by revealing product features, launch dates and more multiple currencies. Looking to tap into a worldwide audience, the gadget flow supports 58 currencies from around the globe. Brand pages, build your own powerful brand image. Much like launching a shopify store, r and vr apps potential backers can actually experience your product online more realistically than ever before. Keep in mind that, with the gadget flow, you are going to be reaching individuals enthusiastic about startups. Like yours, sure you could reach hundreds of thousands of people with untargeted ads or you could use the gadget flow to get your product out there. Reaching a more concentrated group that is more likely to convert. You also track important indicators of project success such as total clicks revenue, roy and more.

This allows you to actually see the performance of your work without having to run any of your own analytics. The platform. Also offers an unboxing series where they will make a video for you that reveals your product in a high quality format. Getting your product out there through multiple mediums from project listings to blog posts, to visual elements like unboxing videos is key to making potential backers into actual supporters of your project, and the gadget flow takes care of all of this. For you, they literally make it as easy as possible because they know that entrepreneurs like you, are the lifeblood of their platform takeaways its pretty obvious. The gadget flow is one of the most powerful online platforms for entrepreneurs, and it could be a great help for you, as you raise awareness for your crowdfunding campaign. If youd like to learn more about the gadget flow and all the ways that they can help to promote your crowdfunding campaign, get in contact with them today, also, if you need additional help with anything from pre launch to order fulfillment for your crowdfunding campaign. Im here to help i helped tons of campaigns, get funding, and i want to go to work for you book. A coaching call with me to get started, gadget flows, achievements, gadget flow has earned. Tens of awards such as participated in conferences such as the next web in new york, city ces and the web summit in ireland and lisbon and ranked 200 among the top 360 entrepreneurial companies in the united states in 2017 and 2018.

. The company has helped thousands of crowdfunding campaigns since 2012 and its the second largest indie gogo partner, as well as listed on kickstarter experts page it has been featured on live tv on the nbc today show and amc news watch. The ios app was one of the first in the app store back in 2017 that integrated apples ar kit to display products in augmented reality. Gadget flow has launched its own accountability and compliance scheme to add another layer of protection for its users. They also have their own forest through tree nation and they keep contributing on a monthly basis other than awards. Their focus has also been on educating new crowdfunding campaign creators on perfecting the crowdfunding campaigns founder and ceos. Evan parsamis was featured in mixergys how to make your content site addictive video interview. He also has an in depth article by fekrov funding formula on the companys success with raising funds for the volteman wallet campaign, gadget flows, unboxing video segment. A new section is the unboxing video series as a follow up to add on features theres, a relative new but logical feature on gf, which sees your product get reviewed by a tech expert and recorded in a distributed video. What does unboxing include fronted by famous tech, influencer, johnny kaplan, from presentation to packaging to features to design 4k hd video and audio recording 5 10 minute video length advertise in front of targeted consumers. Submission involves shipping, your physical product to be reviewed, filmed edited and then promoted.

A video review is a great idea. We can see a lot of established brands choosing this option in terms of crowdfunding projects. The majority of campaigns we work on are at the beginning or where a prototype isnt, fully developed campaign owners find that test units are expensive to put together and may be limited to a few. So we find they are a time hesitant to send one out to get a review. Ideally, all campaigns that launch products should have a unit available ready to be prodded and probed, but in the majority of instances its just not completed and a poor review wouldnt benefit.