This is a magical cell phone with a price of 2500 million starting from the design. I really like it. It doesnt look like 2 million or 3 million cell phone anymore, but it already feel like 5 million cell phones and a goal right now. 10 has three firearms. There is a white color which is called people white. Then there is a green color which is colored like green, and what we are discussing this time is called gray black color with a matte finish for the contoured material, which makes the body feel smooth in the hand but of big slippery. How about that? For the battery capacity that has red set 588 on the right side of the cell phone, you will find the following button. Then there is also the power button. It also has a function to read our fingerprint for the biometric system and the probe theres a microphone hole, an infrared blaster to function as a remote on the left, theres a triple trisol, so we can recommend it to nano sim cards and one micro. Sd card. Add one and below this is a hard point: jack microphone, haul, usb type c port, plus one more circle lets move on the display, which are really the mainstay of this redmi note 10, because the file used in super amoled with a size of 6.43 inches wide 6.43 inches with full height dimension, plus resolution with foreign 3, 2 cell phone color fill right and, of course, the black color of the item is really tight.

Operating system used on the xiaomi notepad is already new. I l with android 11 death. Now, speaking of fetch, the redmi note 10 use the qualcomm snapdragon 678 chipset, which is really that great. The internal capacity is standard for the price 64 gigabyte. No well for the camera system itself. The redmi note can release on a 48 megapixel sensor for an 8 megapixel named camera for an ultrawide lens 2 megapixel micro and a 2 megapixel chip sensor. The front camera has a resolution of 13 megapixel. What will supply for the price of 2 million is good. The sharpness now the dynamic frame is enough. The contrast is described, but very enough. This cell phone is recommended if clear and hopefully full.