The design of the pixy has a fully enclosed case. So the blades are all protected. That means its totally safe to fly indoors and other places. You normally wouldnt fly a drone, its also super light and portable and will even fit into your back pocket flying the drone. Theres no controller and you cant fly it manually. Instead, theres preset quick shots that you can set either using the dial on top of the drone or through the snapchat app. The dial is reminiscent of a traditional camera and you spin it to pick your shot, launching the drone, its super quick. You place it in your hand, facing you and press the button on top to start. The drone will only take off if its facing you and can see your face, since this is how it does the tracking and following theres. Four different. Quick shots to choose from hover makes the drone just stand in one place and you can set the duration from 10 seconds to 60 seconds with increments of 10 seconds, and you can also enable and disable person tracking. So you can have the drone stand still or pan left and right to track you, while you move, reveal mode, starts the drone in front of you and slowly backs it away to reveal the scenery around you. You can choose between 10 feet 20 feet or 30 feet in the app setting, and you can also choose between taking a photo or video.

Follow mode will track and follow you and you can choose between a 30 second and 60. Second timer for obstacle avoidance, its pretty basic, and while it will work most of the time, you can easily stump it, but even if it does hit an object, it will gracefully land on its own orbit mode will have the drone take off then back up a Certain distance and do a full 360 orbit around you. You can choose between 5 feet 8 feet and 15 feet away. You can also choose to do video photo or both on the dial theres, also a favorite setting, which you can store your favorite quick shot with a specific timer or distance setting that you, like best once the drone finishes its shot. It comes back to you and you can put your hand underneath and it will auto land in the palm of your hand, it uses the camera underneath the drone to detect your hand, and it works pretty well most of the time we did have a few issues Where it seemed to skyrocket up instead of landing and another time where it just avoided the hand altogether and went to land on the ground instead, looking at the camera, its 2.7 k and can record video at 30 frames per second and for pictures, it takes 12 Megapixel still shots. The quality of the footage is not bad, its definitely not the same as a dji mini, but it is good for social media, especially being watched on a mobile phone.

It looks great inside when the lighting is just right, but outdoors on a bright day, it might look a little overblown between the shade and the sun. It also films in landscape mode, even though, when you want to post on snapchat its usually vertical footage in the editor, you can crop in your footage and you can even throw on different filters from snapchat or specially augmented reality effects specifically made for the pixy. But there are some limitations to this little drone. If theres even any more than a little bit of wind, the pixy will definitely struggle and at times get a little bit sketchy to fly. Youll also see the shaking in the footage, since theres no gimbal stabilization flight time is also limited with each flight, only lasting no more than a minute and youll only be able to get a handful of shots with a total of only four to five minutes of Total flight time per battery, since the batteries are so small, they dont hold much power, but the flip side is that it can also charge using usb c, so we were easily able to charge from a bigger anchor battery on the go and be flying all day. The batteries will charge from zero to a hundred percent in about 40 minutes and you can get the optional dual charger with two extra batteries for 50 bucks or buy extra batteries for 20. Each the base cost of the pxe is 230, which includes the drone one battery and a carrying case, which is more like a bumper, with a strap that you can wear or use it for protection when storing.

We recommend youll want at least two batteries and the package that includes the two batteries and the dual charger is 250 dollars. Now that might seem a little bit expensive for someone looking to buy a mini drone, considering you can get a dji mini se for 300. That has a lot more capability and a controller allowing you to get more cinematic and longer shots than the pixy. However, the nice thing about the pixy is that theres literally zero setup time you can go from pocket to flight in seconds, whereas with the dji, you need to set it up with your phone. The controller wait for gps signals and theres certain flight restrictions of where you can fly. But if the price of the pixy starts to come down, say for 200 or less, this would make it an excellent tech gift for all ages.