This is the asus expert book b3 detachable its a weird combination of hardware and software, and is it feasible, though, that is a question that well answer in todays video Music? Now, as the name suggests, this is a detachable machine. What it means is that we have the back cover here and also this keyboard cover that can be removed. Hence the word detachable. Everything is independent of each other, but i suggest you to always leave them together, because you will need them for this device to function properly. The overall design is nice, its compactness is a plus point, and the kickstand design is also very innovative. I would say, because it splits it into total of four segments and we can use it in either portrait or landscape mode or either way inverted. This stand is also supremely sturdy, so the tablet definitely would not topple, but the denim material on the kickstand on the keyboard cover is something that i personally think that it wouldnt last long because its difficult to clean and our unit here already have some fabric fraying. On these sides here now, opening up this tablets cover reveals that this tablet is using a 10.5 inch ips lcd screen. With a glossy finish, and of course, this tablet also comes with a touchscreen because its a tablet, after all, while im, usually okay with bezels on the tablet, so that we have something to hold the bezels on this tablet is a tad too thick.

We also tested the color accuracy of this screen here and we found out that it can reach up to 98.18 of srgb and 87.4 of the cip3 color gamuts, with a low delta e number thats pretty good. But for the brightness, though, i would say that its decent overall asus advertised that this tablet can go up to 320 nits of brightness and our calorimeter reported 331 nits and i would say its still, not enough for outdoor usage, but its good enough for indoors. The keyboard is fairly decent, but it does need some time to adopt to this smaller surface area for each individual key. I can get used to it pretty quickly because im really using an apple magic keyboard with the cramped up keyboard anyway. So thats fine with me. The travel distance of this keyboard is pretty good, i would say, but it does need a fair bit of force before it bottoms out. This keyboard can also be lifted up by snapping, a part of it to the bottom bezel of the screen, creating a few degrees of inclination of the keyboard for supposedly better typing. However, this also means that the windows taskbar will be difficult to be touched and the keyboard tends to flex a little while we are typing at the opposite ends of the keyboard here, and also when we are typing with this inclination. Here it kind of creates an echo chamber effect, so i just give you a sample of the sound here.

Of course, you can also use the keyboard flat on the table. If you want to to avoid the aforementioned flexing and eco chamber effects, but yeah the inclination will be gone, the trackpad is fairly squished at the bottom, but it tracks well and it has decent pump rejection, so no complaints overall other than the tiny size. My biggest complaint here has got to do with two different things: number one is the performance and number two is the operating system. Our unit of the asus expert book b3 detachable comes with a qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen 2 chipset with a qualcomm adreno 618 gpu with 8 gigs of lpddr for x, ram and 128 gigs of emmc storage, and it runs on windows. 11. Pro you see, the qualcomm chip sets are based on arm architecture. However, windows is originally made for x86 architecture. This means that all existing software, including the operating system, will either have to be done in two different ways. Number one is to be rewritten specifically for arm or number two have a translation layer between x86 to arm. I wont go much in detail about it in this video, but just know that windows on arm is still very sluggish and its painful to even navigate the web. Using this machine opening microsoft age, which is using arm version on this laptop by the way. Its still very sluggish, maximizing and minimizing youtube videos is also very sluggish. I tried chrome but its worse, because chrome doesnt have arm version for windows.

This is the biggest disappointment since i thought it would have been some improvement since more than a year ago we did review another snapdragon laptop and that time it was still on windows 10, and now we have windows 11, but no everything still remains the same. Nothing has changed and its still sluggish, even the boot time of this tablet takes forever Music Applause and to add salt to injury. The asus expert, bulk b3 detachable also comes with a stylus that we can see here. This is an active stylus that needs to be charged and it works okay. Overall, there are a few buttons here that you can use as well for your illustration or drawings and whatnot, but the lack of applications that this tablet can run ultimately limits. What this pen can do, we can use the usual microsoft paint or microsoft whiteboard, but thats yeah thats about it. Okay, now back to the asus b3 detachable around this tablet, we have a power button and volume rocker on this side here and then a usb type c port and an audio jack at this side and thats it. This is the only one port available on this laptop. So if you want to charge the laptop and transfer files at the same time, you need to get a dongle. You need to get your own dongle, actually because theres, just no usb dongle included in the box. So yeah youre out of luck. One good thing about this detachable device, though, is that you probably dont need to charge it that often, because for my usage of just web browsing, this laptop can easily reach up to 10 hours of battery life.

Charging is also simple, since it supports usb pd charging anyway, we just plug it into our ugh scan charger and we left the original charger in the box too. However, even with such a long battery life every minute i spent with this laptop made me furious and the overall experience is just not up to par compared with some other devices that are within this price range. For example, chromebooks you remember. Last year we revealed the asus vivobook 13 slate oled. That tablet is using an intel, pentium silver, n6000 processor and that processor felt like a lamborghini compared to this tablet and im, not blaming qualcomm or asus. For this disappointment, its because microsoft did not improve windows on arm architecture and again its been more than a year since i last used a laptop with a snapdragon chip inside and at that time again it was running on windows 10 now were using windows 11, but The performance is still the same, its just very disappointing and by the way, the asus expert book b3 detachable in malaysia here is only available in this list of spec here, and the most notable thing is that the official retail variant is priced at 2099 ringgit and It only comes with four gigs of ram. Four gigs on windows is really not enough. Now. I know the asus expert book series is meant for enterprises, but please do not waste your money on this, get a chromebook or maybe get an android tablet instead or maybe get an ipad air for that matter and thats all.

I have to share with you today. If you want more information about chrome, os or using android tablets as a laptop replacement, then we have all of those videos at the top right corner there or in the description below all of those is a much better alternative than this windows laptop.