So while the new surface laptop go to isnt as flashy as like a surface studio or as flexible as the surface pro 8, it delivers all the essentials for a very affordable price and thanks to a refreshed, cpu, upgraded storage and redesigned fans. Now you get even more for your money, Music, not a lot has changed about the design and i dont really care because its basic in the best ways you still get that super minimalist surface, aesthetic and a light. Two and a half pound body, microsoft uses aluminum on its lid and deck, but a plastic bottom helps keep its price down inside the 12.4 inch pixelsense display has slim bezels and while the laptop go 2s keycaps and touchpad are a bit smaller than what youd get On a bigger surface, it never felt cramped, wait what you dont have a caliper pen. That said, i think not adding backlighting to the keyboard is a bit too frugal. On microsofts part, i mean come on its 20 22. backlit keys should be standard regardless of price. Now i must admit that port selection does feel a bit limited. All you get is one usb, a port one, usb c port, a headphone jack and a magnetic surface connect port. My ideal laptop has at least three usb ports and, unlike its bigger siblings, the surface laptop go to doesnt, have a bonus usb, a port on its power, brick, which would be really handy when you want to recharge an extra accessory on the bright side.

The laptop go to does support usb c power delivery. So if you want, you can totally switch out microsofts included brick for a third party charging adapter. I also want to mention that, while our higher end review unit does come with a fingerprint sensor built into its power button, you wont get that on the base model. Once again, i know microsoft is trying to keep cost down, but this should really be available on every version. As for the display, microsoft, stuck with the same 1536 by 1024 touchscreen, it used on the old model, no its, not even full hd, but i got ta admit it looks pretty good. Colors are vibrant and, while microsoft claims a brightness of 330 nits, our review unit actually registered a much more impressive, 375 nits, so kudos to microsoft for exceeding its nominal specs. Would i prefer a slightly higher resolution, of course, but on a 12.4 inch screen, things still look pretty crisp from a normal viewing distance. You dont really notice the lower pixel density. Microsoft also says the laptop go to speakers are 24 louder than before, and that feels about right, youre not going to see any obvious speaker grills, because everything is hidden beneath the keyboard, but audio still comes through quite clearly. Even if the sound stage comes off a bit shallow with less details in the highs and lows than id really like, but on a system that starts at 600 im totally satisfied.

The laptop go, tos webcam is still just 720p, but microsoft says theres a new sensor inside that improves contrast and color saturation, and you know what it does. I still maintain that a 1080p webcam should be the minimum, but unless youre live streaming on twitch or something which is sort of outside the systems intended use cases, the webcam is plenty capable. The most important improvements on the surface laptop go to are to its performance. Microsoft has upgraded to an 11th gen intel core i5 cpu, which isnt super cutting edge, but it still has more than enough oomph to ensure general productivity still feels snappy. Sadly, microsoft stuck with just four gigs of ram on the base model, which is a bit skimpy and thats. Probably why the company sent out a higher spec model with eight gigs of ram for review. And if you decide to pick one up, you should probably pay a hundred dollars for that upgrade too. Meanwhile, the biggest change is that the surface laptop go to now comes with a 128 gig ssd standard. Instead of the 64 gig emc drive you got before, so you get faster storage and more of it, even on the base model in the real world. The service laptop go to has no issues quickly, switching between a bunch of browser, tabs, multiple office, apps and more, which is all im really asking for in a system like this, and thanks to his integrated intel, iris, xc graphics, you can even do some light and I do mean light video, editing and casual gaming, though anything more than that is definitely pushing it.

Battery life is solid, 2, lasting 14 hours and 43 minutes on our video rundown test. I also appreciate microsoft made efforts to reduce the systems fan noise by as much as 10 decibels at max speeds in normal use. The laptop go. 2 is actually pretty quiet, often running completely silent if youre just browsing the web and rarely rising above a whisper unless youre doing some serious multitasking in some respects. This laptop really seems like the ideal candidate for a fully fanless design. Sadly, windows machines, dont have access to the same kind of super efficient chips. You get from something like an m1 macbook air, but lets not forget an equivalent macbook air also costs 200 more than a surface laptop, go to in a way, thats important context when comparing microsofts most travel friendly, notebook to its more expensive rivals. For someone like me, who uses a desktop at home, the surface laptop go 2 is a great travel companion and id much rather jack it around than the bigger and heavier intel macbook pro 13. I got a sign for work, sure its not quite as powerful and its got a lower res screen, but it has more than enough performance for working on the go, its also a great machine for students or anyone who just wants a well designed. No frills notebook. Thats easy to carry around yeah, it might not have an ir webcam for facial login or a stylus like you get on more sophisticated surfaces.

But you know what thats? Okay, even if you pay for an upgraded model, which i highly recommend by the way, the surface laptop go 2 is still super portable, very affordable and even kind of stylish, while also having all the basics down pat thats about it.