It fits in your backpack weve included adapters, so you can set it up anywhere its great for outdoor adventures. All you need is a bucket of water or a lake just hook it on a tree drop the pump into a bucket and power on a constant stream of water that will gently shower you clean, while an active built in water filtration system filters, the water, this Lightweight portable shower can be used virtually anywhere its also fantastic for washing your car Music. Its soothing flow is also great for our furry friends too. Even the finicky ones they love the gentle stream of our ivation portable shower this portable shower has a battery life that allows up to one hour of continuous use to charge simply plug into any usb socket its as simple as that Music. This is helio our award. Winning portable pressurized cam shower series offered in helio lx, with a voluminous 5.8 gallon capacity and helio our horizontally oriented camp shower of 3 gallons. These easy to use showers provide portable pressurized water off the grid, whether youre on an epic overland trek or just like to have a tidy camp helios. Two size and orientation configurations offer a pressurized shower setup for any adventure, choose vertical helio lx for a large vertical setup and up to 10 minutes of continuous pressure or go with helio. Our four legged easy to carry setup for up to seven minutes of continuously pressurized water, unlike gravity cam showers that need to be hung overhead and produce dismal water pressure.

Helio, shower and sprayer rests on the ground and provides the pressure you need wherever you need it. With a few quick foot, pumps youll have the pressure you need to wash your hair. Do your dishes clean off the dog or rinse away any mud or salt off your gear? Both models offer an easy to fill tank, so you can get the water you need anywhere. You adventure and both models feature a resilient bladder that can absorb the suns rays to warm up your water gradually and is strong enough to be filled directly with hot water for the ultimate in camp luxury. A hot shower. Each helio is equipped with a generously long neoprene hose and a spray nozzle for plenty of overhead reach for a stand up shower experience, helio lx also comes with a hands free nozzle sleeve, leaving both hands free for washing each model features a convenient loop to hang. Your spray nozzle from and a tidy stuff sack to pack helio away when you need pressurized water to keep your on the go adventures fresh and clean helio. Cam shower is up for the task: Music, foreign, Music, oh Music. This is the simple shower. This little device can turn almost any one or two liter bottle into a shower to operate. It simply screw the simple shower onto a water filled bottle and then turn it upside down. Our design also makes it very easy to fill simply unscrew the cap, remove it and the air tube and hold the funnel under a water source.

Now most people think that the simple shower is just for taking showers while camping, but its also great for a whole host of other things like putting out campfires cleaning off after surfing or getting sand off your feet after spending a day at the beach. Also, due to its quiet, non pressurized nature its awesome for washing pets, one of the best things about the simple shower.