Considering we are talking about an entry level smartphone a budget smartphone in 2022, but specifications and features aside. Does the motorola e32s deliver lets find out hello? Everyone im on here for mr phone and in this video lets take a look at the good and bad about the motorola e32s and whether you should get one or not. But before we get rolling. Consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech reviews and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates. Now lets get started starting off with the design and build and guys this phone does not look like a sub 10 000 rupees smartphone. In fact, motorola has done a brilliant job, with the build quality of the e32s, and despite the budget price tag, there are no loose corners. Motorola calls the rear panel material pmma, which is a plastic polymer. Basically, and what you see here, is this imitation glass finish along with a matte satin texture, which feels premium and smooth to the touch, although it does pick up smudges easily, so keeping a cleaning cloth handy is recommended. Colour options include slate cree, the one i received for the review and the gorgeous looking misty silver now complementing this shimmery back panel is the raised triple rear camera deco, which features the lenses in the form of a teardrop. The iconic batwing logo is at the dead center, along with the motorola branding right below onto the frame, and this one as well, despite being made out of plastic, comes with this matte coating that gives it a texture.

And yes, it feels every bit solid and sturdy. In the hand, as you hold the phone, the volume, rockers and power buttons are on the right and offer good tactile feedback. The power button in fact doubles up as a capacitive fingerprint reader, which is very accurate in operation along the bottom theres, a microphone, a type c port and the phones, a single speaker, which is right at the ideal location on to the left, are the triple slots That is dual nano sim slots and a dedicated microsd card slot for storage expansion up to one terabyte. Finally, at the top is where you get the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so wrapping up the design section well, the motorola e32s is definitely a looker. I mean the company has done a very good job in the design and build department and in fact, for a phone that is a budget phone uh youre, also getting ip52 dust and water resistance here. So i dont know what else could you ask for in a budget, a smartphone motorola has done a very fabulous job on the front. The motorola e32s features a 6.5 inches hd plus lcd display, which is on par with other phones in this price bracket. But the cherry on the cake here has to be the 90 hertz refresh rate along with this, the brightness peaks at 500 nits, which is plenty usable indoors and even gets a job done outdoors i mean it is not the brightest outdoors but, as i said, it Gets the job done otherwise, in terms of quality, its a decent panel for its price, its protected by panda glass, the colors look good.

I also did not spot any sort of screen bleeding around the edges, which is great. Then you also get white wine l1 certification, which means the motorola e32s, can playback hd videos on youtube and other ott platforms and speaking of which, if youre using this phone for content consumption, it does a fairly decent job. As i said, its a good panel, the bottom firing speaker also complements well and gets reasonably loud, but it is also the headphone jack so good that motorola has provided options here. Talking about the performance and other features, the motorola e32s is powered by the mediatek helio g37 soc variants include a 3gb ram, plus 32gb storage and a 4gb ram, plus 64gb storage priced at 8999 rupees and 99999 rupees respectively. Software experience is taken care by stock android 12.. Yes, you heard that right, its not android 11. It is android 12, and this is a solid addition in this price point for the kind of hardware and specs. I think motorola has nailed it here and by no means this is a smartphone that can handle high performance games. But if youre looking for a sub 10 000 rupees phone for casual usage like browsing, the web, checking social media, doing video calls or even playing casual games like subway, surfers or all those adventures, these work perfectly fine on the smartphone and partly responsible for the good Performance on this phone is the stock pixelless key ui that is clean and minimal.

Now, of course, sometimes you do get minor stutters and lags here and there, which is okay, honestly considering this is an entry level device, but for the most part i think stock android 12 at this price is a win win for the consumer and generally so the Software experience or even the overall performance on the motorola e32 s has been pretty good. No major complaints here in terms of endurance theres a 5000 mah battery under the hood that supports up to 15 watt charging, but you only get a 10 watt charger in the box and honestly, while the charging times are not the fastest. The battery life is mighty. Impressive, i mean with moderate usage involving watching videos, checking social, doing calls and stuff ive been getting a solid two days of battery life consistently with the smartphone, sometimes even two and a half days, so pretty impressive stuff here. Other connectivity features include bluetooth, 5, dual band, wi, fi and 4g volte call, quality was good, earpieces output is loud and clear. Connectivity was solid on the jio4g network and i also did not face any issues regarding network speeds or call drops now moving on. In terms of optics, you get a 16 megapixel triple rear camera setup at the front. Theres an 8 megapixel snapper situated in a center aligned hole, punch so performance wise. The 16 megapixel camera does a good job of capturing photos given theres good light. Hdr performance is great: you get wide dynamic range and images, and even upon zooming in, i noticed that details are preserved well.

Otherwise, i also like how the phone deals with human skin tones for the most part, especially portrait mode photos. In fact, i found my skin tone to look slightly more natural in portrait photos, but even in terms of edge detection or in terms of background blur, i say top notch stuff. Now close up photos are also captured with plenty of detail. In fact, even in half decent artificial light around the motorola e32s was able to capture bright images indoors. Apart from this, i was also surprised by the 2 megapixels macro camera performance. I mean i keep bringing the price in between again and again, but genuinely for less than 10 000 rupees theres. Nothing much to complain here. Selfies are also captured. Well, although hdr performance in portrait selfies can be a hit and miss, so i suggest using tap to focus before clicking your image now in terms of video recording. You can shoot up to 1080p 30fps videos from both the front and rear camera and honestly, while theres no stabilization as evident in the videos, if youre going to record a footage with minimal movement, i think you should be just fine because as far as the color Reproduction goes or even the details and exposure. In my opinion, the motorola e32s does a fairly decent job. Long story short. The motorola e32s is a solid, well rounded package for anyone looking to buy a phone in a tight budget of under 10 000 rupees and yes, it does face stiff competition from the likes of the redmi 10a and the realme c31.

But the fact of the matter is in comparison to both the phones i just mentioned. The motorola e32s is clearly leaps and bounds ahead in terms of design, build, looks, camera endurance and, most importantly, the stock android 12 edition. I think if you prefer a clean software experience and at the moment the latest one that is android 12, i would say, look no further than the motorola e32s, and that was my review of the motorola e32s budget smartphone. So guys. Let me know your thoughts about this smartphone in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the next one.