Last year you may remember, i reviewed some of the new gadgets by the spy ninjas and because that video was such a success, ive decided to do a part two and review the newer gadgets theyve made. There are six gadgets, but ive only got four. The transforming stun chucks the covert communicator, the gizmo lie detector and the night vision glasses. I dont have the sonic star or the gizmo drone ill, explain why at the end of this video, but if youre looking forward to this review, then do give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon. If youre new to my channel, also, if you havent seen the first review, video do go and check that out, because i do an introduction of who the spy ninjas are. Okay, well, start things off with the transforming stunt chucks. This is chads. Gadget im talked about it in the last video, and some of you may remember that i used it in my smash valentines day video, where i used it to smash a heart pinata now i know it doesnt look like nunchucks at the moment. It looks more like a baton but thats, because its two weapons in one, but the first thing you should know about this – is that if you hit something hard, these blue lights shine up like that, you see, the idea is its meant to work like a taser. The blue lights would contain electromagnetic energy, which youd use to stun people if theyre getting aggressive, as you can see its our real taser, because if it was id be dead by now, so how to turn this into nunchucks.

Well, there are two red buttons one there and one on the other side, press them down together, then twist and pull, and you have nunchucks, i confess i dont know much about nunchucks. I dont know the emails. I know the sort of is it no im. More of a blasters firearm gun person – i have to be honest about these uh stun, chucks ive, seen chad with the prototype version of this and honestly, i think the prototype version looked much much better. The prototype had a more sleek design, much cooler um. It was much thinner it wasnt this thick and instead of a rope which this has for the midsection holding them together, the prototype had a plastic chain which i think was better. It actually looked like a real nun chucks, which is what all nunchucks have they have chains. I dont think they actually have ropes, because overuse could cause the fabric to wear through and eventually it will snap so thats. My honest opinion. I think the prototype was better than these. I mean these are still good, but uh. I dont know its just one of the things where you think. Oh, maybe the prototype looked a bit cooler than the final result. I think they changed them, for you know safety because uh all this is foamy rubber for sort of safety on to the next gadget, which is the covert communicator. I think melvin designed this one, basically its a walkie talkie theres a velcro strap.

So you can wear it on your wrist like im doing now or you can just use it as a regular walkie talkie how it works is. This is the on off switch and you press the talk button here where you want to communicate. You hold it down, say your message and then, when youre finished let go maximum range about 200 yards. But what i like about this, this isnt, just a radio transmitter. It also does other things its like a utility belt, so we have this button here, which is an led light, very good for sending morse code messages or a torch. A magnifying glass and a compass inside but youll have to take the compass out because its secured on by a magnet and magnets effect, compasses theres, also a mirror inside a small compartment for putting secret messages in so bits of small paper and on one side. Theres. A storage area for one stun star, as you can see its plastic on the other side, is a firing mechanism. You can see the other stun start there when you press this button down, it fires the disc. So here we go its quite effective, actually shot it. Quite a long way, so it can only fire one disc at a time lets fire the other one lock and load, and now ive seen radio, transmitters and walkie talkies with other features like the light and theres, usually a button to send morse code.

You know beeps, but um. I think this one. This one has more features thats. Why? I like it, because it can do so much more than just flashlights, send messages. The only downside with this theres no channel frequency control setting most walkie, talkies and radio transmitters have like a switch. So you can change channel frequencies. That way, you can talk to more than just two people, because if you were in a team, you need four communicators, but if they can only communicate with the same one. So if this can only communicate with this one on my wrist, then if i bought another set of communicators, then i dont think these two will be able to communicate with the new two. If you know what im trying to say so, maybe if it did have a channel setting then this would be, i think, the perfect walkie talkie. But apart from that one setback, i like this. I really do but thats not all because the kerbert communicator also comes with some accessories, two training manuals. These are new ones different from the uh sets. I reviewed in the last video a decoder card, an id card ive already put my name on it. A decoder wheel see my first video for the review of that two throwing stars a headband and a utility belt to disconnect press here. Only thing is this is really designed for children. The belt wont fit on an adult. The third gadget to have a look at the gizmo lie detector.

This was invented by daniel as hes. The spy ninjas lie. Detector expert. How it works. Is you put your finger inside these two velcro straps, see inside theres a metal disc? The idea is, it touches your skin, so the lie detector can measure your heart rate, so put them on like this. It doesnt matter which hand you put it on. Then you plug in and then switch on. As you can see, the blue light is flashing. This one shaped like a heart. It means its picking up my heart rate and pulse, because if i took one of these off, it breaks the connection so its best to keep them on its also recommended that you dont keep them on for too long, no more than 10 minutes. So, as you can see, the standby light is red, so its ready to test the subject. You can adjust the sensitivity by adjusting the style here. You can go ahead and ask your questions like most light detectors, its not 100 accurate, so dont take the results too seriously, but it would be good if it was accurate, so ill, give it a try uh. So my birthday is the fifth of may press the analyze button, its running best to keep your hands still when youre doing this yay its true. So i got it right. I admit the beeps on this are very loud, but theres no volume control, so theres not much. You can do about it so ill.

Give it another, go and see what happens. Uh lets see uh my favorite spy ninja is regina. Yay got another one right. So now lets see if we can get a false answer. I need to tell a lie. Um lets see how about my favorite animals are dogs, hey. I got it right. It is false, not im, sorry dog fans, but im, not really a dog person. I prefer cats, i have to admit im pretty impressed with this or especially because all three answers ive gone are correct. Um. I guess its just luck really, but what i like about this lie. Detector is that most lie. Detectors are available for the public theyre, the ones that always give you an electric shock if youre lying – and i dont like that with this one, it doesnt give you a shock, youre perfectly safe and when youre finished with it, just um press the on off button Switch really so yeah again like the covert communicator. This is another gadget i like, especially because it doesnt electrocute people, like i said its, not 100 accurate, but if youre lucky, then it could get most of your questions right and the last gadget to review the night vision, glasses or goggles, whichever you prefer. These were designed by v a while ago. She got blinded during a mission, so she had to wear some glasses for a while. So the spy ninjas made these night vision goggles these side bits, i think theyre called uh temples.

They are a bit stiff when trying to extend them there we go. I try and be careful. I dont want to break them. There we go okay, i put them on. They fit very well nice and tight, so they dont slip. As you can see, the lenses are blue and when you look through them, everything has a blue sort of tint. I think thats, the right phrase and on the side is the led night vision, light press this button down on top its green. Now i have actually tried this in the dark and its actually very effective. Not really it is. I can see a lot better on the right side as well. You can deploy the magnifying glass. So if you want to look at something close up on the left side, you have this detachable flashlight press the button on the top, and it becomes a torch it attaches on. Like this see these are sort of slots there thats, where the hooks go. If i had other pairs of spy glasses, then i would be able to compare it with the spy ninja one and tell you if this one is better or not, but uh. For the time being, i dont have any other spy glasses. This is the first pair ive owned, so youd have to um, go and buy some more. If youre going to compare this, my only downside with these glasses is that um, the buttons arent um sort of fixed the moment you let go the lights go out.

This could be a problem if youre doing like a task in the dark, because if it was a switch, then you could just switch it on and then you got both your hands free to do your tasks, whereas because you have to hold the button down youve Only got one hand free, so i think maybe, if a switch instead of a hold down button would have been better. But apart from that, its still good, like i said, ive tried these in the dark and they are very effective. Now the glasses come in this mission kit. On one side it looks like a book but its actually a case because it has a handle. So i reviewed two of these in the first spy ninja video inside you have a greetings message from chad and v, a folder containing training files, and you have another decoder wheel. When you take out the container in the mission kit, you also get another utility belt decoder card id card a notepad. So you can record all your evidence instruction manual on how to use the glasses and a certificate to prove that you are a spy ninja. The training files are the same as the ones you get with the covert communicator. We have the decoder challenge and the hacker invasion manual, so that completes the review of the four spy ninja gadgets now onto the ratings. The biggie for the transforming stun chucks im gon na give them eight out of ten because, like i said, i preferred the prototype that was much cooler for the covert communicator im, giving that 9 out of 10.

. It would be 10 out of 10 if it had a channel frequency setting. Then you can play with more than two for the gizmo lie: detector im, giving it 10 out of 10 because, like i said its nice to have a lie, detector that doesnt give you an electric shock. I think this is the first and daniel. I congratulate you and for the night vision, glasses, im, giving them nine out of ten uh. They lose a point because, like i mentioned, they have a press down buttons, instead of a switch and honestly im, hoping that these will be sold separately in the future. So um you dont need to buy emission kits. So if something went wrong with these like, if they actually got damaged and broken, you have to pay a lot more, just to get a whole new mission kit, whereas if they were sold separately, you only need to buy the glasses and just replace them. So out of all these four gadgets daniels lie, detector is the winner, and now i shall explain why i havent reviewed the other two. I didnt review the sonic star because honestly theres not much to it. Its really just plays sound effects and its just used for distracting people. As for the gizmo drone, another one of daniels inventions im, not very good at operating drones, i tried it once its a lot more tricky than you think. Personally, i prefer ground operating vehicles like cars, tanks, that kind of stuff which has got me thinking, because regina used to have a remote control car and she would fit an onboard camera to it, a reggie racer.

I think she called it. So if the spine ninjas did more gadgets, maybe she could do her version of the reggie racer make it available to the public. Just like daniel made his drone available. If the spy ninjas do come up with more gadgets, itll be interesting to see what they come up with, but the spider ninjas have also done some action figures. These are now available both in the us and the uk. You can get some of these gadgets at smiths toys superstore. So to answer the question: are these gadgets worth getting? Yes, if one youre into spying adventures and two, if youre a fan of the spy ninjas so do go and check out the spy ninjas ill? Put all their youtube links in the description below and dont forget to like this video subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell. So you know when i upload a new video thanks for watching guys and ill see you next time.