It was a trial box and i wasnt very impressed with it, because the thing inside was a little speaker which cost pretty much the same amount. You could pay for the box, and i thought i canceled my subscription. It turned out. I didnt so i paid 69 pounds la mao and i got a new box. I learned my lesson and im not going to look whats on this piece of paper, because this is going to tell me whats inside the box and thats going to spoil it. So here is the box. I was thinking. I can just cancel this order and i can send it back, send it back, but i decided against it so lets do this. The gadget discovery corp full box now this time, so it should have a thing inside that cost more than 100 pounds, hopefully its going to be something cool that im going to like and not a nonsense. I should have got my knife: how cool its going to be if its a super special knife inside that cost more than 100 pounds? Would that be considered a gadget i dont know? Yes, is this producing enough asmr i dont know cool? Is it one thing or two things um, so its four things lets get them one at a time what im going to do im going to switch the camera and point it down, so you can see whats inside the box. Yeah lets do this.

Okay! Here we go so i wished for a very special knife um. What is that momo? Stick the first complete finger grip. What is that thing? Ah, its one of those things you put on your phone so easy and safe for one handed operation: yeah im pretty much doing this now, but okay, one finger is enough to carry the phone okay, self standing, horizontal and vertical adjustable flexible finger, grip, selfie, no problem! All these things so its basically like one of those ring things. I like this effect here: okay, uh cool im – probably never going to use this so next key smart compact, key holder, pretty much self explanatory. I have two keys and if i start using this thing, thats going to make them bigger than they are cool gadget. If you have a lot of keys, i guess for me not really its modular looks like so you can add thats a bottle opener. I can see there its not the usb stick yeah, but they need to have the right holes, so you can just attach them to this thing: um, yeah, okay, another thing that im probably never going to use that cant be true. I was looking extensively for the last couple of months and i wanted to try a carbon fiber wallet. The only thing that stopped me from buying one was that it creates a lot of friction, or at least i assumed so between the cards you put in so sooner or later.

Everything on the cart is going to get sanded out, but that is thats a nice surprise. Okay, thats, actually something i wanted uh. The value of those things is about 25 to 40 pounds, so so far were looking at something like i dont, know, 70. So the last thing should match up what is that native hq wireless charger, um all right, thats good? I already have a wireless charger for my iphone, which is the original one issued from apple. So that is another thing im not going to use. Look at this. So its usb type c uh, the cable it takes and its only one meter, long but anyway, wireless charge, 10 watts uh one user manual, one cable, its it supports five charging, qc3 and so on and so on. And that is this issue of the gadget discovery box um. I would say interesting things apart from the wallet, nothing that really wows me but yeah. So if you want me to resubscribe and keep spending a lot of money that i dont want to spend its in your hands, you need to do the things you know. I want you to do subscribe, share comment and if we get this video to a decent amount of views and likes, i might reconsider paying the 69 pounds for the next box. Yeah im looking forward to start using this.