So this is kind of an interesting bunch. Ive got an asean tv product, a shark tank product and two of them from makers of products. Ive reviewed in the past lets start off with the asean tv product. The pocket chill lets take a look at the arctic air pocket chill. I paid 20 bucks for this at a walmart location. This is a follow up to many other arctic products. Weve done in the past. This one supposedly fits in your pocket. It says you can stay cool and comfortable anywhere runs up to 12 hours per charge. There is a water reservoir which will blow a cool mist at you, theres also a kickstand usb charging port, seven color changing led lights. It really does seem like a portable version of the previous arctic airs. Now those were all just evaporative cooling. All right, weve got the instructions here which ill definitely read these over coupon, which i probably wont be using and its a little bit bigger than i expected. For some reason i dont know in the photo just seems a little bit. Smaller looks like its going to take thats the water reservoir. This must be the kickstand its like a usbc charging port all right. So let me uh read these instructions over fill this with water and then get cooling. So after using this for a few days and after my unboxing, i had a few more observations about how it works. Take a look at some of the features here to turn it on you just press this button.

It starts off at high, then medium and low have this button on the side here which will toggle through different colors. You can also see the water level in there as well. Through this, there is a kickstand which i am not very happy with, because it feels very weak, but it will hold it up and you can see the mist is actually pretty good. It goes quite a ways. The left mist is a little bit stronger than the right mist. Ive noticed that ever since ive been using it and it doesnt quite go straight, its a little bit off to the side, but that doesnt really matter because it does seem to work pretty well. There is water in here, and it is certainly waterproof. Water is not coming out. One thing i was going to point out is the mist. Strength. Doesnt seem to change with the fan strength. So when you have high medium and low, and even though the mist is technically stronger when youre sitting in front of it, you dont notice a huge difference between a low, medium and high. As far as the mist goes, you do with the fanbit. The mist seems about the same im sitting in my car in a hot hot parking lot. It is 103 degrees outside right now, and my car is off. It is dead, stagnant, blazing hot air in here. So let me see how my arctic air pocket chill works in this hot car.

It smells like a like a mister like youd have by the pool. You know whats interesting, theres kind of this cone of of projection. The fan covers the entire cone and the mist is a little bit in the center. So on the edges of the fan, you dont feel the mist. It just feels like warm air, so its like warm air cool mist, warm air. It really isnt that bad as long as its blown right at your face, i mean you dont have a lot of leeway, though you move a little bit to one like right now, not blowing on me now its blowing at me. Now its not theres, not much of a margin of error on this thing, you have to blow it right at yourself or youre, just going to get warm air or nothing. This car would be unbearable if it werent for this fan. So i have to give it credit for that, but im afraid as soon as this water runs out, which isnt going to be very long, its going to be warm again, you can see the you can see the the mist from here. I dont like the the go fan cool mist, which the mist was that big. This is a decent sized mist. You can actually see it, so i got to give them credit for that. I dont think that reservoir is going to last very long im trying on low now on low.

You know what low is not that bad. I i can kind of still feel it. I guess what i should find out is if the mist will last longer on low or if it if it lasts the same amount, no matter what kind of fans blowing thats something else to figure out back at home. I should point out: i timed it on high and i timed it on low. As far as how long the mist goes. In both cases, the mist lasted about 12 minutes. It didnt seem to matter if it was on higher low. The mist, didnt really last very long lets try a visual with the wall, a thermal imager and the pocket chill the wall. Right now is about 75 degrees, and you can see it cooling off pretty quickly, all right, so it looks like it is going to drop around 10 degrees, which happens when you move it whoa. You know if your car doesnt have ac and youre driving around the summertime if youre taking a trip less than 15 minutes, it might work really well for that. You can even get one of those phone holders for your dash put it in there and you have a low tech ac unit, at least for 15 minutes now. Outdoor use for the pocket chill is really going to depend on your situation if its a little breezy out here lets see if i can even feel it i mean even looking into the breeze.

I guess i can kind of feel the coolness its not as good, because the wind kind of blowing across sometimes makes the breeze go away. As expected, i would say less effective in the wind now also, if youre walking, if youre walking, youre creating a breeze, and it may not be as effective there either. I mean its going to provide some coolness, but i would have limited expectations outdoors, especially if theres any wind whatsoever. So when it comes down to the arctic air pocket shield, ive kind of got one big pro and one big con. The big pro is that it really does work when its got water in it. It actually works quite well as far as the con goes, even though the fan can last up to 12 hours, the water reservoir doesnt. Last very long i was getting about 12 minutes per use, so 12 hours versus 12 minutes thats a lot of fan time without much mist its one of those things that, depending on how you use it, is how happy youll be with the arctic air pocket chill. Next, up from the makers of the taco tamer, this is not an ordinary clothes hanger, it is a lighted. Clothes hanger called the hang glow. Its also motion activated lights up your closet when you walk in there and heres. How my review went here is the hang glow by simplify this was sent to me by the makers of the taco tamer, which i recently reviewed.

They said its currently sold at and It looks like the price between those two sites between 25 and 35. For this 32 pack, which has 30 slim velvet hangers and two hang low light up hangers, so thats a lot of hangers. These are the star of the show, so we need to take a look at them. Well, its nice to have batteries included with it very nice, like theres, an on off switch here, im guessing thats. The motion activated sensor slide to lock into place all right, so im going to read the over the instructions, make sure i do this properly and then get started now. This closet actually has no light in its actually very dark. Usually, when i go in there, i cant see too well, i put the hang glows in there turn them on. Let me turn off the lights and show you how they look, and here we go. Ah we have light, it definitely lights up the closet. Let me turn these off and show you how dark it is in there without that yeah thats, pretty dark all right. So in the case of this closet, the light is on the inside. So when i open the closet, its dark lets see how it looks Music. Well, nothing but theyre also facing over here. Let me see there. We go thats the problem. These actually face a wall, so theyre not gon na necessarily be activated. I guess unless i turn it this way, let me try turning it that way a little bit and then try it again.

All right take two and oh, it worked not bad. Let me go in this closet with no light whatsoever from the outside activate the other one all right. I definitely it lightens lights it up in here. So it looks pretty good. If you have a dark closet, i would say that definitely two of them will light. It up one lets see how one looks thats one not much of a difference really theyre, both pretty bright, so you only only need one to light up a closet, but two works even better. This is a closet, my guest room, it doesnt even have a door on it. It doesnt have a light in there, its always dark, maybe with the hangalos they wouldnt be so dark. This is a place i would probably actually put them not not only just for being hangers, but also for being lights in the closet, all right, so the hang glow is pretty simple. There really isnt a lot to it. The main pro on this one is that it definitely provides enough light for your closet, even just one of them. Two of them is plenty of light. Of course, the layout of your claws is going to dictate how well this actually works. As far as the main con goes as far as im concerned, the fact that it comes in a 32 pack, you only get two of the hang glow hangers i id really rather just buy them by themselves.

I dont need all the extra hangers not to mention this is kind of on a personal level. Im, not a big fan of the way velvet feels. So i wish there was a non velvet version. Maybe there is, but i havent seen one, but that would be nice overall, though, i really think thats a great idea next up from shark tank. It is the drop stop. In fact, this one is actually personalized. They sent this to me with my logo on there. This product is designed to fill the gap for your car seat, so you dont, drop things between your seat, heres. How my review went all right. This is the drop, stop seat, gap filler and they sent me a custom one. So im really kind of shocked and surprised about that one. They say its for cars, trucks or suvs. One size fits most. It fills the gap so that you can avoid things like lost change. Drop calls fallen, french fries. This was on shark tank many years ago. I heard about it back in the day: ive never tried one before ive tried a similar catch caddy, which is more of a pocket than this, but the catch caddy sometimes can collect other stuff. You dont really want to collect. This says that it will also move forward and backward with your seat, it anchors with a seat belt and will fill the narrowest of gaps all right there. It is its a pretty simple design.

This goes over the seat belt catch and it just simply fills the gap. Kind of soft as well so lets have the car install it and see how it works. Im looking at these instructions here – and it says, to put your seat back all the way which ive done then all youre supposed to do is uh open up this notch and put it over the seat belt. Catch thats, pretty easy. It says push all the way down to the bottom of the seat belt, catch all right, its all the way down. Let me put my seat back up and get and see how it feels its pretty discreet there. It seems like its a not only going to stand out, which i guess is the idea, but nothings going to really fall through there, because its blocked off now, i should point out: ive used the catch caddy for for many years. The problem with catch caddy is number one. It can collect all kinds of nasty stuff like like food and you dont want to drop food in there and drop your phone afterwards thats one problem. The other thing is: if you move your seat forward and backward this one does not move with it. The drop stop, however, will move with your seat because its its basically attached to it? Oh yeah, its moving just moving with me, its moving all right lets. Try car number two: this is a bolt. The seat back already should be easy enough lets.

Try it out all right, so we have to put the uh the catch through the opening and just kind of im just shoving my face in there. That fits in this one, pretty well even with the seat belt on, i think, were good to go well, since this is named, the drop stop lets see what it actually can stop that i drop im going to drop these coins right on my face here, see What happens see did any go, none went through, none went through, they all stopped. It did stop the coin drop see. If you got a phone here. Obviously phones not going anywhere. Some people actually have their phones like on their lap. Maybe you can put it right there; instead, it might be better than have it have it on your lap, but it can fall off next up for some food items, how about some almonds and yeah? It looks like it saved most of them technically. If it fell way back there, it could go in the back seat, but its still going to not go underneath the seed now see that one i can now. I can just read back reach back there see that one i just found easily. So i its definitely stopping the stuff that i drop. I should point out some else with the catch caddy as well. First of all, this does kind of warp over time. So you know like look at this: it doesnt fit anymore and if it did fit, if you drop food in there with your phone youre going to have a greasy phone, you pull it out of there and it doesnt slide with a seat.

So to me, the drop stop is superior in conclusion, once again, its a very simple device. In fact i cant say i really have any cons about it, because i cant find anything really wrong with it. The drop stock could also be used as a very floppy sword. I guess – or maybe not the fact that its been around so long. Consumer reviews are really good. For this thing i would say that speaks volumes about how how well it works. So, as far as im concerned, the drop stop is definitely a shark tank success. Next up from the same maker as the cheese chopper, this is the pizza pack. This is a container that not only allows you to store pizza without getting them stuck together, but also allows you to warm them up in the same container theres. Also, some other features in this that i do like so lets see how my review went all right. This is the pizza pack that came just like this. In a box, i ordered this from amazon 20 bucks from the same maker as the cheese chopper thats, where i found out about it currently listed as a number one new release on amazon. The claims that it fits most sizes of pizza, although you might have to trim new york style pieces to get in there, it looks pretty large. The pizza container itself will actually expand and collapse to fit the number of pieces you want to store.

They say its space saving thats much better than putting an entire box of pizza in your fridge dishwasher safe. These five divider trays will not only keep the pieces from touching and getting stuck together, but they can also serve as a temporary pizza plate. Lets see how this actually works. I have a room temperature little caesars pizza here. I also have a much larger slice from the from the mall pizza. Now the packaging says it can store one slice or an entire pizza lets see if it cant hold a little caesars, then thats, a pretty small pizza, lets see if it can hold an entire pizza and whats nice about this, though i mean i havent used it. Yet but you can just see that the way its set up is, you can just put one slice in there, which actually that slice has plenty of room, put the lid on and youre ready to go, but lets expand this out all the way up and see How much we can fit in here all right, so im just gon na kind of just uh start from the bottom and keep going. We got two slices three slices, four slices, five slices. I can maybe fit a six slice theres, no way im gon na get fit eight in there lets see. Am i gon na fit eight in there lets see nah the lids already hitting the top of it. I mean, i guess you could squeeze it and now you couldnt now i fit six slices in there now.

I think thats pretty fair, because youre, usually gon na, buy a pizza and eat some of it first, this one i need any of so i think six is actually pretty good. Let me take these back out of here, real quick. I got a couple more things to try. Now we got this big old slice from tomorrow. Pizza lets see i mean if you just have one. I guess you could technically cut that down. I think so the really wide pieces are going to be a bit of a stretch. I mean. If you dont, have a lot of pieces, you can put it in there, they do say you could cut it down. If you need to, you could even probably just cut this one right in half so were going to say the the large slices, probably not so much and thats fine. I didnt expect it to fit in there, but what i want to do is try these dividers. Here we have these dividers that supposedly keeps the pizza from getting stuck thats the big thing to me, because when you put pizza in the fridge and theyre against each other, they get all stuck together. Its not not pleasant. But lets see what happens if we put use those dividers and then what ill do tomorrow is check and see how they do out of the fridge. So one slice one divider, i dont think i need a divider on the bottom, so im just going to put one on top of that, so were just going to kind of load.

This back up with a divider in between each one watch, i wont be able to fit as much this time all right, thats uh, that is six slices of pizza all with the dividers in there and lets uh see if i can close this up. Oh its close, but i did it all right there we go. Look at that thats. You know what honestly thats, not for six slices of pizza with dividers. I think thats, a pretty good idea, so im gon na put this in the fridge tomorrow. Ill pull it out, see how it goes cold, see if theyre stuck together or stuck to these dividers and then ill. Try putting this in the microwave and see how it works all right its day, two lets take a look after sit in the fridge all night. I should point out that theres a plug right here that i did take out because they said that it was an optional vent to prevent condensation. So i assume, in that case it should have been open, but its probably going to need to be put back in there when i microwave, but lets see how this looks all right. Are these going to be stuck together? Lets see top one looks good, which not a surprise. Lets see how these look below that, though, look thats not stuck together, looks pretty nice. Now, these all look pretty good. It definitely kept the slices from being stuck together, so im pretty happy about that all right.

So i want to try now is try microwaving this now im, not a big pizza, microwave person. I like to do them in toaster oven, but they do say its microwavable and they say the trays can be microwaved as well. But what theyre not really clear about is what, if you want to microwave a couple of slices, do you stack them on top of each other? Is the one on the bottom are going to get messed up, but lets find out im just going to take two random slices here, both of them with trays and what happens if you microwave it like that, im going to collapse this down a little bit as Well, all right, the pizza pack is collapsed. Ive got two of them in there entrees. I have a feeling, the top ones gon na turn out good, but how about the bottom one we shall see and there it is see we got now. I should point out that i think these trays are supposed to be used in an individual basis. They say you can use these when you want to warm up one slice just take the tray out cover it up, put in the microwave again im, not much of a person on microwave pizza, but a lot of people do but lets see how it looks were Out of the microwave all right, the top one looks pretty good, which i im not surprised about – that. This tray is not terribly hot by the way so thats kind of nice – and you know what the bottom one surprisingly did not get too uh too smash.

Being a as a double decker, so im not sure if thats how they intended to be used, but you could use it that way. So as far as im concerned, i will declare the pizza pack to be a successful product. Is it necessary, maybe not, but for people to eat a lot of pizza? It might be quite useful all right, so the pizza pack, i think, works and im definitely going to keep using this one, because having a big piece box in your fridge is kind of bulky. This one seems to alleviate that problem. So, in the end, i think all these really work quite well. I really cant pick a favorite among them. I guess i have a slight least favorite, and that would be the arctic air pocket chill. The only reason that would be at the bottom is because the water, the mist doesnt, really last that long. Otherwise, i really like this one too, but overall, i have to say im quite happy with all of these, but if youve used any of these products, tell us what you think in the comments below.