Why we gave our rumpus tent a massive rainfly that gives it you guessed it. A radical rumpus room ready for any and all of your camping, shenanigans, Music available in two sizes. Six and four, the rumpus tent is a classic dome tent at its core. Now stake out your corners and assemble your fiberglass poles, ensuring that every segment is securely seated then take your smaller fly. Pole set it off to the side youre going to need that later then slide them in cross them over razor up and slide. Your pole tips into the kelty quick quarters next from inside the tent attach the center clip to the top pole before attaching the rest of the outside clips. Remember x marks the spot next, starting from the back use, the color coded corners to position the extra long rain fly and clip that sucker in toss. Her up reveal the pole sleeve insert the shorter fly. Pole then bring her down and insert into the grommet the six person rumpus comes equipped with a rear door for easy access in and out of the tent. Your main living quarters is spacious. Af, i mean look at all these pockets and your wilderness porch. Oh man, you can put whatever you want in this thing, you can put chairs beers, buddies cats, dogs, whatever you want. If you need time to yourself close it down, do whatever you need in this space and if you want to open it up and invite everyone in this is the place that everyone parties heres a pro tip when its time to move out, you can roll your Guy lines up and tuck them into this convenient guy line.

Pouch then roll the whole tent up and put it in the shark mouth duffel no wrestling required, thats the kelty rumpus a place to rest and a space for whatevers next hi, im allison with big, agnes and im here to talk about the mens, prospector and womens Sun dog packs your pack shouldnt weigh more than the gear inside thats. Why we engineered the prospector 50 liter and sun dog 45 liter packs the aluminum perimeter frame, contoured, shoulder straps and foam padded hip belt function as a fully integrated suspension system that provides more balance on uneven terrain youll. Have a secure body hugging fit thats easy to adjust, while on the trail with the open range hip belt. This cut to fit hip belt, eliminates gaps between body and pack and the dual hip belt. Stabilizer allows the upper and lower section of the hip belt to be adjusted separately. Balanced pack weight is achieved through our hoist compression system that pulls pack weight. Inward and upward the anatomically curved back panel features a body mapped foam for a precise, fit with ventilation and load lifter straps allow fine tuning of weight distribution. These top loading packs include plenty of storage capacity and feature a back panel opening to easily access your gear. Inside compartmentalized storage includes two stretch: mesh side, pockets, front, quick, stash pocket and front zip pocket with key keeper stay hydrated for miles ahead with the internal 3 liter hydration bladder pocket with bladder hook, discreet, tube routing port and hose keeper on the sternum, strap stash, trekking Poles on the pack exterior using webbing and bungee cord loops attach extras using the daisy chain loops and stashable ice axe loop.

These packs include two removable hip pockets for stashing little ditties in our accessory trash can for trail, litter and camp trash. Keep your gear protected from the elements with our pack rain cover sold separately. Our prospector 50 liter was built in two sizes, mens medium and large, to ensure proper, fit and comfort. Our sundog 45 liter was designed by women for women and body map to provide more comfort for a womans shape, with curved contoured, shoulder straps and anatomical hip belt weve integrated our years of experience, ultralight, sustainable and durable materials and technical features to deliver fast and light Packs for overnighters through hikes and anything in between delivering a better experience at camp. We engineered the winglock valve to feature ease of use, reliability and unparalleled functionality. The valves, intuitive inflation and deflation uses familiar motor skills, making them as easy to use as a water bottle. Cap, the winglock provides the perfect amount of airflow during inflation and deflation, allowing you to inflate the pad up to three times faster than our classic valve. To provide easy inflation, we built the wing lock with a one way valve preventing air from escaping during inflation. Twisting these wings allows the mattress to quickly deflate by opening the one way valve the shape and design of the valve cap make it easy to operate even if youre wearing gloves the valve itself is positioned, comfortably off the sleep surface, keeping it off your back during Nights at camp, unlike valves, built into the surface of the sleeping pad the wing lock, can be easily repaired if damaged.

This keeps your pad in your pack and out of the landfill as mountaineers and backpackers. We understand how backcountry conditions can push your gear to the limit. The valves were put through countless tests, ranging from extreme heat and cold to dealing with dirt and grit to make sure they met our high performance standards to use the winglock valve to inflate your sleeping pad open the valve cap. By twisting it counterclockwise use a pump, sack electronic pump or breath to inflate your pad. The one way valve will prevent air from escaping our studies. On years of thermarest pads have shown that breath. Inflation is perfectly safe for you and your pad once the pad reaches your desired level of support simply twist the valve cap clockwise to close Music. If you need to bleed a little air to find your preferred level of support open the wings and gently twist, the valve counterclockwise, to allow a small amount of air to escape close. The valve once youve reached your desired level of support when its time to break camp youll need to open the one way valve to do this. Youll want to twist the wings all the way open once the wings are open. You can twist the valve cap counterclockwise to deflate your pad roll, your pad from the bottom towards the valve for even quicker deflation. With over 500 nights of backcountry testing, the gomboy professional is silkys number one selling saw worldwide with its refined, japanese craftsmanship and superior cutting efficiency.

Its no surprise that this saw can do it all the 8.3 inch adjustable curved blade enhances the cutting speed as the teeth. Naturally, dive into the wood fibers as you pull the blade back through the wood, the impulse hardened teeth stay sharp about three times longer than non hardened teeth. The premium japanese steel is ultra durable and resistant to rust and resin. The rubber handle is comfortable to hold, reduces vibration and offers superior grip when your hands are wet, cold or wearing gloves whether youre collecting firewood for camping working around the yard or clearing trails. The gomboy curve is the saw for you Music. This is lion cooler. The first smart, controlled portable solar, fridge, freezer lion cooler keeps food and beverages icy cold. Just like the fridge in your home. All the space inside is available because you dont need ice lion. Cooler is perfect for your outdoor life or as a backup in emergencies. Lion cooler can chill to negative four degrees fahrenheit and is equipped with a quality lg compressor to give you performance and confidence. It works like your home refrigerator, but on the go, no heavy lifting with line cooler, which is easy to move around with the telescopic luggage style handle and large six inch wheels. Lion cooler gives you portable power on the go. The easily removable snap in lithium ion battery gives you up to 10 hours of use before it needs recharging its just like using a power tool or cell phone that has a built in battery that needs recharging after use recharging.

The lithium Music do Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, oh Music, oh Music, Music, Applause, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, do Music, do Music with its diminutive size and impressively fast oil types. The pocket rocket has been msrs best selling stove for years now. The next generation pakaraka 2 takes everything good about the celebrated original and makes it smaller and lighter without sacrificing any of its powerful. The refined pocket rocket 2 is just as fast and powerful as the original boiling a liter of water in just three and a half minutes, but weve shaved. The weight down further to just 73 grams or 2.6 ounces by designing its pot supports to fold down around the stove body. Weve reduced its pack size to create a tiny piece of high performance equipment. Its improved pot supports are stamped out of strong stainless steel and they now accommodate a wider range of pot sizes with greater stability. Weve also carried forward. The stowes wind clip windscreen on the burner head with the burner surface, separated into three areas. Wind can blow out. One or even two sectors and the stove will remain lit, minimizing wasted fuel precision. Flame adjustment allows you to go from torch all the way down to simmer incredibly easy to use.