I cant walk on the scene Music. So today we got a new, sound piece in our repository to check out this time and sound beats improved on the air tree. Earbuds and theyve now called this new earbuds, the air 3 pro. However, this is not a direct improvement to the airpods alternative style air tree, but a whole new in ear design with hybrid anc technology, so the name may be a little bit confusing, but this is a new earbuds from them. So the earbuds today were sent over to me by soundpeats for review and although these were sent over to me, ill still be sharing with you my honest and unbiased opinion. So these new earbuds retails for 56 us dollars, which is around 250 million ringgit. I would say its typical to sound petes premium, earbuds price, so they are not deviating too much there and personally for its performance. I think this is well worth the price so lets check them out and if youre interested in buying this earbuds do check out my links in the description below so sound petes. Recent design language is really simpler, cleaner and minimal, and the entry pros case definitely resembles that so youre, getting a nice matte black case with a smooth, rubbery texture and the material feels nice and premium and dont feel like those rubber that will get sticky over time. So thats something well need to look back later on. So, at the top of the case, youre gon na get that soundpeats branding there etched into the lid and if you dont really look hard enough, you actually cannot see it.

And i personally like this because its really quite bold to go with a case that doesnt really show off your brand. So some beads have that confidence to pull that off at the bottom of the case. Youre gon na get the type c charging port to charge up the earbuds and when you plug it in the led under the lid, starts pulsing gently, which looks really nice theres, also a reset button built to the back of the case. So if your earbuds get wonky after a while theres an easy way to reset them, so sound beats is on point with the lit game this time and it gives you an ultra premium lid. So, with a nice, friction lid going on to hold itself in place and theres also a nice spring to it when you open them, which gives it a very nice feeling when youre using these earbuds and it feels more expensive than it really is so the earbuds Inside and youve guessed it its another airpods pro style, ear tips and i can see how manufacturers are really milking on this and putting it on almost every one of their earbuds. So the slam here is also nice and short and youre going to get that gunmetal. Color for the soundpiece logo – and there is no in ear sensor, found this earbud. So you can see the front here is pretty plain and if you look at the charging contacts at the bottom – and i like how sound pizza is using this new form of charging contacts in their newer earbuds large metal contacts rather than two round holes, this makes The earbuds look more professionally done and thought through making it look really nice.

So i recently did a poll uh on my channel and found out that 41 of users used their earbuds roughly around three to six hours at one time, so which is really the sweet spot. If you ask me, of course, longer battery life is always better, but the air 3 pro with anc off comes in exactly at 6 hours, mark and 18 additional hours with the case and with anc on its rated at 5 hours and 15 additional hours. With the case so pretty much meeting the needs of most users, so charging the earbuds up takes about one and a half hours and case takes two hours to fully charge. So a comfortable volume level for me is around thirty percent and it sounds just nice and sufficiently loud and the volume gradually increases to about eighty percent. Then i start to feel its loud, but definitely still bearable 90 to 100 is definitely loud, but its not so loud that i immediately have to push it down. So i would say that these earbuds are loud, but not the loudest ive heard definitely not loud enough to satisfy those who likes to blast their earbuds. So the air 3 pro is also a very well spec earbuds and it comes with the qualcomm qcc 3046, with the integrated ultra low powered anc technology. It still supports the aptx adaptive aptx, aac and sbc codecs, so youre going to be able to stream pretty good quality audio with no issues, so the earbuds are also rated to be ipx4 water resistant.

So it should protect you from most of the elements out there, especially sweat and light splashes light rain would be fine too, but make sure to not drench them or soak them in water. The earbuds also supports individual playback for the left and right ear, but so you can use either side of the earbuds of the box and if you take either side out and put it back into the case, music doesnt pause, so it doesnt disrupt you. Finally, there is no multi point connectivity on this earbuds, so the anc on the air 3 pro is nothing less than impressive, and i believe that sound beats have been perfecting their anc algorithm over the years and it definitely shows these earbuds works well with cutting low Humming noises, especially with road noises, airplane cabin noises they are really effective and even without music cuts, pretty substantial amount of noises. So all you need is a little bit of soft music and youve drowned out the noise. So, however, with a noisy cafe and humans, talking or chattering, these earbuds dont cut them out as effectively, and you can still hear the background noise quite substantially and putting on soft music doesnt quite knock them down too much as well so ill be rating. This part, a little lower pass through mode here, is also decent, but doesnt amplify your surrounding too much for me. I toggle them between normal mode and pass through mode and doesnt feel too much of a difference, so thats pretty much what you get with pass through mode and wind noise is controlled decently well, and only in direct or heavy wind that you start to hear buffering Noises else in normal situations they cut them off really well, so, with that im going to give the air 3 pro at 8.

1 out of 10 for anc performance. So personally i love the sound signature of the air 3 pro and wow. It really sounds good and every frequency is balanced and reproduced nicely based on these are deep and thumpy. You can feel that thumb and also a slight sub bass, rumble thanks to a 12 millimeter driver that you get inside youre gon na get quite the performer in terms of low frequency department, but even with that, nice bass going on vocals are controlled really well and Celine dion still sounds crisp and clear, and you can hear the power in her voice without any part. Sounding recess very impressive, so highs are decently, controlled, not messy and could be a little bit brighter. If you ask me just me being a little bit picky, but i would love to hear those symbols and snare hits sound a little bit brighter than it is so. One thing i feel is worth pointing out is that when youre listening to music in gaming mode, you get some occasional choppiness, but it doesnt drop. So this happens only in gaming mode and if you use it in music mode to listen to music, it works perfectly. Fine, all in all, very nice sounding well controlled and balanced sounding earbuds. So this is a test to see if the soundpiece ad3 pro is a good earbuds for making phone calls. So this is me speaking a relatively quiet environment, and this is the call quality that you can expect so im gon na do now is to turn on a simulated background noise.

So you can hear the difference Music so now theres a simulated background noise playing in the background – and this is the call quality that you can expect from this earbud. So what do you think of the call quality? Let me know in the comment section down below so with the qcc 3046 chipset. I must say that latency is extremely well controlled and, to be honest with or without gaming mode. The earbuds works really well with games like pubg with little to no delay, and it also works really good with videos and movies with no syncing issues. So lets take a look at the latency performance of these earbuds game mode. So, with all sound piece, earbuds control is, of course, one of their strong features, but with this youre gon na get pretty much everything except for track skip backwards, since that control is now needed for tuggling anc. So to play a pause media tap two times on either side of the earbuds and it will play or pause your media. There. You go player, pause and to increase the volume tap once on the right earbuds, and it will slowly increase your volume and tap once on the left earbuds and it will decrease your volume so to skip tracks forward, tap and hold on your right earbuds, and it Will skip your tracks forward, but you got ta make sure that your audio is playing and not pause and it will skip forward and to enter or exit gaming mode tap three times on the left, earbuds.

So one two three and it will toggle between the two different modes and finally to toggle between the different anc modes, tap and hold on the left earbuds and you will toggle between the different modes. So thats all the controls you get with the soundpeats a3 pro. So i would say that this is an exciting release from soundpiece and i think they meet every aspect of making a great earbuds. So if youre looking to get this earbuds or any earbuds around this price range ill, definitely recommend you to give this a try. So that is it for this review.