4, together with the huawei m pencilna version 2 and huawei smart keyboard not compatible paradito Music, so hi guys how about richmond and gadget psychic and welcome back to my channel so similar to some huawei m pencil, the packaging? This is a more improved version version 2.0 nasha using the cable, the charging dock, thats included inside so undetermined, charging tips, user guide and warranty card at huawei and pencil itself. Its almost the same than the first version looks nice keyboard now, paradiddles a tablet, andito and case itself and, of course, my documentation, hello, bangkok, documentation, plus warranty card thats, the charging dock plus such yeah, and it on charging that button im sure excited 10.4 and tablet. Some other things inside sim ejector pin charging cable at 22.5 watts now charging brake my huawei super charge so pass a tablet. Rear camera select the long speaker, plus type c port shabbil inside volume, rocker, say baba, mirror some power button, plus development cloud speaker making it for the speakers and a sim tray, but its a nano sim, plus its a micro sd card im kind of support. Sugar, vibrant 10.4, so i dont have the home screen very bright. Very vibrant nighttime tablet is being powered by the huawei current seven one: zero in a chipset plus mali, g51, a gpu measure, four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage and currently its being priced at 18 999 at some of our first few buyers, backus lenoven Plus free the smart cover keyboard grabe, so 180 000 points breaking down the score.

Now. One thing that i love about this one is 10.4 inch, 2k display ips lcd and grab it im brightening on screen, setup, videos, social media plus. Sometimes you can do some occasional gaming as well now watching videos detail, i can see on sarah mannadito 8.4 ankanyan screen to body ratio and very symmetrical bezel hinted now. One thing i like about this tablet is hindisha sobram, bigger 450 grams, and it has a very massive battery. Seven thousand two hundred fifty unknown battery size and it can charge as fast as 22.5 watts plus super duper village and 22.5 huawei, mate, 33 watts fast. Charging might improve young charging uh to around about two hours so bit bit tournament tabletop to my office and, of course, bringing outdoors what i like about this one is im tackling the battery one day: videos hollows well, at the end of the day, main attitude apartment. Roughly is running harmony, os 2.0 and what i like about it is very smooth and canyon interface. I love it and definitely experience really nice using harmony os2 on this huawei not tablet, switching screen, definitely smooth guy 90 hertz of screen refresh rate and watching videos on this one is definitely very enjoyable and screen, and what i like about this one is portable shot. You can bring it anywhere. Another good thing is mero shang sing slot, meaning you can bring it anywhere. Kaiwal on wi fi, basmati sim card data, mahaka nudge, your favorite games, youre, watching your favorite korean novella on the go and chinect did nothing on kind of white vine, security level level, one guys level, one meaning puerto rico.

My favorite hd videos and netflix on this tablet, wow and speaking of watching videos here, mahershan quad speaker in sabine huawei, its one of the best tune. The tablet made by ten point four Music Applause – Music. This is Music, everybody, Music and well listening to songs on spotify, you know like especially if you want to have better sounds connect with huawei, sound joy. Youll even have better sounds for that grabe sobrang smooth. I love it and definitely you should try it out also my favorite social media like facebook, tiktok, uh, instagram and, of course, twitter and smooth the hell well a lot of screen, even though the hindi 90hz is gon na screen refresh rate im, still, okay with it. Okay, im gon na display details of tablet light up playing some quick games like the asphalt 92. I can say: okay, graphics. I have no problem with it and well. You might want to tune it down a little bit because – and i can see now taking pictures on this tablet is not the best quality that ive seen in any tablet, but i can see now when youre uh, using it for zoom class or viber video chat Or hina mancha, very presentable and well, the rear camera can take in some photos, but especially when its indoor and low light grainy. So right now, smart keyboard in huawei magic, its very easy to connect. All you need to do is turn on the switch on the side.

Turn on your bluetooth automatic mount. Just simply, press bear and tap for the smart pen simply connect simply simply delete. So one of the best things at empanado is double tap. Modito. You think im going to take the screenshot as simple as that, or you can also write on this screen. This very screen now so double tap click, annotate lets say uh. I know today june 7, then on 16. I have to remind myself let me meeting meeting. Okay and if you want to change, colors put it in this, you can also do other things like highlight. Moto, then on okay, you can do other things grab someones startup, i dont know you can use your sign pane. You can use something like that. Make dotted lines you can erase something like this, then, if you want to say simply: okay, save us image or save as pdf, depending on the gallery. All you need to do later lets see what i think that go to the gallery and enchant okay, youre able to see it very, very clear, so brown useful feature nato and probably its one of the main selling points taking uh annotating on just anywhere on the Screen then taking a screenshot grab it so brown, so brown useful yeah now typing on this one is definitely a treat on lambotia. The quick brown fox graphic, very smooth on keyboard, very quiet and very and then very ergonomic indicates so brunch keyboard.

But i can see now very responsive, uh, very uh friendly in a month. There are some other tablets very smooth, and definitely you should buy it on keyboard. When you have this tablet now one of the things na i was wondering 11.0 ethernet, but of course, just be careful now guys what are the top three things: the guston gusto ditos, the huawei 10.4. That will encourage me to buy this tablet recommend jose. No first is magazine 450 grams sancha and thickness its just 7.35 mm gravey, portable and another one of what i like about this one is okay, symmetrical. Eighty four percent are gon na screen to body ratio, giving you the best view possible detail without the punches is Music, which can last me throughout the day, without charging and, of course, special mention merchant sim card slot, which can accommodate data on the go with segment. Impressions, the things that i love about this tablet after one month of usage, im, really happy and really contented with this tablet, grab a bit with every day outdoors indoors for going to the office going for meetings with kusha, its really very useful, youre gon na annotate Anywhere on the screen, this is probably the best feature and guys this tablet can be bought for 189.99 ill. Be posting everything on the description box below im, pretty sure in amazon, its perfect for online schooling, perfect for meeting perfect on the go and guys going to go certain videos.

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