This will exceed your expectations: Music, hi everyone. This is jd. Your gadget review friend welcome and welcome back to gadget rev. Now we would like to thank our friends from ace fast for sending us this unit, but as always, this will be an independent review of gadget rev. Now the airpods pro will cost you 329 dollars. The beats earbuds will cost you 150 and sony. Wf. 1000Xm4 is 324.; those are the prices without tax and literally you can buy eight of these for a single airpods. So the question here is: will you sacrifice the quality, comfort and style if you pay ‘ so lets unbox? This check the features and do a demo lets go to work. Alright, so lets do a quick unboxing of this earbuds. I dont want to bore you with that long unboxing experience, so we will check whats inside the box and we will check the features of this earbuds. We will also do a sound demo of this earbuds. So stick to this video all right. We got the color ice blue, but this is available in five fun colors, like the sapphire blue. This is the darkest color, a modern, green, that closely to a white pink lotus for those who have the rose gold iphone. I think the ice cube that we have right now, because i love the color blue and the awesome youth green. The color green was the best looking color of the bunch, so we have the after sale service information on the side.

We have 18 months of warranty for these earbuds. They have the link provided using the qr code lets quickly dive into some of the great features we have the superior call quality with noise reduction. We will test this later. We also have 20 hours in total battery. The case can charge the earbuds four times so four hours per full charge, i think cost 20 hours divided by five times of charging. It is comfortable close to the ear. This is an in ear type, earbud, similar to an airpods pro and the sound is professionally tuned. So this is subjective, but i will let you know what the sound quality is. It has one step connection, so i will test this with an iphone. I know some tech reviewers use this on an android phone, so we will cover the other side of the echo system so opening the package we have the charging case. This is smaller compared to the airpods case, so that is a plus. We also have a silicon protective case dude. I dont even remember a manufacturer adding a silicone case to their earbuds. If you buy an airpods of apple, you need to buy it separately for ace fast. It is free. You can hook this on a lanyard or something on this square box. You will have the spare tips, the cable and the manual. You have three pairs of ear tips, small, medium and large. You have the cable, it is usb type c, it doesnt have a charger, but it works on a regular type, a block or you can plug it on your laptop and lastly, the manual at the back.

You will see the warranty information and thats a good thing to know that the manufacturer cares good job for ace fast. So we will test this ice. Blue crystal t6, using my blue iphone 13 mini good color combination to begin theres, a protective plastic for the charging pins dont forget to remove it once you place it back on the charging case, it will charge automatically. You will also see the battery information for 15 seconds, and the silicone case fits perfectly well on the charging case now. Lets set up the one step: pairing remove the earbuds on the case. It will continuously blink searching for a device on your iphone or android phone open, the bluetooth connectivity and click ace fast, crystal 6.. So, like a typical airpods, once you connected it, the earbuds will remember the last spare device. So if your bluetooth is open, it will connect once you take out the earbuds on the case, so thats the unboxing and setup experience you get the earbuds charging case silicone case, a charging, cable, extra, silicone tips and the user guide now lets check the feature and Do a demo, Music, okay, so first we will check the range of these bluetooth earbuds. So we will play a video so that there would be a decent place for medicine and we will connect the earbuds okay. It is connected okay, so i can hear it and we will go outside and ill. Let you know if i can still hear it.

Yes, i can clearly were going outside. I can still hear it. Okay, so here is where i lose the connection, so probably around its like 25 to 30 steps, of course, theres also a door thats blocking the signal of the earbuds pretty good within the range you dont have any problems with the connectivity. I can hear it clearly. Theres no drop of connection yeah, so the bluetooth connectivity of this earbuds is pretty reliable and stable. Now lets talk about the sound quality of this earbuds. It is a titanium, dome, composite diaphragm speaker that translates to a powerful bass drive. It is a well balanced sound. I can still hear the heist in the mids, but theres a little bit of emphasis on the bass now lets check the call quality of this earbuds so im using my iphone 13 right now. This is the sound thats coming out of ace fast crystal t6. Let me know if you can hear it clearly check. One two three check one two three, this is the sound is coming out of ace fast. Crystal t6 were also testing the active noise cancellation of these earbuds so were near the road you can see the cars and i can hear it its pretty loud, but let me know if you can hear it on the earbuds or my voice. If you can hear the background noise and also a little bit of wind, as you can see so i dont know the output.

Let me know in the comment section below now lets: try the top functionality so using the left side. If i press single press, you would see that it decreases the volume double tap. It pauses the video triple tap. It goes to the next video, the right side, single tap increases the volume double tap pauses. The video triple tap goes to the next video, so the top function of this earbuds works really well and lastly, the fast charging functionality, the headset, supports fast charging and for the 10 minutes of charging, you can use the headset for one and a half hours Music. So why does gadget rev knows verdict? Did the ace fast crystal d6 exceed expectations for only ‘, you have a futuristic design, a stable and reliable connection with decent base, pumping sound and comfortable design. That doesnt sacrifice the style. You have five callers option to choose from and the best part this will last a day even with heavy use. Yes, ace fast, crystal t6 is highly recommended because it exceeds my expectations and there you go hope you enjoyed this video.