8 inch display its a huge display with 550 nits of brightness. Its a good looking watch battery life of 14 days and whats the price 1999.. This is epic, while budget products are common in a country like india, some products come along that flip the script with what they provide and what they cost and the product we have. Today fits that narrative, this is the diesel watch d and it costs a lot less relative to the sheer number of features that it provides, and in the next few minutes you will see exactly how that is. It all starts with the design, the watch d sports, a rectangular dial, the glass on the front curves and melts into the metal sides. It looks amazing and it feels even better. The dial is slim and the strap connected on either side is extremely soft and lightweight. So wearing the watch for the entire day or more is pretty easy, and the entire package comes well sealed. With water resistance going up to 5 atm sounds impressive. Well, we havent got to the display yet which looks beautiful it measures 1.8 inches, which is the biggest you will find in the sub 3000 rupee price segment. It also gets immensely bright, achieving 550 nits of brightness, making it easily visible even under the tropical sun. As for what you see on the screen, with 150 watch faces available, you are free to put on the screen what you like best and the ui, its responsive, simple and easy to go through quickly.

Flipping to the back of the watch. There are sensors for tracking spo2 levels and heart rate. The watch can also keep a track of the users sleep and the amount of water they have consumed, but the real delight is workout tracking. The watch can track 110 different workouts from simple ones like walking, running or cycling to complicated ones like gymnastics, yoga or hiking. The diesel link app is used to connect the watch to the smartphone, plus all the reports, whether its daily weekly, monthly or yearly for all. The data tracked by the watch are made available through the app, and all of this might seem like it consumes a ton of battery it does. But the watch still manages to last for 14 days straight after being charged to 100 from the magnetic charger that comes with it and given all of what it can do. It comes in at a very special launch price of just 1999 rupees and at such a price it is an absolute no brainer. The diesel watch d is an extremely easy watch to recommend Music. So how did diesel do it? How did they actually manage to make a watch this good at this price? Well lets go and find out from diesel itself, so i reviewed the watch for you. I told you its a very, very impressive watch, and i also promised you well speak to the ceo hes with us right now. Lets find out a little bit more about the product good to have you here.

We just reviewed. It were very impressed with this aggression and features aggression in price point, but ive got to find out a lot more. I want to talk about the brand, the people behind it, but first lets start off with the watch like i said we just reviewed it. We totally loved it tell us a little bit more about this product. Why this product whats the usb in it? How does it differentiate from the rest of all the stuff in the market so uh? The watch that were launching today is called diesel watch d. It has a 1.8 inch, tft lcd display, which is the biggest dial in the segment when i say, bigger style, its actually 15 percent, bigger than the standard smartwatch size which is available across uh in the market. And you know, while we weve been very impressed in our review, said it that you know this is a great watch. The price point also is staggeringly good right, so at under 2 000 rupees to get a watch with this display this size, this kind of overall performance and all the features is quite amazing. Right, youve done a great job with taking out a watch at this price point. Is the price aggression part of your strategy? Is this one of those things where you want? You know her indian kippah whats the thought process. The price aggression usually means a product that is compromised. This is not a compromise watch, so whats the business strategy here so rajiv again coming to lets, say our mission dieseos mission as a brand is to provide smart tech life for every different view.

We are a part of the real me tech life ecosystem, which means if the smart phone is a hub. We are trying to build a iot ecosystem around it so that every consumer is able to adapt into smart devices. One of the many reasons why again, we say is that we want to popularize tech among the masses so bringing in the best tech that is available there and the first ones to bring in an affordable pricing for the consumer. Because we understand that there is a huge wristwatch segment base, which is there among consumers, and everybody is looking towards the smartwatch today, and diesel wants to be the first one to carry out this journey of every consumer. Moving from a wristwatch to lets, say smartwatch. So lets look forward to all that you will be announcing. Thank you so much for speaking with us.