You know what this is chef normals gadgets. What we can guarantee, though, is that we will all be whelmed, perhaps over perhaps under well find out its an accurate description of these videos. The bar has been set mike, lift it. Yes, yes, and yes, what is in there go. Try it on mate. Is that chain mail. Is this? Your attempt to well me go on put it on what what you know how it works say what you see: theres a little pendant that says roast easy and its chain, its its chain: mail, its heavy youre right, its chia mouth. And now what would you usually use chain hell for michael um to protect me in battle yeah, its used for body protection against swords and even can fend off a few dragons? If that dragon were to burn you or to cook you, you would be cooked to perfection yeah. This is the very clever roast easy stainless steel chain mail. It eliminates the use of aluminium foil and is reusable plus. You can also baste your meat once youve covered it, and it says it keeps your meat, nice and soft and succulent, but at the same time crisp on the outside its replacing aluminium foil. Should we find its got little holes so its not? Should we find out so we would like you to roast some chickens. Question is basically comparing chainmail to tinfoil or chainmail just to naked. It states that it is a good replacement for tinfoil and the use of tinfoil personally is to keep the heat in and, most importantly, the moisture as well.

So you get succulent chicken, but the chainmail has holes in it. I know but thats what it states lets, get them ready for battle before roasting Music, a rise, so it plucks a lot Laughter. This will go in the bin after ive used it. That might also see how good it is. Okay. Well, would you mind roasting these? For us absolutely so in front of you now, youve got two chickens, both cooked at 200 for about an hour ish and one under your chain, mail that under tinfoil please reveal i did get the chain mail chicken out halfway through and baste it yeah yeah. I didnt do that with that, because i couldnt be bothered to remove it ready, go for it, three two one: what youre noticing visually im noticing visually, that the breast area of the chain nailed? Sir chicken has browned a lot more and that could have been to do with basting. Well, the theory behind the tin foil is that youre kind of half steaming the chicken as well to keep the juiciness in, whereas the chain mouth is more open to the elements. So browns more lets find out ill carve it you try it you try and teach them a better way. I know how to do it. Ebbers ive got a badge for it. I mean its perfectly cooked if youre carving it remove the wishbone before you roast and take the leg off before you carve and youll get those perfect slices that cut through the whole breast.

You dont end up with sort of chunks at either end. I just want to clarify that. I know that i just wanted to get some breast slices quick. I agree, but you made it sound like i was doing it wrong. I chose to do it wrong. It was the skin sounds a lot. Crispier yeah leave a mottled chain mail effect. It didnt. I was really hoping it would taking very similar, colors and juiciness. I would say: okay im going to say it now, im, not sure theres going to be a huge amount of difference here. Thats absolutely delicious succulent, delicious Music, its just very similar and delicious. The skin is browner. Its slightly up. Is there a huge amount of difference? I dont think there is brilliant thats what were looking for to compare it to tinfoil its doing the job, but you dont have to throw this away. You can just wash it and use it again. Nice, seasonal veg squash, roasted lemony potatoes and a lovely little sauce. Should we talk about price? Okay, if i were to use it, i dont think id want to pay anything more than 15 pounds for it. Am i close? No, no. You know veneer mate its 44 pounds, okay, its now youve tasted – it you know the price. Is it rise, so clocks a lot or is it down to the dungeon? For me personally, in the application in which i would use it or not, it would be down to the dungeon, for reference did a bit googling uh.

You can also buy this for 47 pounds brilliant purchase of fci right there nevers. This has been highly requested by the community, not for us to review, but for you specifically to review its either allotment based or its going to wind me up. One of the two i know come on come into this with an open mind, lift the clush, well its plastic enough to be a kitchen gadget on this channel Music, twist events which would suggest its to keep steam or moisture in, and then you can unstick with Some sort of rack sliding is this air drying or steaming or smoking. Something absolutely not dont know evers. This is the kitchen craft stay fresh, expanding bread, keeper and slicer, they say say no to stale bread, kitchen crafts stay fresh, expanding acrylic, bread. Keeper is an ingenious way to keep bread fresh and bouncy. It even comes with a free slicing guide, so you can turn your loaf into a neat tasty sandwich. She was saying this is a smart bread bin, yes and slicer. This might be the best thing until sliced bread, yeah, say no say no to stale. They know to sail to keep it in its little box so as a bread bin thoughts, so its a bread bin and the good thing is, you dont have to open the lid of the bread bin to work out how much bread you got left see through See through so hes finding the positives, yeah yeah, yes! Well, it says uh because its got a versatile expanding design, though its not air tight.

I dont really understand what this is doing, because this is an air tight. It lets bread breathe. So the break keeper is designed to keep your loaves protected but at the same time lets the bread breathe which helps to prevent mold and stay on this, because if you keep bread wrapped up in its, you know in the the plastic that it comes in. If you leave it in a hot place, you get condensation on the inside of the wrapper. Actually that means why is your kitchen yeah, hot and steamy as a see through expandable bread bin? It fits a loaf of bread. Well done, shall we look at the other functionality lets use it to help us slice bread evenly so as they say, evers the bread keeper comes with a robust slicing guide, so you can enjoy that home baked taste without struggling to slice properly simply place your bread Inside and the grooves guide your bread knife to cut even slices its simple, safe and easy to use its doing quite an even job right coming in. I want to see how straight these slices are. I thought thats pretty good, going look at that. Its like you bought it from a bakery. The good news is theyre all the same thickness. So when you make your sandwiches, no it cant be, and it fits pretty perfect. Oh, its sort of uh late spring little humidity in the air, a sort of solid 20 degree, average ill.

Have the vents open a little bit and ill. Tell you something: hes mocking you to your face, hes getting into it and ill. Tell you something for nothing! 2 363 people on amazon agree with him. I cannot deny this is ludicrous. That does exactly what it says on the bread bin im, not sure if its needed im not sure if id want it on my work surface but it works. The question is: how much would you be willing to pay for the bread bin a really nice bread bin would set you back. 20 30 pounds. This is not a really nice bread bin, but maybe 18. 10. 18. 13. Sorry what is happening here? No, let me tell you this this loaf of bread. I mean an 800 gram, farmhouse loaf whats that gon na set you back. We paid one pound 60 for that loaf, so if half of it remains fresher for longer, you could save 80p every single week across a year. The bread bin pays for itself multiple times over at at this rate, thats thats going to be a sorted endorsement. No, its the only question that remains. Is this a straight up slice of genius or is it superfluous and stale the design and the execution means that it is a slice of genius, but i think its 100 superfluous. Oh good, thank goodness whats in your sandwich. Cheeky little crab sandwich: oh youre, such an ebbers, okay, jay number, three lift the clash ross.

What uh are you going to do with that? I want you to work out what its for and what youre going to put in it. Oh, oh, is a clue. Hidden inside bamboo sticks, suddenly everything becomes clear right, skewers, its a giant toothpick holder im going. To be honest, i have absolutely no idea, apart from some very rude things i will not say on this channel. Well jay. This is in fact the easy kebab maker. The perfect gadget for anyone who loves barbecue or grilling complete with skewers, so there you have absolutely delicious kebab mix. Um fill the tube so step. One remove the plunger from the tube youve done that step, two disassemble the plunger and remove the skewers reassemble. The plunger done step three, which is what youre doing now is fill the tube with minced meat. You dont need to use two fingers. Do you like it just place the tube on top of the plunger and press down until the minced meat enters the nozzle chamber, its coming through yep, so next insert a skewer into the hole at the back of the nozzle and continue to press down over the Plunger and then, as the mince meat emerges from the nozzle, it molds itself around the skewer, creating a perfect five six inches. Maybe i dont know, oh, i think the pinch rather than just bend. Oh, you actually have to pinch it off. Oh god, okay, you can mold that you can save that there you go.

That was an easy perfect. It was whats happening. These things are impressing us lets. Stick jamies got a plan, oh god. This is weve done some stuff on this channel, but oh well done nailed it. Okay and just out of interest. Can you do one by hand yeah? I didnt think id catch myself saying this, but i think actually it looks a lot better. You got a smoking pan. There cheers still holding onto the stick good structural integrity. There isnt there yeah. There is, which i dont think you get. You know when you mold it by hand this slides off the stick. Oh oh interesting! Having used it cooked with what it made eaten that what are your thoughts, it really works. Would you genuinely have that? Would you take that home and and honestly get it out and use it? I would use that so. Not only does we review a lot of these things were like hey, it does what it says. I wouldnt have one, but this does what it says and you would use it. I think im gon na change that yeah its fun for grown ups and for children. Shall we talk price? How much would you pay for this when it comes with the skewers exactly 15 pounds? This is priced at 24. Pounds 97. Does that change your opinion of it 25 pounds isnt enough to put me off buying it, but it is enough to make me think twice, but now ive tried it 25 pounds is alright.

Well, sorry barry. Where are you in this video? We are? I dont know where i am in the world right now, if you use it every week, i understand, but your kebab, that you made by hand wasnt that much worse, it fell off the stick. Laughter. Okay, were all thinking this. The easy kebab maker complete with skewers, has it done a good job? Yes, or is it not worth the plunge? Ah, that is my favorite one for a long time. I think you know where im gon na go with this. I think its done a good job and its going to come in handy next were on a roll here. What we are hey come on, youve got your work cut out with him. Turn me around: no thats, not what no! No! No. Mr taylor number. Four. Oh a minute about makeup: okay, um. It feels it looks like a weird looking, corkscrew or pepper grinder, but plunges and doesnt screw. This is like something you use to plug something. This is a vacuum: oh, a wine vacuum. It is a wine saver and stopper wine. Stopper, okay, as a cork, so vacu van is the number one wine accessory on amazon, so many people would say it does and they claim it will keep wine preserved up to 10 days. So youll be glad to know that nine days ago we opened two identical: bottles of wine poured out a couple of glasses vacuum, sealed one and left the regular cork in the other two bottles of flurry, one we opened the other one.

We pulled out a similar amount and then sealed it in so wheres the line between letting wine breathe and being out of breath. Laughter such an excellent way of putting it oxidation is an important part of wine, aging and processing in a barrel. It might be wine tight, but its not oxygen tight, so its slow, steady application of oxygen, which is where you get aging and oak and all that kind of wonderful stuff at home. If its then been trapped in a bottle. The cork is also very slightly breathable, which is why, over long periods of time, wine can go past its best, but its also been trapped in a bottle. So you want to release it to give it a chance to come back to life for a little while half an hour an hour but day or two or three or seven, and it will start to deteriorate. Okay. The vacuumed version is ever so slightly more burgundy. The other has lost some of that deep color is, is ever so gently more rosy. How do they smell? Look at me just for a second. Is it clear and obvious? There is more coming from this than that, so all im getting is more like theres, something else that has never that i was lost. I couldnt put my nose on what that bit is have a taste of the first one whatd you. What are you getting from that? First, one? Does that taste like red wine? Has it does it tastes like red one thats been open for a couple of days, great like it has that very slight twang of like oh thats, talking about it thats absolutely drinkable.

I wouldnt put that in a bolognese, yet okay, Music, oh thats, actually quite a significant amount of difference in the taste compared to what i was getting through colour and smell. Are you saying that, like in taste, it holds a taste, but does the wine still deteriorate like it? Doesnt extend the shelf life the oxygen in the bottle of which now, instead of being a tiny, tiny bit theres two glasses worth, will basically begin to react with the ethanol and you get that acetic acid. So you get the acidity almost turning towards a vinegary kind of note, but also the fresh fruitiness of this kind of wine wont come through or soften might feel more like cooked fruit, as opposed to fresh fruit. Gotcha have a plunge and take the air back out of that bottle, but keep going until it clicks. Oh, i see its pushing it down little click there you go as soon as you hear that click youre done its a nice summers day. If you open a nice beaujolais, you have a glass great, you might have two glasses. You might want to put the rest back in suck the vacuum out. You dont feel obliged the next time you want wine to have that same wine. Normally, i would say the only wine gadget you need in your life is a bottle. Opener id say thats, almost as important, no its, not always important its second to the call screen.

Now it is number one on wine accessories on amazon. It has thousands of reviews, but how much for vacuum van id happily pay a tender for that happily pay attention happily play tenna for that 9.95. So bang on so the question on everyones mind: is this a bright corker of an advantage or is it a dull idea, its a corker bait, definitely over to you guys, thats, just the opinions of one chef and three normals? What are yours comment down below and if you like, the video make sure you give it a like, and if you see any kitchen gadgets at any price range ive said that now that you can get the test on your behalf, comment them down below, and we Will get to it Music? I think its one of those things that if, if you were leaving kids to make their own packed lunch, it does remove a little bit of the jeopardy of a serrated blade, its not its just, not it doesnt its not worth it.