I didnt believe it when slowly we continued to exchange the emails because they wanted to collaborate with my channel to make their products known in the Italian market in the European market guys in the end, I had to believe – and I am too happy to present their First product to you, because there will be a whole series dedicated to the gadget section dedicated to Banggood. This is because very often buying from these huge Chinese e commerce companies is a little scared. So I it is really very nice to be able to test their products and to be able to talk about them to make you gain courage to make you understand exactly what the peculiarities of their products can be, since maybe they have a very affordable cost. Of course, I will put all the links in the description with a small discount to be able to buy it, but lets go into the merits of the review initials Hi guys. You know that I am a lover, an expert, a fan of H, gearboxes. This is because, in my free time, in what little free time I have the combos I most like to do are all with cars with h. Gearbox from dtm 90s has little lotus with which I like to take small mountain passes or do the nordschleife, because I love that kind of driving style so much thats. Why? I cant give up all the pedal sets with the clutch.

At the level of H changes in the channel. I brought the pro sim. I brought the shh shifter. I hope in the short term, to also bring me the one I use every day, the fanatec sq 1.5, but today we are here to talk about the h change of the series. Simracing of banggood lets start immediately from the aesthetic aspect, very nice, because all metal in reality they are metal plates folded on themselves which create the outer casing of the gearbox. In the front, there is always a plate with all the shaping of the gear, clutches always in metal the finishing aspect. I found it very pleasant guys this because, as I often repeat, products that come from this kind of markets are always a little hesitant in going to try them, but the aesthetic impact and also of weight, because it is quite heavy, gives you a good feeling immediately. Even the knob, also in shaped aluminum, very pleasant. I want to show you how the attack is as regards the thread of the attack is a thread of 22, but of course, as you can see here, there are small Allen screws that allow you to remove this kind of attacks and you can mount the knob. You want, but I tell you that already what is supplied is a lot pleasant in black aluminum gives an excellent sense of quality plus very nice. The fact that, depending on where you go to stop the washer, underneath you can more or less shorten the gearbox.

Of course, there is a limit in which you can shorten it when it arrives totally in the upper part, but it also becomes a very short gearbox and personally, it was the configuration with which I used it. But, of course, the fact that, with a lot of simplicity, it allows you to adjust the height in a very millimeter way. I found a nice idea that I have never seen in any other change, always on an aesthetic level. In the upper part, there is project D carved. I think it is the name of the project of the type of change. I honestly do not know. T then find, in the part above the four heather lines that are used to remove the plate where all the coupling of the various gears is shaped, and these other four Allen screws that hold the part of the board where there are the hall sensors. Yes, because this change functions, a hall sensors, but Ill talk about it a little later. This is the only aesthetic aspect that didnt drive me crazy. These four Allen screws on the sides – these are nice here, but in the most central part they do not bother me but ruin a little. What the aesthetics in my opinion. To stop everything at your station. It has these double brackets in which, depending on the plane, you used, you can stop it either with a double screw or, as in my case, for example, having a single extruded aluminum arm.

I stopped it with a single screw, but of course, also for all owners of aluminum workstations once tightened guys. The assembly is absolutely immobile, but of course, before purchasing always consider the type of assembly to understand if it is possible to adapt it to your workstations.. Honestly, I dont think there are any particular problems, but lets get to what the gist the core of what is the feeling of this gearbox. And when I opened it. When I saw inside, I felt a little bit to smile, because the system seems very similar to my first gearbox to my first sequential gearbox in Italy. This kind of system is called ratchet, rollers or even in the jargon called door stop. They are rollers that open and are requested when passing through a pin inside. Of course, the system created for this gearbox is a system created ad hoc. In my case, I actually used ratchet rollers. In this case, the system is the same, but with a whole design. A mechanics created ad hoc for the feeling of this change. It is the effect guys …, very, very pleasant, …. The coupling is really very dry and also the stroke once the knob is positioned in the lowest position, also really short and pleasant. As regards, of course, my taste, but as I repeat to various adjustments that can also satisfy – maybe yours in this case there is no adjustment of the hardness of the graft. That is, you have to like it.

So, as regards the mechanical solidity, it actually has a very small play in its axis: nothing transcendental because in reality lets not hide behind a finger. Even my fanatec sq1.5 and all the fanatec gearboxes do this kind of game. It didnt bother me particularly in use, but honestly, not even with my gearbox bothering during use. I tell you Sometimes, on the other hand, maybe while Im standing in the pits and touching it a little, this game bothers me, but in reality in practice, it doesnt bother me at all. It is not noticeable in any way, however, much instead look at the lateral shift. I found it quite soft compared to other projects. Also in this case it is not possible to adjust the hardness, but it allows you to easily engage the gears without making a mistake. In this case, also, this change is a gearbox seven gears plus reverse, which are located in the outermost part of the ring in this case have created a very ingenious and very nice system, because the part of the movement of the right left gearbox is delegated to A central spring that is located right on the rod of the gearbox after this angle, which is the one to insert the fifth or sixth gear to get to press this other piece, two other springs are compressed, so it turns out that, up to this part, there Is almost a block, a small block lets see if I can show it to you .

.. to overcome it, you have to press with a slightly higher force. This helps a lot immediately, the feeling to find the exact feeling to reach going to engage the seventh and reverse gear, and it almost prevents you from going into the wrong gear, especially when you go from fourth to fifth ingenious system system that I really appreciated. It amazed me because in reality, when I saw it in action in other videos, I did not think he had this kind of system here. I thought there was always the same problem. Instead, they have taken steps in a very ingenious way to solve this problem, which weighs a little on all seven speed, gearboxes plus reverse electronically. This gearbox works with an arduino micro card and, with hall sensors placed in all the points where there are the various gears they are proximity hall sensors. What does this allow? First of all, to have a gearbox that is always calibrated because for each gear there is a sensor to which a certain button corresponds, which, for example, does not happen with the fanatec 1.5. I guys have never had problems, but some guys have happened that in the time you go to stay, because that too works with a hall sensor, but in that case it works with an axis system. You go to draw the movement to engage the gears. It may happen that you lose the calibration and therefore some of my friends have had to every now and then go to recalibrate the various gears.

In this case there is a hall sensor for each gear in theory, even over time. It should never stay, as you can see from the images I am sending you of the internal part. The system is really very simple, very trivial, but very effective, and therefore I think the time has come to show it to you in action …. I have already explained to you: the part of the central area is a little soft compared to other of their compe titor, and this leads him to have this movement a little accentuated compared to other changes that I have tried. But everyone in the central area has this kind of reaction here, but the gear engagement is personally very nice. Now I try to do it remaining silent.. So, as I told you, the help of the double spring easily helps the engagement of the fifth and sixth gear, because you feel just a small block from the activation of the second spring and therefore to insert the seventh and the back. You have to force make an extra effort to make this kind of movement. Do I found it a little noisy even on this side, when you have to go insert the first, especially with very fast and sudden movements. Lets say that the noises are quite accentuated but very pleasant in the insertion and, above all, the thing that I think is more important. The fact that the gears and the shifts are very precise and also the feedback of activation, really pleasant, but lets see it in action while we play.

Guys it has been a while. Since I had seen this change in the Chinese markets, I was really happy that banggood gave me the opportunity to try it, because I was pleasantly surprised. All this must always be looked at according to the price. The graft of the gear guys is really very pleasant. The system that does not allow you to make the wrong gear, I find it really right on an aesthetic level, also very pleasant on my workstation, all this combined with a very competitive price guys I tell you, take a look at it because it is a product Which will surely cover your expectations if we want to go nit pick, then many of you are always there ready to wait for the defect. I havent found any defects because it works well. The project is a commendable project. Is a project studied and thought in the correct way in all aspects, of course, having tried other products, I could make a sort of comparison, of course, a comparison also in relation to the price, an aspect that I therefore want to emphasize, with respect to the feeling That this change has perhaps also compared to the fanatec that I use every day, but which costs practically triple this and that probably the feeling the feedback it gives on the hands, albeit very pleasant, and a little rough, especially perhaps the thing for a while makes it Rough and the noise, probably because, instead of working with the pressers as many changes work in this case, it works with this sort of ratchet rollers.

That work with of the springs, and you always hear that slight reverberation. That slight toll of the springs that stop. That tighten this probably perhaps the only slightly particular aspect that I have found of this change by virtue of a feeling to the hand to the touch when you wear the headphones and then a little is removed. What is that noise, which is then a little accentuated by the fact that in the internal part, it is totally empty, so it acts a bit like a sound box to what that noise is. It occurs to me guys who perhaps inserting a piece of foam into it, that softens a little this metallic effect, but only at the acoustic level. In my opinion, it would also improve the perception of what has changed, but it is not certain that I will not do this test. Personally, I thank banggood for giving me this opportunity, of course, on the channel. I will bring you many other products. I will let you know many other products that are in that shop. I hope you liked this episode of the gadget column too.