We have up to 30 workout modes. Now, data tracking and automatic workout detection, water resistant up to 50 meters, and now we have swimming stroke recognition with this mi band 6.. We also have reliable sleep information, recording magnetic charging and a crisp clear 1.56 inch full amoled display with now. This is the big one: blood oxygen saturation monitoring, so this now matches the apple watch 6. With that capability you have stress, monitoring and breathe training, and you have menstrual cycle data tracking as well, and so here we go. Lets open this bad boy up and there we go taking it out, and here i feel, is the me band 6. The me smart band 6. lets see whats inside the box first, this is the me smart band, 6 user manual in multiple languages. Look at this incredible almost feels like a little pocket dictionary and uses the charger for the me smart band 6. With these two prongs that magnetically connect and charge up the wearable and now lets, do it tearing off the plastic and there it is guys. The me smart band 6 and lets have a look at this display. Oh my gosh, so theyve actually made the entire front panel now a display. You can kind of see it there. This is a cool looking display guys and look at this display size difference from the 5 to the 6, and let me tell you guys just for the display alone.

This mi band 6 is a major step forward for this wearable series, and so i will come back after a few days, stay tuned for my full review after a few days of using this device. Here we go talking about design and a similar experience here, guys youre going to get from this me band 6 with the same dimensions and 14 day battery life as the mi band 5, with the same sensors on the back. That means youll also be able to use all of your old bands, whichever colors you have as the me band 5., so theres a nice little bit of carry over from here, but thats, where the similarities end with a 1.56 inch amoled 326 ppi display, which looks Great in the daylight, this displays 49 larger than the mi band 5s, and it shows what a gorgeous display theyve put into this me band 6., and here you see it next to the me band 5. I love the curvature and just more area to view all of your stuff, and let me tell you the key features: just look even better on this mi band 6, including the brand new spo2 blood, oxygen, tracking and sleep breathing tracking as well. You have even more sports modes on this knee band 6 versus the 11 on me band 5. You get up to 30 sport modes here, including street dance, zumba and more theres. Just so many ways you can use this product to track your workouts in whatever you do and when it comes to calorie tracking step tracking.

You also have 24 7 heart rate, monitor alerts and pi, which is the personal activity, assistance score. That will keep you motivated daily on your activities, and you may be wondering frankie tech. How do you navigate this thing without a button, its all swipe and gesture navigation? Now and the larger display will make watch faces with more information displayed youre going to be able to see so much more at a glance, and i love the new watch faces specifically this one that takes advantage of the full circular display of this mi band 6. And with easy me, fit app compatibility with both ios and android youll be able to manage settings and get brand new watch faces for your me band 6.. Here you see how quickly you can download a brand new watch face, just keep the phone closed and then it updates syncs to your watch and they will only look even more beautiful on this large display me band 6., so on all guys final verdict. This me, smart band 6, is a major upgrade with this all display look, and this is an easy recommendation over the previous me band 5., but hit me up in the comments.