My name is ed choi. Thank you for joining me today. If youre new to my channel, please consider subscribing in my channel, i talk about everything to do with the office, and today we are talking about this sub 200 document camera from ipvo that has get this built in ai features. Now, thats pretty incredible im going to go into the ai feature in a little bit now before we begin, if you dont know who ipvo is they make sophisticated technology tools for the educational environment like this documenting camera thats under 200, with built in ai feature? Now, just because theyre geared towards the education environment, doesnt mean you cant use it for your home office or for the corporate environment. Now the product im going to be reviewing is this document camera here, which is called the ipivo v4k pro, and i will be connecting this to my computer. So you can see the image quality and i can show you some of the features, especially the built in ai feature. Now before we begin just some basics. As you can see, this is a fairly lightweight, but actually it feels very substantial document camera. This weighs in at a light 1.28 pounds, but just because it its light, it actually doesnt mean its cheaply, built its actually has a very solid base and it doesnt its not flimsy, and all the components here are very, very well made, including the articulating camera head. Now one of the things that youll notice is there: when you get the unit there is the cable thats bundled together, and so let me just unbundle this cable and well do the wire management and then ill.

Give you the other specs as well, so to cable, manage this theres, actually a groove alongside here, and this is kind of again one of those little innovations instead of adding extra material, theyre very creative in using the equipment here, youre using the proper pieces of metal. I should say here and just creating your own cable management, so what i think theyre doing is theyre cutting down on a lot of excess material that you dont necessarily need and look at this once ive done the cable management it looks great, it doesnt affect the Articulation of the actual camera head look at that i got the full rotation and you can see theres no stress on the cable there. So, in addition to the well thought out cable management over here, the camera itself is an 8 megapixel camera. It has full 30 frames per second video, which means that everythings gon na be super smooth and not choppy. It has 12 times digital zoom and its got a maximum viewing area of 13.46 inches by 10.04 inches. So youve got a nice wide base, a nice wide viewing base, which is great for a camera like this and, of course, youve got the adjustability, so you can bring the camera down closer or higher for your viewing and its got a full three year. Warranty. Another thing that i really like and something thats useful in classroom is the cable length, its a 4.9 foot cable, which is ample cable.

If you need to connect it to your desktop computer in your classroom or if your computer is far away, it allows you that flexibility without having to get annoying extenders or anything like that on the back of the unit 2 youll notice that there is a light Button we have an auto focus button. We have this brightness button over here and this my friends. This is what makes this camera so cool. This is actually a built in ai feature for the microphone, so it does have a built in microphone on the camera head itself and the ai feature. When you turn it down, it actually eliminates the background noise. So what im going to do now is im going to plug into my computer, were going to put it up onto my screen. Im gon na show you how it works and well dive right into some of the other features. So, as you can see, the color reproduction is very nice in terms of the actual image quality. I think its top notch. You have a wide 13.5 inch viewing area which is fantastic for most applications. So this is a nice little reading book and you can see if im in a classroom environment this is uh. It makes it very nice to read, and, of course, if you put up on the big screen, then the whole class can see it so now lets get into what weve all been waiting for. At least what ive been waiting for is the testing of the ai audio microphone.

So all right so now lets have some fun. I have a dog barking in the background. This is around 80 db. In the background, im gon na use the microphone on the ipv4 v4k to see if it cuts down on all this nasty background noise – all right so now, im talking, i am actually using go back to over here. The ai heater is on theres a little light over here. That indicates on and im barking or im im, not barking. The dogs mark, in the background, pretty chaotic and hectic, and this the ai feature, should be able to take my my audio and actually uh, enhance it and then also filter out some of this background noise. So im just going to talk at a normal pace. Im not going to try to talk over the dog right now, just to see if we can really work this ai feature. Now, what im going to do is im going to go turn off that ai feature, and that feature is off now and again, im going to just talk at a normal pace. The reason why im having the camera pointing towards me is that i actually have uh that right. The actual microphone is built right in here. So i want to make sure that im, actually speaking into the microphone so to give it a fair chance. So hopefully, youll see actually a noticeable difference between the ai on and the ai off.

What im going to do now is stop this recording and well dissect it a little bit so there you go the ai feature, i thought worked really really well and again. I know ive said this a few times its a sub 200 document – camera 150, us msrp, which is really insane value for what you get the microphone feature alone, was worth the 149 dollars. I think so. I want to actually thank my people for sending me this unit for me to do a full product review on. I thought this document camera was for the price point and for the features, an amazing little device for the classroom and again for your home office too. If youre doing any meetings – and you can use this as a as a web camera and again utilize that ai feature or in a corporate broad room setting the feature was great. The articulating camera head super super nice feature, so you dont have to spin the whole document camera around. If you need to change the orientation. The cable management, i think, was genius in terms of how they did it such a simple sleek design, which i really liked. The visualizer software i dove a little bit into it, but id like to dive a little bit deeper because i think the software is going to be really good again for classrooms as well. So there you go. Let me know what you think of the ipvo v4k docking camera, i think for the price point and for the performance.