Sir x3 type c version, Music and im very excited to show you what this thing can do so lets, get it open and quickly check out the contents. So the zip up hard case is included. You get the game controller itself, a type c to type a cable, so youve got some extra thumbstick caps, theres two designs there, concave or convex and youve even got two sets of thumb, sticks so high rise or low rise, so very nice to have those extras There inside the box, you also get your paperwork: how to get started and, of course, the game, sir sticker. So here it is in my hands the game, sir x3 game controller, and this one feels a lot beefier in size than the previous models and thats. Due to having a built in cooling fan with very nice, looking leds its much more grippier than the previous versions and ill do a quick side by side, so you can see them there in the background game, sir x2, lightning, x2 type c and x2 bluetooth. So all three of these are basically the same size. So if i grab one to compare so you can see the x3 compared to the x2 is much beefier got nicer, larger grips there, so it actually does feel more comfortable in the hands. So most of the buttons are swappable. So weve got dual joysticks d pad youve got your game cell button. Youve got a screenshot button home button and then youve got your start button at the top.

Weve got the default xbox layout, so a b and x y. But so you can remove the keys and swap it around to the nintendo switch layout if thats, what you prefer but im going to leave it in the default xbox layout, because thats, what im used to so build quality does feel very solid. It is adjustable. So you can place your phone in there and thats going to fit more or less any android phone out there. So you just place your smartphone in the holder. This is the new zte axon 40 ultra, so thats quite a big phone, and i just want to show you that this fits nicely look at that guys. So that is quite a big phone there and it fits perfectly and if i was to stretch it, you can see theres space for an even bigger phone and its easy to remove and replace due to having that flexible type c connector when youre taking your phone Out at an angle, you are not messing up your phones, port, because the type c connector also flexes upwards and downwards. So i really like that feature and that feature is available across the board. So there is a cooling fan of the back, its activated by a single c port. The cooling fan turns on and you can see, youve got these cool, looking led lights as well, so the fan is not blowing. Any air outwards its doing it in the opposite direction.

Of course, in order to keep your phone running, cool youve got a thermal pad. There – and that is already feeling really cool to the touch its going to do a good job. Keeping your phone running cool the fan operates via cable, only so theres no built in battery. So at least the cable is in the center, so its not going to get in your way, whilst youre playing games trigger buttons feel really good as good as the previous. If not, they actually feel slightly better. They might even be slightly bigger in size, so beautiful trigger buttons. Youve got alps 3d joysticks and they are clickable. So you can connect more or less any android phone to this and play all the android games that support a game controller. For example, you can play minecraft fortnite dead, trigger 2 asphalt, 9 modern, combat any of the gta games and lots lots more. This also works with game streaming. So services like google stadia playstation remote play rainway amazon, luna steam link, xbox game streaming and lots lots more. All right so were going to do a quick gaming test to give you guys an idea of what this is like im going to be using the new real me gt, neo 3, because im just loving this phone at the moment it almost matches the black and White color of the game set x3. All right were just going to slot the phone into the usbc port and there we go perfect, fit its all rubber.

All the way around so youre not going to scratch your phone up its perfectly safe youve got a solid blue light, meaning the controller is already active, simply plug and play and because its a wired connection, there is little or no latency and youre going to see When i start playing games, the first game were going to play is asphalt 9.. Here we go Applause Music. So the next game i want to play is cody mobile, and this game needs some configuring in order to work. So, first of all, you need to download the game set. App from the play. Store then make sure the phone you are using is a snapdragon phone, as the gameser app does not support other chipsets. You dont need to change the mode by keeping the g button and the home button pressed at the same time, which is explained right there mode switching tutorial. So when you want to play games through game, sir, you need a green light, not a blue light. So keep the g button and the home button pressed and youll see that light change there. All right, you get a permission. Message allow game, sir, to access, games, x3 type, c, click, ok, and now we have a green light. So that means you are now ready to play games through the game. Sir app so games that do not offer controller support will now work through the gameser app using on screen overlays to map the controls.

Now call of duty does have bluetooth controller support, but this controller is a usbc wired controller. If you just open up call of duty and try and play the controller will not work. So you need to map the on screen controls and its very easy to do through the game. Setup Applause. Flash bravo were capturing a charlie awaiting orders. All right next up were going to be testing diablo immortal all right. So someone actually recommended me to try this game out. First time, im playing this game lets see what its like Applause, Music leave me alone: Applause, Music, stronger, already point me to the enemy, an outsider drawn, still reach Music; three, two one Music, oh contact! Applause, Music! Come on Music Applause, hello, im! Sorry for this complication, but there was no other way you let these zombies, Music Applause, one Applause, Applause, Applause; oh the cyberdog got to this sector; Applause, Music Applause, so that was a whole bunch of android games. Now were going to test out some emulation to show you that you can use this controller even with emulation games, so ps2 emulation using ester sx2 were starting off with fight night round three. Here we go great technique exhibited by that two punch combination, its a tremendous a left uppercut connects, so next up, psp emulation were playing tekken 6 using ppsspp. Here we go Applause so the game. Sir x3 is great for playing android games its great for emulation games, but you can also game stream, so i just want to show you how ps remote play works with the games.

X3. If you download the official version its not going to work, because that requires a bluetooth controller – and this is a usbc wired controller – go ahead and download ps play from the play store and this app will allow you to remote play your ps4 or ps5 and actually Use the game, sir game controller, to control it as you can see, so i just want to quickly load up a game, so were just going to play a bit of call of duty. Cold war Music were pulling ahead, Music, Music. So next up, i want to give you guys a quick demo of google stadia, so lets play some fifa, 22 Applause, Applause, Music Applause. So there you have it guys. That was the amazing game. Sir x3 mobile gaming controller, with that incredible built in ultra cooling system, which just looks out of this world, the controller is extremely well made and its simply plug and play for most android games, emulation games. You may have to configure the settings and games like cod, mobile and pubg. You do have to open up the game, sir app and configure a few things in order to make it work and trust me, the end result is really good, so those few configuration steps are completely worth it and it saves it for each game. So you only have to configure it once now. The x3 is also ergonomic, extremely comfortable to hold really enjoyed playing games on this, especially enjoyed playing cld mobile and emulation games.

Diablo immortal was a new experience for me. I usually dont play that genre of games, but boy was i impressed the graphics and gameplay were amazing and the controller just worked like a dream simply plug and play. I can highly recommend the game. Sir x3. Lots of fun very well made definitely worth every penny. Now, if youve got any other questions or any other game, you want me to test. Let me know in the comments. I hope you found this video useful.