This is alexis and im back again for another tech review. This time we are going to review the lumos temple here, but stay tuned because i have a giveaway. This is not the first time i have reviewed lumos on camera. Previously i have spoken and reviewed about their projector, so you can check them up here and today, im glad to share with you this new product that is launched by lumos. That originally does projectors but have now gone into the lifestyle earbuds space. This is actually a really great pair of earbuds after ive tested it out for about one week and ive used it outside in the public. Transport and ive also used it to listen to songs and watch shows for long hours. So here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of the lumos temple earbuds all right first thing: first, the earbuds themselves actually are very affordably priced at 179. As a launch pricing and whats more, if you buy a projector from lumos, you can also get an additional 50 off, so thats really great value for money and as a pair of under 200 earbuds, they are also pretty well built. So what i really like is that it comes with a matte gray finish, which is actually quite rare in todays offerings, which is usually white or black, so the matte gray is a nice touch and its also very minimalistic, and you also have an indicator light. So in terms of specs as well, what you are going to get is of course, anc, but also things like long battery life with 30 hours, 23 hours with the case and seven hours of earbuds play time.

And then, of course, it comes with really nice kind of surround sound. So the third pro that i really enjoy was the sound quality and i felt like the sound here is very warm and full and it really envelops your ears and make sure that you can hear every level. So thats. A really nice touch. And i think for me personally, having good sound quality is actually the number one requirement of getting a pair of earbuds other than the price, as well as the longevity of it. It also has a very good mind. It actually says that they have six mics, so you can be sure that when you are on a call, you will be hurt, and this is using the lumos temples earbuds to record the audio. Similarly, ive done this test for airpods pro and other earbuds. Just to see how the clarity in sound will be like when im using earbuds so yeah, so the two cons that i didnt really enjoy as much was just in terms of the touch controls. It was not as intuitive, so this earbuds actually rely on tapping. Instead of squeezing the stem and when i double tap it actually fires up my bixby sometimes on my samsung, though the pairing was very, very seamless, and it was very fast to pair with my phone. The other thing is that what i did not like as much is the anc the anc was not super high end in a sense that i could hear some sound leakage, but again for what youre paying i would say this is value for money.

Overall, i would recommend everyone to go check out: lumos temple. If you are looking for a pair of quality earbuds that will not break the bank but will still deliver on the quality that you have come to expect from a singapore company called lumos and thats. All for my review im also doing a giveaway for two lucky winners, so i have two pairs of the lumos temple earbuds and all you have to do is to write in my instagram post. What are the three pros that i have mentioned in my video about the lumos temple and i will pick someone at random at this date and i will announce the winners on instagram stories as well, so be sure to follow me there. Thank you so much lumos for sending me these temple earbuds and i truly enjoyed them and thank you to the viewer for watching and ill see you next time.