This is a inkless speed and reliable label printer. So if you have your business or you are doing any type of shipping, this label printer will come very handy um and you can use this with. You know major shipping companies, as you can see here, like paypal, fedex, amazon, ups, united states, postal services, uh and more on the back. We have some uh specifications, so printing method, you can see direct thermal and then we have the power adapter um. We have the color. I think this is the gray. Well see it once we open the box, you have the model pm2465, and this is supported by windows. Mac linux. You have the dimensions, printing live, you can see 65 100 000 labels and then weight is less than two pounds. So lets go ahead and open up this box and then see what all we have inside. So here we have the first box. So this first box looks like this is a setup instruction how to set up your base. So we have all the base parts here in total of four things here should be super easy to set up. Put this aside have another box, so these are all the other things that came in the box. You can see we have the user guide in here we have the usb, and i think this is to download the driver here. We have the power cord and then we have a cable here to connect this to your computer as well.

And then these are all the extra shipping label that they send you already, which is nice to have, and then it tells you that this site should be facing down. Then we have the power adapter right over here and then here we have the actual label printer with one of the labels inside. So this looks like its a gray color. The gray and white combination looks nice. We have the rubber padding on the bottom, so it doesnt move around when you have it on your desk uh. You have the model number pm2465 label printer on the back. You can see we have the on and off button, and then the cable that goes in here and this cable going from here that connects to your computer, will allow you to basically print the labels from your computer, because its direct and since its inkless, you just Have to have an image and you print it like you would print anything else with other printers, and this is a button to open it up and it can open all the way. As you can see, when you close it, then this button is for printing and you have some more information here. If you need any technical help, you just go and call those numbers, but im excited to go ahead and get this connected um to the computer and then go ahead and print out print out some labels and then see how it does guys for memo also offers This logistic label printer in a different color.

As you can see here, we have the gloss white with the satin pink or almost looks like a rose gold color. So you have two options to choose from so they look quite nice. So just wanted to show you guys that you have a couple different options to pick from so here we have all the parts for the base, so lets go ahead and get this um installed. All you need to do is just go ahead and slide this in and push it forward, and you have the quick, um setup manual for this as well that you can reference back to which will make it easier for you – and this part goes right in here And this part goes in, and this is how you get that base set up, and this is where your shipping labels and everything will sit into just like this. So this is the printer driver in here. You have one for mac, one for any other computer, and this is the how to do it and then you can download the driver to go ahead and start printing with this label printer. So im gon na go ahead and get this set up, guys Music. So when you plug in the usb uh driver for this printer, you can see that it comes under the usb drive d and you have all these information here. So you have the getting started videos. So all of these videos – you can watch and basically the videos will go over how to get the driver installed, how to get printing and all of that.

So if you want to watch this video and youre a person who likes to see visual things, i would go with the videos and you wouldnt even need to watch the or read the user manual and you have the drivers here. So you have windows, mac and then linux, so for windows. You can just double click on this and then it will bring it up and you can hit yes and you can just go through the installation process. Its super easy to install once you click on the install click next and then just go on from there as soon as youre done installing you will see that from the devices your udisk is already connected here, so youre able to go ahead and now print. So if i close this and go back, they also send you a sample label. So if you click on the sample label, you can see that we have this sample label here for us to print out. So now that i have that driver installed and all of the wires and everything connected im going to go ahead and switch on the power button and then once i have the power button turned on, you can see that its calibrating and you have a solid blue Light and we should be able to go ahead and print anything out right now, so in order for us to print the label, we want to go ahead and open up by using the button in the back open this up all the way and go ahead and Pull this out – and here you have like some settings information and all of that um, so you have this right here.

It says they should be facing down. So all i want to do is put this right over here and run the label printer run the labels through there and it should be aligned already, and i want to leave it right over here and then close this and then once its once its not closed. Youll see that the red light is blinking. I wanted to have this set up right here for a smoother transition, and i have this set up just like this feed it through the bottom, come right over here and close it Music, and he saw that it just calibrated to make sure that its in the Proper position and its straight and im gon na go ahead and print out this test label right now, once you select the for memo, pm246s just go ahead and click on print, and you can just go ahead and pull it right off. We have a thing to cut it off and you can see this: is our printing label its a sticker? Basically, you can just take it out and select it right on your box, uh, so theres. Some other configurations that you can do um with the margins. You can, you know, set it up to like 0.25 to if you wanted more room on the side, but i think the way that its set up from the factory it works uh, the way it is, i wouldnt change anything about it. So this is super simple and super easy guys.

So if you have a business where you are shipping product or you are shipping things personally to your family friends or whatever, is this the right product for you to get? And i would say this logistic label printer by fomimo is absolutely amazing. Think of this as just a plug and play its very simple. Once you have this connected to your computer, install the driver and its basically ready to go and then print all day. This is the only label uh that i had to print out right. I did not have to mess with any of my settings or nothing like that. Uh, the default settings that you have should work perfectly fine. I just opened up their sample label and then i went and printed it out. This label printer will actually calibrate everything by itself, so you should not have to do any extra work, its super light and you can print up to over 650 000 labels and its inkless, so you dont have to put in any inks. I also love the fact that they have the in in the driver. They have all the setup video. So if you dont want to look at a big user manual and just reading it, you dont really need to just watch the video, and you should be good to go so, hopefully watching my review will kind of help. You make your decisions as to exactly which label printer that you would like to purchase for your business.

So let me know what you guys think i think its a great product and something i see myself using. Thank you guys for watching my review.