So welcome back to dad skills today were going to have a look at a product that im quite excited to have a look at and set up. And if you didnt know youve not seen any of my videos before i tend to use govi and thats who weve gone with this time. Ive got it all around the house. Ive even got some in the garden already so were going to unbox. This take a look at what we get were going to attach it to the app were going to put it in the group for the garden and then were going to take a look at night and uh, see what its like okay lets see. What weve got so in there? We should have 10.8 meters worth of lights. Uh the control box is ip65 and the actual lights themselves are ip67. The power supply there isnt weatherproof, so that needs to be in a weatherproof housing. Here are the little spikes. I was wondering if they were going to be detachable and they are, which is great. So this means you can actually clip uh cable to the top of a fence. Maybe if you wanted, rather than having it run on the ground, okay, so were going to set them up indoors, so i plugged them in turned them on were in the app. So you need to remember at this point that your sku code is h7050211, find it in the app and there it is found it straight away.

Music. Now we go through the pairing process and there we go. You see. Alexa has found it already as well, because were all linked into alexa. Music were on the wi fi too there they are smart ground lights, its asking us do we want to upgrade the software yep. All the firmware yeah lets do that and there we go done. Turn it on have a look at the colors, so the rgb ic, and so every single led light. There is individually addressable, so ive selected all gone through a few colors theres, the music mode loads of scenes, as youd expect with govi loads of scenes. To pick from Music and then weve also got a diy mode there as well now im going to create a group, so you go to group plus im going to call it garden because ive already got one led strip out there, thats govi at the moment. So there we go were going to plus and were gon na put in our new device, as well as our current device put the tick there. We go its created, weve created our garden group, okay, so im not exactly sure where its gon na go at the moment, so ive just set it up just to run along the bottom of this wall, because underneath here is where my other led strip is just Got ta wait for it to get dark now i cant wait. You know what makes it get dark, really quickly: Music, Music.

Well, they look fantastic. I think youll agree. They look brilliant, so theres a video on screen. Now that youtube have recommended for you, uh. Take a look and ill catch.