. It is a successor of infinix, note, 11, and it carries media text helio g96, along with a 50 megapixel primary shooter, and not only that, but it also carries this premium finish and kind of similar design to the modern smartphones with flat edges around the corner. So lets just jump on to the review and find out whether this device is worth spying for you or not, and here we go. Phones in the past. Few years have been designed with the glossy packs and shiny rears, but the infinix note 12 seems to be an exception here, even though it has that shiny effect. But at the same time the smartphone looks subtle. The phone has a square sided frame that steps inward in front and back sections resembling to the modern generation of smartphones, and there are three color options available when it comes to the choice of colors, the snowfall color that we have with us the force black option And last, but not the least, is the sphere blue? The back of the smartphone even though appears as glass, but it is not made up of glass material. It is made of plastic in appearance. The frame of the smartphone is made up of metal, but actually it is also made of plastic material. Although the camera module and the two lenses bulge a bit infinix has managed to keep the design clean and simple. Unlike some competitors, this polished and shiny space around the cameras does not make sense to me, but i think its just a design factor.

The phone weighs 185 gram, along with the 7.8 millimeter of thickness, despite its massive form factor, there is no official water resistant classification and you do get to enjoy the headphone socket on the device. Clear silicone case included in the box fits well. The fingerprint scanner is located on the power button, along with the volume rockers at the top, and it works surprisingly fast on the left side of the smartphone theres, a sim tray slot that carries a dedicated micro, sd card slot. Just in case, if you want to expand the storage, even though the smartphone is carrying 256gb of internal storage, which is enough for most of the users out there, but just in case, if you want to expand it, theres an option for that at the bottom, the Smartphone is carrying speaker griddle, along with usb type c connector a microphone and a 3.5 mm headphone jack overall. For the price point, i think the infinix note 12 got an elegant and an eye catching design out there. The phone is quite big, especially when it comes to the display and at the front you are getting a 7.6 inches amoled panel, which does not carry a 90 years of refresh rate that we normally get around this price. But for the price point the display offers excellent performance, the brightness, the contrast and the overall media experience of the smartphone is quite impressive. Not only that, but you can also get to enjoy a decent gameplay on the display and the media experience on the smartphone, along with the gaming experience, is further enhanced because of the stereo speaker setup on the phone.

The amoled display on the infinix phone has a full hd plus resolution, which sets it apart from many other low cost handsets. This has a better contrast and brighter colors than many of its competition, and it also delivers better brightness ive used the infinix note 12. In a direct sunlight – and i did not find any issue while using it, the company has dubbed the display as true color, because it can reproduce the entire p3 spectrum. If you dont mind view bezel at the top and bottom youll be impressed by the quality of the display, the phone offers, the infinix note. 12 g96, as appears in its name, has mediatek zelo g96 compared to its basic version that has mediatek helio g88. It is too much powerful that it can run any game that you may throw on it or any task that youd like it to achieve so in terms of the performance, i did not find any issue while using this smartphone for the past two weeks, along with The g96: you are getting 8 gb of ram, which is further expandable up to 13 gigs, and it is useful in scenarios when you are using a lot of apps. In the background, however, when it comes to the real life usage or the performance enhancement, i dont think theres much of a difference while you are using it or when its disabled redmis. Node 11 is a direct competition to the infinix note 12, but the displays quality and the graphic capability of the chipset would not let that phone.

Take the lead here and the feature of the chipset are obviously helpful, because the phones in the budget segment usually have 6gb of ram at most and now to the gaming part. The infinix note 12 has performed admire. I believe when it comes to our extensive gaming tests, weve played pubg mobile apex legend and also call of duty, while on this smartphone and the smartphone did not get heat up a lot, it had managed to control its temperature around 94 degrees fahrenheit mark. However, i would like to mention that we were testing the smartphone in a controlled environment, so, if youre planning to play games on the smartphone, while you are sitting outdoor, the results could be different. The frame rate and the visuals in our extensive gaming tests were up to the mark and i would recommend you to use medium graphics and high fps settings in games like call of duty, pubg, mobile and also the apex legend. Now speaking about the cameras. Infinix has not added a 2 megapixel macro sensor like standard, and it is kind of refreshing, but at the same time they have replaced that particular sensor with the qvga sensor, and i could not find a use of that focused on the 50 megapixel main camera. With the 2 megapixel depth sensor, the companys primary attention has been on the cameras performance and i personally think an ultrawide camera in this smartphone would have made this smartphone unbeatable for the camera section specifically for the price point, and since you will be using the primary Camera of the smartphone for the most of the time lets just start there.

Thankfully, the smartphones primary sensor can produce some nice pictures with fine details, the right exposure and, for the most part it can achieve realistic, colors. The infinix note, 12 g96 does a fine job as a point and shoot camera for sharing images on the social media to get the best result from the camera. Youll need a lot of light and photos taken in dim lights are also striking, but the super night mode also comes handy and it had helped me to capture bookshelves for the samples in the rooms, low light and theres a massive difference between the normal photo and A photo captured with the night mode enabled in a low light situation on the front. The infinix note 12 carries a 16 megapixel selfie shooter and as far as its performance is concerned, it is quite decent. The selfie camera self portrait mode has some details and colors, but it can slip time to time while making some adjustment in the subjects separation. However, that does not happen too often and youll be good to go for in most of the scenarios, the infinix note. 12. Video quality is good and it is limited to 2k and 30 frames per second, but by default the smartphone shoots at 720p, so youll have to adjust the settings when recording videos. The greater resolution offers better clarity and colors, but the lack of optical image stabilization, which obviously cannot be found for the price point in any other smartphone as well, makes it a bit tougher to record stabilized video on the go and now speaking about the battery and The battery life of the smartphone, the 5000 mah battery, along with a 33 watt of power brake and a 60 hertz amoled panel at the front, all of these factors add up and help the smartphone last longer the phone can last for about two days.

Under light usage, but if youre a gamer who plays a lot of game, then still the smartphone will be able to provide you a backup of one day without any issue. Charging of the phone is rated at 33 watts and it could be concerned for some, but most of the smartphones, for the price point are offering the 33 watt power brakes along with it. Even though there are some expensive devices that are offering up to 25 watts of charger, even at a higher price tag, so i think for the price point, it is a decent charging speed this. This smartphone is offering in our test the standard 30 minute test that we perform on almost every smartphone. This one has managed to charge from zero up to 51 in only 30 minutes, and it has been charged up hundred percent in one hour and 20 minutes mark. So thats quite a decent charging, speed that youre getting here so overall when it comes to the charging and as well as the battery life of the smartphone, the infinix note 12, will not let you down there. Android 12 is the latest version of google os, but compared to its many rifles, infinix throws their xos 10.6 user interface at the top of that, which makes it nearly unrecognizable. Everything is square. Looking and the folders for some weird reason take up area of four apps icon. Even if there are two apps inside i enjoy the way you can swipe between them after one is opened, some users might also prefer the smart bar, which you can summon by swiping.

In from the edge of the screen, it is configurable and provides you with some essential tools and app shortcuts. The screen to the left of the main home screen is not the google feed, but it is somewhat mix of a recent app and widgets, such as ram consumption and effectively a shortcut to the health app simply put. It is something different and unique, and i did not experience this a lot or earlier, even in infinix smartphones, the xy splits, the notification panel and quick setting on the either side of the central camera, its a feature earlier introduced in iphones. But now it seems that every brand is adopting it. The only problem that i have encountered in the infinix xos 10.6 are bloatwares. There are almost 20 apps that comes pre installed, even though you can uninstall them by just one tab, but i think infinix should provide flexibility to the user. While they are setting up the device to uncheck the apps that they dont need and thats pretty much it. The problem is resolved, so there we go with the software experience. Okay, so lets just talk about the verdict and theres a lot like about the infinix note 12, beginning with the fact that the smartphone offers decent specs even in the base model. Apart from that, youre also getting eight gigs of ram mini tax, legal g96 and 256 gb of internal storage for less price than its competition. And additionally, you are also getting amoled panel, along with the 50 megapixel camera that can capture reasonable images and when it comes to the battery life, the smartphone packs a 5000 mah battery that can last for about two days easily.

The only concern that i have with this smartphone is this phone is missing a 90 years, refresh rate that we normally get around this price tag. So there we go with the verdict. You can make your decision on your own and with that being said, i just hope that you like this video, if you related a like on the video and sub to the channel, will be appreciated and it will keep me motivated to create more content like it.