Are they worth? It, though, lets take a look, Music, luckin or not. We live in a world where the standard for true wireless earbuds, with the active noise cancelling, are the airpods pros. At least it is for iphone users for everyone else, with an android phone, well, its a little bit more complicated, because there are generally a lot of great options out there and, if youre watching this video, then youre, probably in the market, for a decent set of Noise, cancelling earbuds such as these and its not like you, cant, use these with an iphone because you definitely can but id imagine more. People with an android phone would be interested in these rather than iphone users. So lets talk about the design. First, the move. Audio s600s come in white or black versions and from a design perspective, its very much an airpods pro inspired, look with a clean plastic casing, design, swappable, silicone buds and stork and its all stuck together really tightly and whilst lightweight it doesnt feel cheap. It also has an ip54 water resistance rating, so itll survive even the sweatiest of gym junkies and survives the jog if youre caught in the rain. Now the airpods inspired design even extends down to the case with its glossy plastic construction, coupled with silver accents around the usb port and hinge, and that little indicator led on the front on the side. Youve got the pairing button, keeping the design overall, a really nice and clean look now since using it for the last few months.

The case has taken a bit of a beating, but from a distance it hides those scratches really well, but the closer you look, you can see all the little blemishes and scratches all over the place, but then youd expect that for such a glossy design, so lets Talk about using the headphones themselves, these little guys use bluetooth 5.0 and can stream music codecs, including sbc and and thats pretty standard, and it does become a bit of an issue as well talk about a bit later. But to start with, the s 600s. Have google fast pair, which is like googles version of apples, pairing screen when you open up a set of new air pods with a brand new set of s600s, your android phone will bring up a connecting prompt when you open up the case and it pairs with A very simple tap: it also gives you information about the state of charge for the earbuds and case. So a pretty nice experience overall, then using the earbuds themselves is pretty straightforward, if not slightly awkward ergonomically. When you look at the buds directly sitting inside the case, the one on the right is the right, earbud and so forth, but because how its oriented inside the case, it is slightly awkward to take out. You need to pull it out. Then spin it around to place it in your ears, not a big deal but id say its a little less seamless than say the airpods pro, which is straight out and in.

But it is pretty similar to the cheaper airpods, though so swings and roundabouts. But once in the air, it plays a little notification chime to indicate the connection and its ready to go and itll. Do that every time because its got sensors to detect when its in the ear or not pausing the media. When you take an earbud out and then resuming it when its popped back inside now, the earbuds themselves are pretty comfortable to wear and for my ears, the standard medium sized buds are just about right, but it does come with smaller and larger sizes. Depending on your ears, now there arent vents on these guys, like the airpods pros, do so prolonged use can get a little sweaty and even a little uncomfortable from the pressure buildup i did find. I occasionally had to take them out after an hour or two, as it did start irritating the skin inside my ear canals now on both stalks. There is a touch sensitive area that can be programmed to perform different functions. To do this, youll have to download the tcl move app available for both android and ios, which is easy enough to do. But for my use case, a long touch allows me to cycle between full active noise, cancelling and transparency mode, single and double taps control. Play pause and skipping between songs, you can also set them to control volume or you can use it to activate google assistants as well now, in terms of response centers, they do a really great job at hitting the balance for sensitivity and reliability, its not so sensitive That a light brush registers a touch and its also not so sluggish to the point where you have to smack the side of your head to trigger one either its just right.

But i would have loved the touch sensitivity to extend down the stalk to allow volume control with a slide, but, alas, for a product at this price, its just not meant to be, but overall im, pretty satisfied with this design now lets talk about sound quality. Now, im no audiophile, but i do appreciate good audio quality in speakers and, of course, headphones. The s600s have overall, really good sound quality, its got a good balance of mids and highs, and it does push a bit more bass as a crowd. Pleaser. Oh its got. A pretty full sound stage, its certainly not the crispiest and most detailed sound experience, but as an all rounder from music tv shows and movies. The sound it produces is warmed, detailed enough and id say for the average user, its going to be pretty great its the kind of earbuds that you just set up and use. It will satisfy most users. But when we talk about sound quality with bluetooth earbuds, another factor we need to consider is the codec in which its being transmitted, as mentioned before these x600 transmitting aac or sbc, which are two of the most commonly used codecs now iphones deal primarily in aac and Iphones tend to eat the absolute maximum quality out of that codec on android phones spc is typically the default, and it generally transmits less information compared to aac, meaning sound quality is a bit worse. It can also do aac, but then ive found it to be a little unreliable at times with occasional, choppy playback and also not sounding quite as nice, as the same song being played on an iphone.

Now there are aptx codecs available for android phones, which transmit high quality streams, but thats not available in these guys. So if youre looking for the absolute maximum listening experience, youre – probably not going to find it here now we cant talk about sound quality and compare this to things like the airpods pros, without also talking about noise cancelling now, whilst the s600s are an in ear design, Which provides a level of passive noise cancelling by blocking out the outside world. These s600s also add an extra level of active noise. Cancelling and i love that active noise. Cancelling is becoming a much more common feature in wireless earbuds. The active noise cancelling in these little guys is good, but not great, its never going to match a set of over ear cans with noise, cancelling like qc35s or the airpods studios, but at a stretch itll do a good job at cancelling out ambient sounds on things Like your everyday commute or if youre working out at the gym in the most noisy situations like construction sites or flying in planes, itll, certainly let in some more ambient noise but itll at least dial down the volume. A notch to make listening a little bit more comfortable, and this is really important not only for improving the listening experience, but it also has benefits in protecting your ears, because the earbuds dont really need to be cranked all the way up to 11 to overcome or Compete with the sound around you so long term youre also not causing much damage to your hearing, which is really important, but a low key benefit of active noise cancelling headphones, but yes, noise, cancelling is decent and the transparency mode is also pretty good at transmitting external Sounds which makes it useful for things like listening for announcement at train stations or airports, but it does sound a little muffled whilst using it again its not class leading but itll do the job now.

One really nice benefit of totally wireless earbuds is that they work really well as hands free devices for phone calls, and the s600 has six microphones three per earbud, which, on paper, should provide a good level of noise, cancelling for voice calls and zoom meetings. Now these microphones are very directional, meaning they effectively listen for the off axis, sound and subtract it before sending it on to the listener. This basically means youll get pretty decent microphone quality, but you need to make sure that youre speaking in the direction of the stalk so its positioned properly. What do you guys think of the audio quality? Let me know in the comments section below then finally, battery life, the s600s according to tcl, are rated to have listening times of up to eight hours, without noise, cancelling or about 6.2 hours with noise. Cancelling now, from my rough experience, id say thats just about on the money with that estimate, and even if you do rinse through that listening time with the charging case fully charged, it can recharge both earbuds twice before the whole thing will need a complete charge and Even if it did that wouldnt be an issue either as 10 minutes of charging via the usb port will give an hour of listening time and then, if youre, using it casually at work or home, you can place the charging case on a qi wireless charging pad And you can juice it up passively, whilst youre working super convenient.

So after all that is the s600 worth looking at well. Over the last few months, ive used at home work or out in town and the s600 has been a really pleasant experience straight out of the box. The s600s have shown a level of consistency and reliability that ive really enjoyed theyre comfortable to use theyve got decent battery life. Audio quality is pretty great and, as an overall package, its been really solid. I dont mind how it looks either, even if it is a bit of an airpods pro clone, even with the customizable touch controls its almost never failed or done something i didnt want it to like pausing. When i wanted to skip a track, or vice versa, and whilst it could do with more codec compatibility and its noise cancelling isnt exactly class leading, it still achieves a decent level of noise suppression to improve the listening experience. So, starting at around 199 australian dollars or 99 us dollars, they are priced around the same level as standard airpods, but coupling in airpods pro level features now. There are definitely other brands that compete at this price range with features from jbl and anchor, but i believe the s600s are still a decent shot for the features you get. Links will be in the description below, but what do you think of the tcl move? Audio s600s sure it could probably do with a better name, but would you buy it or what would you compare it to? Let me know in the comments section below thanks so much for making it this far.

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