So this is going to allow you to track, or at least use ai, to auto track you around your backyard, your front yard side yard, you name it its gon na track. You around the house whats going on welcome back to my channel if youre new here, please consider subscribing down below. Also you can follow me on all of my social media channels. Another thing is: this: is another easy biz security, camera ive reviewed quite a few um id say about a handful of them and ill put those links in the description below. So you can check them out too. After this video, this one is their c8w pro and i reviewed one that had a 360 degree um camera of easy business. This one is the pro version of the cw8 or c8w, and it also has auto tracking the other one does not have auto tracking it. Just has a zoom or dual camera, so this one it tracks you, which is really cool. What i want to do is im gon na go ahead and get this unboxed show you what you get in the box. Can i show you a little bit about whats on the box? The features as well as i want to get this installed. I want to go ahead and show you whats on the app so on the iphone, so you can screw screws cruise around on the iphone. Show you what what kind of features it has as well as im going to give you some sample footage of daytime nighttime and color night vision, because its got a spotlight camera which is really cool and then were also going to see.

How long does it take for it to alert you because thats really important as well as how quickly does it catch you and track where youre going so before we open this up and show you whats in the box, this retails for about 150 and ill leave? A link in the description below so you can check out current pricing so for 2k and spot night or spot night spotlight and 360 auto tracking its not too bad. So lets go ahead and see what you get in the box on the box. Weve got the easy vis c8w pro smart home camera, a little glimpse of what its going to look like before we open the box. 2K 3 megapixel h.265 formatting on the side here is ai powered human vehicle, shape detection, smart tracking automatically tracks and follows the moving object to detect on the camera. On the other side, we have 340 degree pan 80 degree tilt its basically a 360 degree. Panoramic view 2k streaming, ai, smart tracking, two way, talk, color night vision, active defense, alarm, weatherproof design and supports up to a 256 gigabyte sd card to start out. We got the quick start guide here, a mounting template, if you want it waterproof connector for the connectors here mounting screws with drywall anchors view them a power cable for a barrel connector, and then you have the camera. So this looks like their ordinary 360 style degree. Camera that they have they had.

I did a review on a different one camera. What the model number was off to my head, but i will put that up here in the top right, so you can check it out as well. If youre interested this one is auto tracking and it also has the spotlight feature for color night vision, which is great, they do have the power connector right here and an ethernet cable connector if you want to, but this does operate off, wi fi, you have to Log with the top here – and you got the camera lens – the nice led connect or the led light right here and then down here. You have a reset button and micro sd card slot and you have to remove the screws to get to. It then looks like you have a speaker on the bottom here and then you have four mounting screws here, so you can either mount it up on top here or on the side and then heres a little pathway for the wire to go to. If you need to be, but really nice here is you can mount it up on top like this or mount it to something like this, so depending on how you want to mount it its up to you but thats, all it really has for you, so were Going to get this connected to my phone and get it on the app so now that you see whats in the box, lets go ahead and look at the quality of the video and get that out of the way during the day time, night time with night Vision and also night time with color night vision with the spotlight on it, does have color night vision without the spotlight.

If you have other lights, going on in your backyard or front yard, but we went ahead and tested with the spotlight. The spotlight is very bright, as you can see in this picture right here it i had to do a picture because my camera didnt pick it up as well, but this is what it looks like for my backyard. I have the camera mounted to my deck and it does a pretty good job and the cool thing is the spotlight doesnt turn on until it senses motion at night, so its not always on which is really good. So here are all the sample footages. I took with this heres the quality of the video at night time, with night vision and no lights on what youre going to see heres the quality of the video during the night time with the spotlight on this is what youre gon na see spotlight turns on. So let me know what you think: the quality of the video down in the comments id love to hear from you on what you think about this um. For me personally, i think it does a fairly decent job uh, its not super duper smooth 2k quality. In my eyes, or in my in my mind my eyes my mind both, but i will say for 150 bucks with all the features this thing packs its going to its going to match you the results that youre probably going to need. Now i cant decide that for you, but for the most part for the most average people, or even someone thats really interested in seeing something further away or a little bit better quality.

This is going to do just fine for you for 150 bucks. So, first and foremost, here we have one camera set up right now and i have the backyard camera named it that thats what it is over there and well. I see thats over there puts on my backyard and it says its armed right now, so you can see theres like a little shield, all blue at the bottom, and it says its armed because i currently have it armed. I can turn it on and off so that means its going to alert me when theres motion by a person, and then i have devices on the bottom left which were looking at and library. So library will show me all the motion, alerts and kind of gives. You a quick, um kind of a fast forward of whats going on, so you can kind of glance and see whats going on and it got me earlier today, kind of playing with it and trying to figure it out. So lets go ahead and tap on the image and itll log in now it logs in pretty quick and shows the live camera. Now i am coming from the same network, so thats, pretty cool uh lets go ahead and see what it does when im just doing. I turn off wi fi, so lets go ahead and see what it does not too bad at all, so it went ahead and got on there now im going to turn back wi fi back on, because i want to make sure that i have full capabilities here.

Well, it doesnt have less capabilities, but that way it doesnt do anything while were doing this. So while youre tapping on it, it says tracking there. That means the tracking is on right. Now i can pause live camera. I can listen in which nothings going on. I can tap the joystick, so i can actually move the camera around, so i can look around as you can see. I can do it right now and i can look at my neighbors yard area. I can go over here and pan and tilt so thats. Pretty cool, so i look around exit out of that and then i can talk to somebody. So i am able to talk to somebody via intercom, so i can press hold talk and then let go and listen or i can do it like a phone call like you would talk back and forth without having to tap anything now, as you can see here At the top right i can do settings um at the bottom. You got snapshot record uh ptz, which pan tilt and zoom talk definition. It allows you to view the image as full hd 1080p high def, which is uh the 2k standard, or you can cancel that. So that way, if you dont want to use a lot of data, you can do standard if you want, and then i get a 360 image, so just kind of kind of panoramic image of 360.. If you turn on alarm for it and i can rearrange the icons if i wanted to so lets, go ahead and get in on the settings here so at the very top i can have it record.

Audio on and off audio mode is voice calls i think, thats the most convenient. I got status light on it. You can turn that on or off its blue the infrared light. I can turn that on or off depending on what i want um, it may impact the quality of when its really dark. If its not on uh alarm notification is enabled night vision mode. I have color night vision, black white night vision and smart night vision. Smart night vision will automatically switch to color night vision and turn that light on when theres motion detected, auto tracking, which i havent enabled right now you dont have to have it enabled 360 image. I can go ahead and click on that, and it goes it. It will uh says no sensor is available to add um. Oh, it allows you to take the camera picture and then maybe itll look at the sensors. This should support the function. I did it one time before i dont know what has it in there time zone daytime day or daylight savings time date format my wi fi, im connected to cloud storage. So right now i have the free 7 day cloud storage, which is expires in one day, and i can subscribe to that. Its a little bit of money lets see not really sure how much it is. I think its a couple bucks a month per camera, so cloud storage or memory card we dont – have a memory card in it.

Now i suggest i highly suggest just get a memory card um its gon na, be so much better for you and you can take that little memory card out and plug it into a computer. You can uh see the device version see if theres any updates that are needed when i installed this and got it set up on my phone. There was an update, so we did that image encryption so that way, someone cant look at your images, uh on the app or when you have it on the sd card without a password, and you can flip the image. So if you have the camera mounted upside down, you can flip the image sleep mode. Basically, the device stops monitoring and recording when sleep mode is on um osd, which is a device just the name of it is displayed on the camera or where it shows you. What youre recording offline notification, this notification if it goes offline, a quick user guide on here? I love when they i love when secure camera or anything technology. Has the user guide on here, because youre not going to always carry this have this around here. I know this is a quick start guide, but youre not going to always have this with you, then about so you can learn more about it, restart the device and delete it. So there is the easyvis c8w pro and it looks like quite a few of their security cameras because thats pretty much their patent design.

They have, i dont know if its patent, i dont know why. I said that, but thats pretty much any camera looks like this automatically assume its the easy vis, because a lot of their cameras look like this um. I think that for a hundred and fifty dollars, this is not a bad purchase. Uh easy biz, the app works really well and just the use of it, the ease of use and how well it detects motion all that was really nice. It does detect my uh my tree out here that moves around in the shadows and it does tell me thats recording it, but i dont get an alert on that. I only get alerts if theres a person or vehicle detection, so thats pretty cool. So i will have to kind of sift through some of that, because, if i want to, if i want to see if there was like a dog that ran back there or something like that, but its not a huge deal automatically rewrites over the oldest on your Sd card or your cloud storage, if you have that so dont worry about storage space because thats happening, but at least it gets it other than that. If this video helped you out in any way, please leave me a like.