Now this watch is fairly new, its not really that old anymore, but i actually just got my hands on it and whats. Very interesting is that this specific watch was given out for free by samsung if you pre ordered the galaxy s22. So this is a very good option if youre planning on getting a watch and if you dont – want to spend too much time and money on it, you can always pre order, an s22 or, if youre, planning on buying a galaxy s22 or any galaxy for the Most part, you may get some credits to actually purchase this watch. If you want to pick it up, though, links will be down in the description you can get it from there and help support the channel. At the same time, now on the outside, the samsung galaxy watch, 4 looks and feels extremely premium. This watch is very, very expensive feeling and it doesnt feel like a cheap watch by any means on the front. You have a couple of different models. You can actually buy now on the front. You do have a super amoled display, which is super awesome, having the ability of just having that amoled display. So nice and most smart watches nowadays do have amoled displays. Although there are some that ive seen like that original moto watch that had an ips panel, which is very strange – and this design is circular now coming from someone like me, who has you, know an apple watch, i do actually prefer something like the circular design, which Is awesome – and i think definitely when it comes down to something like this having a samsung watch, thats circular is actually really cool and im a fan of that for sure now you do have two buttons on the side.

One is a home button, essentially in a power bixi button and the other one is a back button, so you can always go back if you need to which is cool on the back. You have that wireless charging pad that you can go and just as you charge your you know, watch if you want to, and one awesome thing that i love is that you can actually go and charge this watch from your samsung phone, which is awesome having that Ability of just charging your watch straight from your samsung phone is so cool, and that is something i actually do prefer. I wish iphones had something like this. Unfortunately, they dont, but samsung, i mean they just killed it with this feature and its been there for a couple of generations. Now now turning this thing on, you do have wear os, which is you know, the android operating system for samsung watches and for just smart watches in general and whats really cool is that this thing is really kind of reminiscent on samsung design. You know i actually do like stock android, and this is kind of more stock android than it is. You know one ui which i actually do like having that middle ground is really cool, theres, a ton of applications you can download. You have the full. You know play store for where i was on this thing too, which is cool and theres a lot of capability behind this watch.

This thing can definitely do more than just you know, taking phone calls and different things like that, and, in my opinion, one of the main things that i use for my you know, smart watches is basically fitness. You know i love seeing how basically my activity throughout the day i love seeing that type of health related stuff too, and with something like the samsung galaxy watch. You have a lot of capability built in focused around fitness, so for somebody whos into that stuff. Well, you can go ahead and gain a lot of activity and just gain a lot more information from that you have ecg built into which is really cool. You can see how many steps you have how fit you are different things like that, which is really cool, but another really cool thing is even if youre not really into that kind of stuff. Having a smart watch like this, gives you so much, i guess insight and just allows you to just kind of you know, move on throughout your day without checking your phone all the time, theres so many times where im getting notifications or im getting phone calls and Stuff, while im on the go – and i can just look at them straight on my watch and with the samsung galaxy watch – this is a great option you have you know you can simply just go ahead and quickly. Look at different notifications like that which is so cool, and because this is, you know, a samsung watch theres going to be new features added, probably in the next couple of years that this watch is also going to be supported with im.

Assuming this thing is going to last for the next couple of years, so when the next version of wear os comes out well youre going to be gaining even more features than what im talking about today, which is cool. Like i mentioned, i think a lot of people know the basics you can do with this watch. You know you can text people make calls. You can listen to music different things like that and theres. Definitely a lot of customizability behind a watch like this too, and i definitely do think if youre in the market, you cant really go wrong with the galaxy watch. Theres really two watches that are really the main ones. In my opinion, i think apple watch is pretty much still the top. I guess best selling watch of all time, but i think the galaxy watch is giving apple kind of a run for their money. Theyre definitely not selling, as well as the apple watch, but i definitely do think when i look at the design of the galaxy watch. I love that circular front. I wish apple watch was kind of like this too, and i definitely do like the feeling of the galaxy watch too and theres a lot of cool capability behind the galaxy watch that i kind of do wish that apple watches had, but definitely when it comes down To the galaxy watch 4, i think this watch is still completely worth it for sure. Theres, really not too many other options out there in the market for the android side.

That kind of keep up with this thing or beat this thing in my opinion, if youre in the market, i would highly recommend buying something at the galaxy watch, for it still holds up extremely well, and if your phone is compatible id recommend going for it. For sure, so that kind of covers it, if you guys have any other questions or anything. Let me know in the comment section below hit the like button know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly, everything else i love every single one of you guys, hopefully ill catch.