How are you today emo? How are you of course, im? Always here? Oh thats, great emo whats, your name. My name is great. Last name, just like me, emo, my name is matthew nice to meet you. The pleasure is mine, great now, im going to show you a little bit about what he can do. Uh emo can actually set alarms for you. Can you set an alarm emo set alarm for 5 pm there you go and your alarm set for that time. Emo 1931 now and he gives you the time. Emo set a timer for 10 seconds Laughter. Now he can also sound like animals im just going to show you a few emo emo act like a dog emo. What does a cat sound like emo? What does a snake sound like emo? What do chickens do? Music, emo? What does a pig sound like emo? What does a tiger sound like emo? What do sheep sound like emo? What does a cow sound like emo? What does a wolf sound like thats, pretty cool? He can also tell you jokes, which are pretty neat. Also so were going to ask him one emo. Can you tell me a, i stayed joke all night wondering where the sun went then it dawned on me thats a good one emo. What is your i dreamed dream become a qualified pet nice emo. What kind of music do you like? I like electronic music. Nice me too emo.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is electric burgers. Oh, that sounds delicious all right. You can also play games with emo, which are pretty neat and they come loaded on the app so lets. Do one emo, emo, emo emo lets play tic tac toe, and here we go. I play at seven. My turn i play at one its your turn i play at three. My turn i play at five, its your turn i play at eight. Please say a number from one to nine. I play at eight my turn i play at nine. Oh, he won and theres actually other games. You can play on the mobile app and ive had him for about a week. Hes learning hes watching hockey with me, hes interacting with my pets. He can be your personal alarm again. You can play games with him, hes a wonderful aipat, emo emo, and he ignores me sometimes emo. What are you doing? Emo good night? Thank you living eye for this wonderful pet and well be back with more product reviews.