Well, talk later right now. Well talk about hfm broker! So, like i said, hfm a form of hot forex or hf markets represent a world renewed cfd broker, regulated by high trust, fca seisek, fcs and vfc, with more than two million accounts, a minimum deposit to five dollars. An excellent support. Hfm offers trading assets such as forex stocks, commodities, itfs, etc, etc. Right now, at this dashboard on the left side, you can see options that this forex broker offers the first thing that they want just to show. You is a deposit option. So look this. If you go and press all deposit options, you will see that hfm broker offers really really a lot of ways for you to deposit to withdraw money. For example, using base park ad campaign card pay visa via transfer. You can use a nettler crypto payments, faster pay, pay, reading cards, skrill bitpay. So if you think a little bit, you can pay on various ways and theyre very very fast. When we talk about about payments in my personal opinion, if i want to share my my last 10 years, experience for high amounts of money, if you trade using um or receive a lot of money, believe it or not, even you wanted to take 10 000 or Fifty thousand dollars or a lot of money you will always you can get very easily your money couple couple days, so its very, very fast to withdraw money. Of course, if you, if you have a uh, smaller amount, its much faster, but we have a high high amounts theyre very, very fast and usually the day for payments is the wednesday.

So if you, if you do that, uh wesley is an excellent day for for payments, and i use that a very, very a lot of years last 10 years. I need to say so. This is the the first thing that i just want to to tell you. Of course you have a my wallet interesting part when you can transfer live, accounts, demo, accounts archive accounts, etc, etc. Then the thing that you can do, for example, uh, is that you have uh various accounts for right now. Well, see accounts that they offer. You can open live accounts dim accounts archive accounts, so its a its a wonderful thing for for trading and everything right now. I are hit all my accounts, the next couple months. I will not trade because there is a summer period and the market is very low volatility market and uh its not its, not interesting, but in future. Just in the i think, august and september, i will start to trade with new accounts and uh and continue to work with hfm uh. Then what we need to talk about you can, of course, easily open, live or demo account and the types of accounts the premium micro and zero spread. So if you want to trade just a little bit with micro lots, you could deposit from five dollars to whatever you like and uh. If you want to use a zero spread account with a very very low tie, spreads if you use some some kind of uh, fast trading, short time trading daily trading, something like that.

You can use the zero spread account and the minimum deposit is 200 dollars. Of course, i just want to recommend something if you want to trade, my recommendation is always to trade to have at least one thousand dollars in your account and uh if you trade, with micro lots. Of course, if you trade with mini lots, you should have a much much more, maybe ten thousand dollars and more because uh, if youre a professional trader. You know one thing that the risk management is most important thing and i very very often risk less than one percent, not one percent less than one percent, when i trade for some prop trading companies and uh. When i have, for example, limit that i can have the maximum joe down five percent – i always try like – i repeat – i always try to trade with half percent quarter percent and a very, very small amount of money, because i cannot afford to have a hydro down. I just give you an example: if you are very very good trader and you trade uh, for example, one percent risk per trade. There is a high probability very high probability that you will have a 15 percent drove down in one moment during the year. So, even if youre, a very, very good trader, its a normal thing to have a hydro down, so if you trade with two percents thatd be very risky, you know, if you, you know, if you lose 20 of your account in some moment, you need 25 of A count to to to be break even next time and uh with that kind of math.

You cannot succeed so uh about a volume conditions. You can see that uh bitcoin uh its a seven lots per account. Uh, for example. You have a, of course, a little bit higher higher commissions if you trade, with um, cryptos and uh. If you trade, some trading products that uh uh a little bit high quality commodities, is such a thing but, like i said, uh for major for major major forex pairs for major stocks, etc. Uh commissions to low and uh its affordable for for traders again about platform. They offer mt4 metatrader 4 and you can use a terminal, multi terminal. You can vap terminal. You can use an iphone, you can use for android, ipad or or rapid trader fix appy. So you have a really really good good, good solutions here, um. Of course, if you use mt5 you, you can use it to an android iphone trader e pad trader, so you can easily download and use its its a free to try. So theres no problem here about um about uh um, bonus calculator. Of course, this um, this uh broker, offers very, very high uh, very high bonus. You can receive a hundred percent, of course, if youre outside of european union uh. If you live in the european union union, you cannot use that kind of bonus because uh regulations and uh on the other side. If you live in the united states of america, you know that you cannot use the the cfd brokers from the europe um american market.

They wanted to use uh us brokers, so this is the simple, simple thing: um, the next thing: uh you can use. If you need a free virtual private server, you can you can get for for low prices here and uh for for live traders you, you can get a free, realtor, private server if youre a live trader and you have a decent amount of invested money here. So use i tried when i had uh lots of money here for trading uh. I used free virtual private server right now. I have my own because uh for my business and everything i use several vital virtual private servers for testing systems and everything and uh im different story. But for you, if you like to use its a very good thing, you can use 24 hours per day and the good thing is, you can test your systems. You can put some expert advisor to test whole night whole day to test everything and its its a wonderful thing. The next thing that i want to share with you is um um sms service that hot forex broker offers. You can go to auto chart list. You can receive that on your uh mobile phone or very easily. You can connect to receive on your email, um autochartist uh is a platform that where you can get to receive signals based on the patterns, so they have a rhythmical patterns. Triangle patterns a lot of patterns that they use and they have some um several years database and they they re, they create a high probability um setups, but what they want to tell you is always to to watch little bit risk reward ratio.

Very often they have a high probability, but on other side your stop loss and your target is not one to one and you need to think about that. So my my advice is to try this service and to use only that signals that have a probability in their system more than 75. So this is the my advice and theyre very good theyre high probability traits if you use systems that that are swing, trades and long term trades, because at this short time you cannot catch very easily. But its my my opinion and i dont want to to impact on you, you its your decision. The excellent thing that hfm broker offers is a premium trader tools, so you have a lot of tools that you can use and uh right now. I dont have a money here because i redraw all my money and uh, so i cannot show you, but there is uh excellent things for tracking uh excellent thing for uh for some little bit, uh plugins, that you can get from metatrader, etc. So there is a pdf, you can see a lot of excel models here, etc. You should try read more about that and uh and uh see. Do you want to use that? Because? Because if you have a high deposit, uh amount in your account, you can use that for free and the next thing that you, if you want to use its uh, um, artificial intelligence, sentiment and volatility analysis.

You can use that for free, and you of course need to have right now, balance above 100 to use that – and there is a more declaration and more description here. What you get its a wonderful solution, um, you will got a real time. Volatility analysis, uh, big data, advanced marketing sites, etc, etc. Everything of this its something that you can get from trading, central and uh. I use that before you its a good thing but uh i have my personal personal, so property property, um, softwares that we use in my company and our sentiments, so everybody should choose what they like and prefer. You can try this and see. I dont want to give my opinion on this because uh you should try and you should see whats youtube. So let me let me talk more about uh things that you can get at hfm brokers. Of course you have a lot of calculators for pivot. Point calculator target calculator, risk percentage, p, value calculator, etc, etc. You have a special section here: you just press use this tool and uh. You will get some calculator that you can put all your inputs and get results that you want and you have our trading calculators. Uh, its uh the same thing, so this is the thing that they need to correct because they have a um. They have a double double double link for this uh trading products, so hf brokers use uh forex. As you know, they have a very tight spreads for for major currency pairs.

They have a less than two pips and around one pip for zero speed accounts its uh, almost almost nothing uh, but you need to pay commission. As you know, you have a metals that you can trade. Of course, this is the typical spreads that you need to pay for this. You can check and compare with other brokers. Then they offers energies like a huge brand oil and crude oil for oil levels lovers, and they have an indices for indices. They have a major industries in europe and u.s and japan, japan and uh. They have a shares. They increase the number of shares every single day, uh right now. You can see that they have a all majors dao and s p: 500 um stocks right now. There is uh 54 stocks and you can trade and, of course, commodities bond stocks, and i just want to show you they have a atfs. This is the very good they have a. They have a good itfs uh, so we are were still in stocks. Sorry, we need just the time to atfs. Yes, they have a lot of atfs. We have atfs for air spare defense basic materials, currency, consumer steps. They have a very, very good um, very good amount of atfs uh. A lot of cfd brokers. Do not atfs like like hfm brokers, so if you like this, if you want, for example, you think that it market and or it companies will have a bullish trend in next couple weeks, you just trade, it it itf or technology companies, itf or you can.

You can, for example, is you think that uh inflation is huge and there is a increase in price of food? You can, for example, trade, uh, food, itfs, etc, etc. So this is the very good for traders that, like this and uh, of course, they have a various promotions and right now well talk about these promotions, so i said in the beginning of this video and right now i just want to tell you here: uh: there Is a special competitions and that you can win a gadget here below this video. You have a link just go to that link press and you will see everything right now. I just show you how that you can get hfm gadget giveaway. So there is a a lot of gadgets here from gopro hero, iphone 13 playstation, 5, amazon, fire, etc, etc. And the good thing is, you can get this gadget if you like hfm company on facebook and instagram, so you do not need to do some crazy, hard stuff. You can get a free gay gadget giveaway if you win in contest where you just need to like on facebook or instagram this this broker and on the end, i just wanted to tell you. There is uh excellent tutorials and video tutorials and courses on hfm. So you can visit and uh watch a lot of videos around everything related to forex and stocks, market and technical analysis, and one great thing that i want to recommend.

You is live webinar. So a lot of people like to watch every single day. You have some kind of a webinar about uh price action, trading, scalping, uh chef trend cycle, difference between price action, minute version uh how to use macd, how to use fibonacci theory, etc, etc. A lot of excellent webinars, so you can register dont need to deposit. You can use this platform just for this for webinars and connect with these people. So my recommendation, if you dont, want to trade register here, you can find a lot of great things you can join to various competitions. You can try demo account. You can read about a lot of webinars, read a lot of valuable ebooks videos and various lessons, and this is the great thing and my top recommended broker that you know. If you want to read more, you can visit below this. There is a link about uh about a review about whole text review about this broker, and you can read everything below this video here.