So as summer is surprisingly uh approaching. That means the heat is starting and here in southern california, having a good hva system is a great way to control it. Its super important – i guess wherever you live – do not southern california, its gon na be hot. I guess, unless youre in australia and its weirdly winter in july, youre gon na want to control that temperature. So this is the ecobee smart thermostat premium and the premium means theres a lot of stuff here and its packing. All the features that i need and a lot of features i didnt know i needed any thermostat to make my home and my kids uh generally more comfortable before we get to a video on a really awesome. Thermostat doing this for a while. I want to say thank you for your support for watching the videos and give you a chance to win 500 on a gift card of your choice. Open to anyone in the world. Leave a comment down below. Let us know what you would do with your brand new ecobee smart thermostat be sure to leave your social handle in the comment. So i can contact you if you win, i really want to emphasize that one runner for 10 days. All the information that will be in the description lets talk thermostats, Music, all right. So i get you guys, probably already know what a smart thermostat is right. You can control it from your phone to change the temperature.

Those have been around this one does things that i have not seen from a thermostat uh before so by controlling the temperature again thats, a small part of what ecobee is doing with the smart thermostat premium. Its obviously super important for a thermostat talk about in a second, but what was really interesting here is all the other features built in so everybodys seen: smart thermostats. You can control them from your phone. They change the temperature theyre useful, but what this is doing is things that i have never seen from a thermostat before some that i sounded awesome. Some i was like i could totally use that, which is why i actually will be replacing the summers apps that i have in my house with this. So a big one uh is a built in air quality, monitor so again framing it here in southern california. We were evacuated last year because of fires close by unfortunately, right now there are fires going on in laguna, niguel air quality in southern california, with smog smoke. It aint great uh, i have three kids, one of which has severe allergies to sort of outside things. Uh so were constantly monitoring air pressure uh for him. So knowing the air quality of the room is really important and right on that screen, you can see a reading of the air quality in that room, so thats obviously important to have it also lets you know you can take steps to make the air better.

If you want whether its opening a window running an air purifier, which we run all the time in our house, but all that starts by knowing the quality of the air, you might not think about that very much. But when you breathe in air quality, with a very high number, you can tell you can feel it in your lungs and if youre fortunate enough to not have allergies or breathing issues. Maybe it doesnt impact you, but to see my six year old with issues something like this yeah is really important. Music. Another surprising feature this one. I never thought in a million years for a smart thermostat to have now that i know it exists uh. I could never not have it its home security, so i know you think of home security. Your thermostat, like me, is probably not the first place you are running to, but the service that can also protect your home thats, pretty dope. It could be also if you want, sell smart sensors for your doors and windows, so once you install those and connect to the thermostat and work together. So also, let you know if someone breaks into your home, so thats important and security to side its even going to pause. Youre hitting your cooling when it detects your doors or windows, are open for five minutes, its not going to waste energy, and all of that is built into the ecosystem and its all. Starting with the thermostat itself.

You got a thermostat youve got air quality built in youve, got a hub for your alarm and youve got a thermostat thats going to let you know and react when doors or windows are open, thats, pretty cool, but wait theres actually still a lot more so and Of course, you can still do like smart thermostat stuff, like controller temperature, the most efficient way possible. I think thats a really, probably still the biggest reason to have one of these installed uh. There also are new sensors built in making those smart adjustments even better. So again, in a line of things that i never thought in a thermostat, this ones got a radar sensor built in detect when people are occupying the space, but now its got a 180 degree view actually see through glass and walls even doors. So, even if you are in a different room, the merced can detect. Someone is still around and itll keep the hvac system running now a lot of smart thermostats. They have these proximity detectors. So if it doesnt detect that youre right near it itll turn your ac or heat off, that can be a bit annoying uh with ecobee, now its going through walls, and it will know that you are there thats bonkers, uh, now its even bonkers, that actually works. As advertised and if that wasnt enough uh theres a smart sensor included in the box, so you can put this in a different room and then get more accurate temperature readings based on the location.

This is what i use for my kids rooms as well. Theyve got one of them, has a vents, the other ones dont, so the air temperature can get very different, so itll, even it out itll sort of average out that room with where the thermostat is. You can add other sensors if you want to get sort of a more accurate reading, its awesome and it just works very, very well so itll also account for humidity again my favorite reference is in southern california. It doesnt get too humid here, but jd who im pointing at uh whos helping make this video is from florida, where, if youve ever been to florida, if it says 72 degrees 100 humidity, it does not feel like 72 degrees. The thermostat will know all of those things and itll make the temperature actually feel uh like that quote 72 or feel more comfortable and again do all this stuff on its own. Without you having to worry about it and then, if you do want to control the thermostat, you can do it remotely through your phone or set up a schedule depending on your needs and the cherry on top uh. There is also alexa built in or if youve got a homepod, you can use siri, so you control all of these things with your voice. Of course you can go, walk up to it and you know touch it, but all those other ways to do it. I can do that very often and if you decide to use it uh for alexa on the back, i see that theres, a speaker which is again a weird thing for a thermostat and itll work with more than just like you know, controlling with your voice.

Itll do alexa things, itll work for alexa, callings drop ins intercom, and that kind of thing as well. So all of that is a lot and is all built in to this new design. That is meant to last its actually built out of zinc and now has a way more vibrant touchscreen display its 50 larger than before. Considering all the information you can see on the screen really nice to have, it also comes in really nice recycled packaging. It feels premium its a weird thing to say like in the hand it feels really premium but like you can feel the metal – and you know, youre touching something thats at least of high quality. Maybe you dont touch a thermostat very often, but i really like the aesthetics of this as well. Music. All of those things uh made this a very easy choice. Uh for my house, i havent upgraded my thermostat since i moved into my house about five years ago and generally, like i dont, think about my thermostats anymore. I installed them and that was it and i thought they were smart thermostats, but now im thinking all they do is turn the air in the heat on or off uh on a schedule which is fine and helpful uh. But now i can actually help my middle son with his air quality. I like that it doubles. The smart security system gives me better peace of mind with my family at home.

So i like that theres even integration with smart assistants, which i know a lot of others – have this lets you choose which one you want to use, theres support for alexa, google and homekit, and it comes with alexa and siri built in you just need an apple Homepod, if you want to use siri theres a lot of little things that make this really awesome, whether or not you ever use the alarm features whether or not you ever use the humidity detection or not. You ever use the smoke alarms and whether or not you use it to schedule things on the weekends or set your schedule when you go to bed or turn on sort of better manage your electric rates, its nice to have, and you get all of these options And you can decide how you want to use it and thats cool and another use is for us here in the studio. We dont have any windows uh that open to the outside, and we do have a lot of air purifiers around here uh and we turn them on theres like a little indicator, itll be like red for bad air quality, yellow or green. Depending on how good it is – and ours are always red because its dusty here and i think generally – were probably a little bit gross and not clean so being able to install one of these here in the studio, it could also be really helpful.

Probably a reminder to all of us, probably less than clean humans, that we should make the air quality around us a bit better.