This is kind of like my one week review after using it, and just so you know for some background. I came from the galaxy note 9 and i used that for three years and so um. I would say my review is kind of like comparing from that phone to this phone and so im going to be kind of talking about, like some positives, like automatic positives about the phone, then im going to be talking about, like maybe some things that i noticed, That i didnt realize that i was losing like certain features until i like, like, was using an app and then im like oh yeah. It doesnt have that anymore. So lets go into this. Video lets talk about the good things, so you know automatically um. Apparently this has like the best wi fi, whatever card in it. You know it says like wi, fi, six or whatever. I dont know what that means. But apparently you can get like better, like wi fi, like speeds with like the s22 plus and the ultra and then um. Obviously, the the big thing i notice is like having like 5g so when youre out and about like youll, have like better like download speeds. Like if youre watching videos on facebook like it is like crazy, fast, so thats like automatically like the first thing that i notice and i use t mobile and ive been having like really great experience and in places that i normally dont have coverage like now.

I have like better coverage, i dont explain it but yeah it so far, using like mobile and stuff like that has been really great. Um next is the the adapted dis adaptive display so um. It has a 120 hertz, like like refresh rate, so essentially what that means is like its just super smooth like really smooth and its like adaptive too meaning like itll, go from like really low refresh rate to 120, depending on like what tasks youre doing and then At the same time, you can um set it so itll automatically like do that so um. It has 120 hertz display, like refresh rate, so that means theyll just keep like adapting like really slow fast. Depending on like what tasks you are doing, i cant notice that it is being slow, then fast and slow, then fast its doing faster than you can like even comprehend. So thats like a good thing, so they figured that out and um yeah overall, like i would say, by browsing the web. Experience is really good and um. Next thing i want to talk about is battery life. So for me personally, like with how i do um like okay, so ill browse like facebook ill be on reddit ill, be i could i place like some mobile games um here and there, but im not like heavily into like mobile gaming, so ill kind of like Share like what my battery life looks like uh, which is pretty amazing, so so lets go to battery life.

So uh lets see im already at 76 and it says i have about 12 hours and 16 minutes left. So i think thats, pretty good in terms of like ill theyll, take an account like on your usage and – and since i use this for about a week, i think it has enough data to kind of give you like an average and um. It says, like a full charge, will last about 16 hours and 20 minutes, and i think i can agree – and that makes sense on that because i would say, with the whole day of using the phone at the end of the day, ill be like about. Like 10 to 20 and then even sometimes, 30 percent really depends like how much i use the phone, so um thats pretty good. I would say one i was using my note. 9. I had to charge my phone like back to 100 from, like maybe 30 to 40 back to 100 and then during the night time. I would just have it plugged in the whole time because um, you know ill be like browsing. Facebook ill be watching like anime ill, be reading some manga and ill just kill my battery because of like the um like the screen, i like to have it like brighter and stuff like that, so anyways not good for your eyes, thats why i have glasses, but Moving on so battery is pretty good um. Some things is like features they added, but im, not really that big of a fan of it, which is, i think they call it like.

Reverse um, like power, sharing, reverse wireless charging. So essentially, you can like put a phone on top of your phone and then that phone on top will charge. I dont, i dont know i dont know i i i dont think ill ever use it um, but i think thats a cool feature, but i dont think ill ever use it, but i dont know its a nexus um. I would say, like the facial recognition, um and stuff is improved since, like the note 9, i know like the note 9 had like the iris scan. If youre going to open your phone, but then it kind of like takes a while and then also you can add that to certain apps as like a 2fa, so its looking at your eyeballs, so youre, just like kind of like this and youre like you know, And it actually shows your eyes like a like. It shows your eyes in the top part, if youre using like a note9 itll show your eyes and you have to like align it and then boom. Then it goes through versus like on this one, its like its really quick its just boom. You open your phone and bam. Youre like you could start using it, so i would say they really improved on like the facial recognition, so kudos im liking that um. I feel like these things, um, like latest snapdragon, i dont know you can care about that stuff. You know better processor, more ram uh, but one big thing that is a pro is they got rid of that dumb button, which is the bixby button and out of like all the ram better or whatever.

I think removing that button is so far like one of the best features they got rid of so um. That means you, dont have to worry about accidentally clicking the bixby button. However, they did try to squeeze bixby into the power button, so something youll notice is, if you double tap the power button, bixby is going to come up, but you can change your double tap from big speed to like camera like something that i did is so, If i double tap like the power button, its not going to bring up bixby or long hold press it, i believe, will bring up bixby but theyre really trying to keep bixby alive even with like the latest phones, but im glad they got rid of the bixby Button but they didnt great bixby into the power button, so thats, something to note and was also pretty annoying when i saw it came up and it pissed me off anyways, but you can easily remove it and disable that so im happy for that. So um. I wanted to talk about more, like loss features that i didnt realize i mean i did realize, but i didnt realize, like kind of like the chain events of losing the future so and how it actually affects my daily life, so losing like the fingerprint, like scanner Or yeah fingerprint reader or scanner so either way. On the note 9, you had a physical fingerprint like scanner on like the back of the phone, so you press your phone, your finger on the back of the phone and then it opens your phone um.

What was really great about that is, i you know there was an indent in your phone, where you can just kind of like put your finger there and then your phones unlocked. So that means you could be like um, maybe out at starbucks. You could be out at like walmart and youre, like in a hurry. You need to grab your phone quickly by the time your hand is out of your like pocket. Itll already be open and youll be ready to start using your phone um, something i noticed with this phone. Is i cant automatically like try to open my phone while its in my pocket, yeah theres a that it does have a on screen reader, but its really awkward, if youre like? If you have your, if youre trying to grab your phone and unlock it at the same time its too awkward to do it, um kind of hurts your thumb. If you try to do it, i try to do it um, but it really just doesnt recognize your finger. You have to nicely like place your thumb on it and then it opens or you use facial recognition to open your phone. So these are some things i wouldnt say its like annoying its semi annoying um. But i wish they kept the finger like print scanner reader thing and then maybe put it on the power button um. Because then, when you know, youre taking out your phone out of pocket, just feel for the power button and youll get used to it.

And then you can just boom start using your phone, so i think that could have been. I dont know a miss opportunity, but they didnt go for it um, but yeah with losing the fingerprints scanner reader thing they. It also got rid of the um. What is it its like? The heart rate scanner heartbeat, so it like monitors your like heartbeats, like per minute, and that feature is also lost when they got rid of the physical fingerprint scanner on the phone and so um. I didnt realize until i was in the app – and i was like how am i gon na measure, my beats per minute and i was trying. I was like theres like just no option. You cant measure it through the on screen. So thats, like another thing, thats kind of lost but like i was saying earlier, is like if you know youre really into that, you would have to get like um a smart watch. So then, your smart watch will connect with the samsung health app and then youll be able to record your beats per minute, your heart rate um through the app, but you have to do it through your watch. So thats. Just like another thing you have to think about, but yeah um, essentially i didnt realize losing the fingerprint scanner. You know youre gon na end up losing the heart rate monitor as well along with it. So i would say: samsung secretly got away with saving a lot of money uh by not having those two things integrated and moving on to the next one, which is no headphone jack.

So moving for the note 9 to the note 9 to this phone, no headphone jack, there has been a lot of instances where uh im like trying to find the headphone jack. Then i have to remind myself i was like oh yeah. I dont have that anymore. So um i mean its like. I do have air pods, but half the time theyre like halfway across the house in the home office, or something like that. So then i have to walk all the way downstairs to get my headphones. If i want to listen to something so um, those are some things that i realize its like not having a headphone jack um. I didnt think it was going to be like that big of a deal like not having it uh. Overall, i am pretty happy like with with my phone and even taking an account of all like the lost features. So its only been one week – and these are like some things – that i did notice – that stuck out like the biggest to me and so thats. What i wanted to kind of talk about and address them and well see like maybe in one month, maybe my opinions are gon na change.