2. doesnt. This look just like a slab phone, but it is in fact a foldable. I mean if you follow my channel. You know that i first got my hands on this device like three weeks ago in europe in milan when this phone launched overseas. This is not the european model, though i did not get this from huawei. This is the china model that i purchased myself from trinity. Electronics, so trinity, electronics is probably one of the best importers in hong kong in the world. They get phones before any other store in the world, and if you want to import phones, you might want to reach out to them because they do ship to many countries. Anyway, im gon na take this phone out and about for a day to do like a real day in the live video. But before i begin, i wanted to go over over our hardware a little bit more and also the multitasking gestures and features of this phone. Because i really think huawei has developed one of the best most intuitive multitasking systems around lets begin okay, so the first thing i notice and most of you guys will notice. If you decide to pick up this phone is how thin and light this phone is for a foldable, the huawei max s2 measures, only 11.1 millimeters in thickness thats, really no thicker than like an iphone 13 pro or 13 pro max with a case. Actually, it might be a little bit thinner than an iphone 13 pro maxwell case and it weighs only 255 grams, which is again light for affordable and no heavier than an iphone 13 pro max with a case now the biggest catches with the huawei mate xs 2.

You will probably want to use the case 2 because of the fact that this phone is all screen literally the front, and the back is covered by screen at all times. So if you use this phone naked like this, its scary, because if you drop this phone, i mean its probably a garner if you accidentally bump this phone against the edge of a table or something its probably a garner. So the good news is, while i designed a pretty clever case that was not in the original mate x or the max s2. This is a pretty clever design, because a lot of us thought you cant really build a case for a phone like this. But while i managed to do it okay now the case will protect the back and also the left and right side. Now, if you actually clang your phone on the edge of a table, you dont have to have a heart attack because the edge is covered. Now, if you drop the phone face down, you might still damage it, but you can say that about any other phone. Okay. So how do you unfold? The phone with this case well huaweis case actually has a little flap that comes loose like this. Then you can still unfold the phone. I mean it does take an extra step. Itll. Take you an extra half a second anytime. You want to unfold the phone and when the phone is unfolded, you do have this little thing hanging off the side.

That may be annoying to some people, but i actually like it. It helps me grip onto the phone a little bit more like this, like more security, so another benefit using this case is um. It doubles as a stand. So if you open like this and unfold, but then instead of unfolding all the way you let the case lock into this corner, then you have yourself a little stand that allows you to watch videos like this. If youre wondering how im running youtube right now, im running youtube on a web browser. Now that the phone has a case, then it is now a little bit thicker, but it is still only about 12 millimeters in thickness and about 270 grams now, but still no thicker or heavier than the gausss e43 or like a xiaomi mix, fold or opal. Fine end so im gon na take off the case for now, but whenever i step outside, i do use a case just for peace of mind at home. I can go naked so next up, i want to talk about the awesome, intuitive multitasking gestures of the huawei mates, as i guess, this is not exclusive to the may xs. This is a harmony, os, multitasking, gesture or emui. So, basically, if you open an app and you swipe up to the right side, immediately jumps into floating window and then floating window mode, you can move it around. You can swipe it into the corner to shrink it a little bit like this.

You can bring it back out into like a small size like this, and then you want to get rid of it, just swipe down and youll get rid of it now. Conversely, if you do the same action with the same app swipe up, instead of going to the right side, you go to the left side, you jump straight into split screen. So now you can open two windows at the same time. So i really like how intuitive the multi tasking gesture is on this phone now, compare this to something like the gaussian z43 running, one ui. If i want to multitask with the web browser, so i swipe up and hold see when i swipe and hold the app moves to the side, so i have to swipe over then i have to long press on this app to bring up this menu and from Here i can go into either split screen mode or floating window, so you see how that took like four steps and about two and a half to three seconds. So the next thing i want to address is um the fact that this phone cannot run google mobile services. I think by now. This is not news to anybody, so you know you just have to decide whether or not you can make do with it. For some people, its an absolute deal breaker, you just cannot use the phone without google, maybe literally your entire work is tied to google apps or something for me.

It is not ideal because im, a youtuber and youtube is part of google, but it is not a complete deal. Breaker. As i have explained many times in the past, you actually can still run many google apps on this phone, like chrome, still works. Google maps will still work. You just cannot log into google maps, so you can still navigate from point a to point b on google maps and also, if you download microsoft, outlook and microsoft outlook is available officially in huaweis app store, you can still access your gmail and even your calendar. Your google calendar on microsoft outlook now theres a 32 megapixel selfie camera located here in the hole punch that allows you to take selfies now without needing to flip the phone around. Like you did in previous years. Okay, now look at the main cam system. You have a triple camera setup here, headline by 50, megapixel main camera, f, 1.8 aperture, a 13 megapixel ultra yf, 2.2 aperture and then an 8 megapixel telephoto zoom lens 3.5 times optical zoom. Now powering the phone is a snapdragon 8. Not only is this a 1 year old soc, it is also the 4g version you dont get 5g support on this phone. The reason for that is because of u.s sanctions again, so the u.s has apparently forbidden huawei from buying the newest soc or something and theres. Also, a 4 80 million hour battery inside this phone, so im gon na step out right now lets keep track of battery, so it is 91 battery right now at 1, 48 p.

m. 91. 148 lets step out. Okay, so youre watching 4k 30 footage with the huawei mate xs 2 right now. It is raining obviously, but uh im pretty sure the phone will be fine, even if it doesnt have ip68 water and dust resistance. As long as you dont dip the phone in water, it will be fine, so yeah theres, a main camera footage. Stabilization should be pretty good, ive seen some footage from earlier and you can switch lenses in the middle of filming. You can switch all the way out to ultrawide now were watching. Also why i cant wait for this right now ill, try footage and then i think you can zoom to it. Lets see if its optical zoom, when you get to 3.5 times, zoom, okay, 3.4 and now its 3.5 yeah. I think that telephoto zoom lens kicked in okay. Exposure got a little bit wonky, but theyre not fixed. So now this is a 5.4. You can go all the way up to 10 times zoom, so this is 10 times zoomer now, actually, looking, okay, okay, main camera footage here, so im gon na step into a coffee shop to get some coffee first. This is one of my favorite coffee shops in hong kong, its very hipster and pretentious though so i get a lot of emails with documents and spec sheets that i have to look at and looking on. A larger screen is so much more convenient than on a smaller screen.

So, of course, the benefit of using this phone is, you can use the main camera to film yourself and still see yourself because theres a screen on the back. My camera footage on a moving bus, so i hopped on this bus without knowing exactly where i was going. So i had to check google maps to find a spot and thats where having a larger screen comes in handy, because i can use google maps to explore the area on a larger canvas. Okay, so youre watching front facing video footage from the wildlife xs2. I have arrived at my destination. This area is called tune, moon its on the outer edges of hong kong were really close to china right now or mainland china anyway. So i like to come out to these areas because its a lot quieter than central hong kong, like in the center hong kong, where i live its super packed at all times when you come out here, theres a little bit more space. Another reason i like coming to these places because you can usually find good food for really cheap its a little bit more affordable than where i live, and also you know these stalls are independent stalls theyre, not like corporate chains. So right here this is one of my favorite type of food. Is uh cheong fun its a chinese? I guess the best way to describe it like chinese rice noodles, so i will get some yeah.

These are hong kong, fish balls and whoa theres. Like a nice. Little bouquet, even in video, you notice the backgrounds a little bit blurred right now that was pretty nice, so yeah. This might not be the most photogenic dish, but its really good. So its basically rice noodles with like soy, sauce sesame and some hot sauce – and i got some fish balls too – its a hong kong specialty Music so were six times zoomer now, Music, Music, so one improvement huawei has made to the camera app. Is that the zoom dial is now at the bottom, where it should be in previous huawei phones, if you remember the zoom dials on the right side of the screen, which was very hard for me to reach. If i hold hold my left hand like this, okay, so ive been using the phone for two hours and the battery has dropped 30. Keep in mind. This was heavy use. I had to screen on basically the whole time a lot of reading a lot of photos and videos streaming spotify using google maps, all that, so its like the most heavy use situation other than gaming. Now the good news is the phone does come with a 66 watt charging, brick in the box that will top up the phone from zero to 100 in about 30 minutes. So i want to take time to talk a little bit about the photo gallery. App of the huawei mate xs theres, actually a full fledged video editor inside the gallery app and its pretty cool.

It allows you to make a bunch of edits to videos that you can do on an iphone or galaxy phone with those phones. If you want to edit a video directly in the photo gallery app, you can only trim the beginning at the end and maybe add some filters, but on how i make such you can actually cut the video in the middle splice out clips. If you want, you can add an outro with text, you can add graphics and you can even put a second video on top. So for like a picture and picture kind of vibe theres, just a lot of stuff, you can do directly within the app theres. Now a nighttime video with the huawei mate xs 2, this 4k 30. – so i dont know if stabilizations gon na take a hit, because this is a lower life situation. Okay, now this is the ultra wide and you can see footage looks a little bit softer because this is low light situation, Music, okay, so now im in a pretty dark alley, time to test really low light photography. So after huawei, mate, xs, 2 right here well take a main camera and then ultra wild now im going to take the same shot of the iphone 13 full max. So we can see that, whether its the ultra wide camera or the main camera, the iphone 13 pro max – seems to have a little bit more natural colors. But you have to remember the iphone 13 pro max also took a very long night mode, whereas the huawei makes us to kind of snap the photos immediately: okay, so youre watching 4k 30 footage with the iphone 13 pro max and the huawei mate xs 2.

. I think right now from the viewfinder, its looking like the iphone 7 pro max video footage looks a little bit better. You got ta keep in mind. This is a really dark alley, though. So you know, this is a really difficult test. Okay, so when it comes to really low light photography, i think the iphone 13 pro max wins a little bit, but and then we move to really low light videos and the iphone 13 pro max is quite a bit noticeably better than the huawei mate xs 2.. They dont hear more photo and video samples at night with the huawei mate xs2. Now this is less extreme circumstances. This is night shots, but with a little bit of city lights, as you can see, the huawei mates 2 does a pretty good job. So, overall i wouldnt say the huawei mate. Xs 2 has the best cameras around its um, definitely a step behind the top slap phones, but for a foldable phone. I think the camera system is actually pretty good because you have to remember most foldable phones, dont really have a true flagship, tier camera system, and neither does the huawei makes us two to be honest, but um its good enough. So, after a whole days of testing, i hope i gave you a pretty good idea of what to expect using the huawei mate xs2. This phone is not cheap, it retails for 1999 euros, thats the global version and china is a little bit cheaper.

I think china is like eight nine, nine, nine chinese yuan or something if youre importing from china. You have to pay the markup anyway, so either way the phones gon na be around two thousand dollars now two thousand dollars for a phone that you cant really run. Google mobile services and is running on a one year old, soc, its gon na sound foolish to a lot of people, and i think for most people, youre still better off buying the galaxy z43 because its just a safer purchase. However, the huawei maze sus2 is not for the average consumer. Its for enthusiasts is for people who want something different for people who may be fans of huawei devices. Like me, i am a fan of huawei devices, so even though you know, like i already said, not having google its not going to be ideal for me, im still going to make the bay asus to my daily driver for a while, because im a fan of Huawei hardware and i want to uh, use something thats new and different, and i really want a foldable phone that doesnt feel like a brick in my pocket and while i may access 2 achieves all that so thats about it. For this review slash day in the life with the huawei mate xs2, i hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to my channel. I have a lot more content coming out.

I am reviewing the m2 macbook pro very soon so stay tuned.