Welcome to the video glad to have you here today, we’ll be taking a look at the heartbreaker crossbow we’ll be seeing exactly what this weapon does and also, if it’s worth using before we get started with the video don’t forget to check out my twitch, where i Stream save the world often and do giveaways for weapons and traps link for that will be in the description below okay. So what does this weapon do? As you can see, this is how i have it rolled and also plus 30 weapon damage when aiming down the sights sniper rifle christ or crossbow fires, an arrow that drops over time and pierces through enemies. Now, in my opinion, that is probably the saving grace for this weapon is a piercing effect. Here is a loadout that i’m using for the video, as you can see here, pretty simple, straightforward blast from the past, with rapper raider jonesy as commander sorry hi. To might quick scope, locked and loaded for extra damage and going coconuts for more damage, so we’ve seen a build and a lot out for this weapon. Is it actually worth using honestly? In my opinion, it really is because, when it comes to crossbows, there is not many to choose from in fortnite save the world. Unfortunately, and also with the build, you can easily do different things with it, because i used to use uh, tro and also pre and pre emptive strike for this weapon as well, because both of those team perks can easily dish out the damage, but right now, i’m.

Using blast from the past, because i like the extra armor and the extra damage, but all those type of bills can easily you know, do what you need to do, and so, as we were just talking about a moment before there really isn’t too many crossbows to Use, but if it’s properly parked, as you can see, it does damage it, can one shot this sponsors it can two to three shots matches. It just depends kind of on your rng and i do like the piercing effect of this weapon. To be honest, if it didn’t have the piercing effect to go through multiple enemies, i wouldn’t even probably be reviewing this weapon or would quickly review it and just put it, you know somewhere way off into my collection book and just completely forget about it. So right here we were able to get that smasher down pretty low. That was almost a three shot. I’M. Actually, a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get that three shot in, but still that is actually not too bad for taking down a smasher four shots with just heavy ammunition we’re, not using any rockets. So i actually call that a win right here. I don’t remember how many shots we took them down: that’s, two, three. Okay. So honestly, the average seems to be about three to four, but honestly, in my opinion, that isn’t too bad and when it comes to using this crossbow. I really feel if you have maybe just a handful of targets in front of you that’s, when it’s really worth aiming down the site to get that extra 30 damage.

But if you notice a large group of huss rushing you trying to kill you, then i don’t even bother doing that to start shooting and letting the piercing effect do its job. Because if you notice a couple times, it’s going to be really hard for you to aim down the sights when you have all those little husks coming at you, and then you have the laser guys just shooting away. And now you have the lobbers putting in their two cents. So honestly, i haven’t really used this bow in quite some time and i believe i switched up a perk and honestly i’m enjoying it more than i remembered, and i don’t think it’s something you should like. Just run out there and roll immediately. I think you should use this weapon if you have a decent amount of perk up to play with, and i think you will actually enjoy. But if you’re a huge fan of bows or like crossbows, then you should totally use this weapon, and that is my take on it, because i like using different things and as you see right there, we just one shot at a miss monster. So this weapon can actually deal the damage all right guys at the end of this video. I really want to thank you for watching also if this is your first time visiting the channel and want to see more save the world content. Please hit that subscribe button.