I have this kind of mouse before and actually i really like it, its quite compact and good quality. But the problem is when my husband washed my pants and where i put my mouse, he put it in a washing machine without knowing that it was there. And of course you know what happens its all broken and you cannot use it anymore. So its been a while actually so one of the reason why i bought this is because it is a small and handy kind of a mouse, a computer, a computer mouse, so you need to cut the hole, is very sealed and i have to cut it with Scissor, by the way, the model is the m187 and its wireless ultra portable, and it has a six months: battery life. Okay, so battery is included what else we can read here: Music uh. It has a strong re, reliable 10 meter, wireless connection and advanced optical tracking. So hopefully it will be quick, you know when you use it in the computer and what is included in this box is, of course, the mouse. The nano receiver there is a battery and, of course, only flats, so lets open it up, and this kind or this color or design is a bit uh little little uh expensive compared to a black color uh, but i guess its because its quite nice looking, you Know and yeah so lets see what we can, what we can find here.

So i guess i need to pull this out. I guess well actually lets check first there, the if there is any instructions. So this is a quick instructions here inside this cardboard, so what it says number one you have to pull and open and you can get the nano receiver and of course you can connect the nano receiver, its a wireless usb to your computer, and you can use It as easy as that, okay, so lets pull this out. First, oh there you go and i managed to open it up today see whats inside here, oh okay, so there is already a battery Music, okay and how many batteries does it need only one? Okay, one battery its uh alkaline uh, aaa 1.5 volts battery, okay and the nano receiver is here all right and its only a small, a small mouse. So you can see this is my palm. My palm is not really that big, so its one of the reason why i buy this, because i want only a small Music mouse and i can just easily put in the bag or you know, store it easily and you can have the up and down bot. Uh wheel here, the the right in the left button, so its pretty straightforward, and this one here is the invisible invincible or invisible optic tracking. So this is the one that tracks and theres an on and off button here, okay, so its on lets turn it off, and this is the uh, the sn and the pin code for this mouse so and also the battery information, and i got more information for You here, aside from the model, the logitech m1 h7 ultra portable wireless mouse, it has a 2.

4 gigahertz with usb receiver and the dpi is 1000 optical tracking uh, three buttons, which i have showed you earlier and its compatible with pc mac laptop and its color red. Okay and also the compatibility here, uh, probably better, to show you its compatible with windows, 10 or later windows, 8 windows, 7 and mac, os x, 10.10 or later and chrome os linux, kernel, 2.6 plus, and so this has a trier, limited uh hardware warranty. So just ignore that guys and of course the battery life may vary on user in computing conditions. So now lets put it to the test im just gon na open the back, so you can slide it through, but you it wont open uh easily. I mean saying that it will make your battery inside secure, because we have we have a previous uh mouse that you know it easily just opens so sometimes its also hassle. You can open it without any much effort, but you can feel a little bit of a luck. Okay, which is a good thing for me. I think um. So this is the nano receiver that i take out inside and there is a hiding place inside there. So you just need to put it on the usb port of the computer, so just put it here so now, im just going to turn this on and well see whether it will work why its not working Music. Oh sorry, i just put the battery in the wrong way its my fault, guys.

Let me see where i will go there. You are its actually working now. Okay, im just gon na show you so you can see that its working Music so im just going to close this here and open the work room there. You are so welcome to our channel so yeah. I think its uh a good mouse. So i bought this for like say uh, 20 or 23. euro, so instead thats so expensive. Well, you know just the right price, i would say, heres a good quality and yeah as long as you take good care of it more. I think it will last long as well. You know so make sure uh dont put it in the pocket and someone will going to wash it in the washing machine. So obviously it will get broken and yeah and i love the color the design and it it has a good grip on the hand, although its a small, but you know you can feel that its there. It doesnt slip onto your hand yeah. So i think uh thats the reason why i bought this again because uh – actually i already liked it before so guys – thank you for watching, so i hope um.