Why do we have to do a challenge up late? I didn’t have one oh yeah. Definitely definitely how fast at times landsaltner i watched on youtube, someone get it and they caught it from fishing. So he’s after fish for present park floor i’m, very tired, she’s. Definitely our first try well. Have you had more drive, yeah yeah i’m landing on it? I could get so much xp i’m, getting so much. No! I can’t i’m dead we’re out boys. We need nothing, nothing, no, no! No, but like yeah yeah, the wood minis in it as well um. No! Barely though i found one yeah, i did that i did sit because i haven’t used that uh, then great great, now we’re dead, so i don’t have one. Oh, he has one he has one as well. They both have all cracked ones i’m. Using how much damage does it do? How about to the head sixty one two one i’m gon na be kidding. Oh, i just sleep that what with a crossbar yeah, he has a med kit, though obviously oh my gosh, they push they’re pushing that don’t push. How can i not hit any shots? I suppose one factor? 41. 41. Okay. Oh i’m. Your 140y, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, i’m, so good with the crossbow it’s, so hot you won’t even believe how hard it is. Oh my gosh um, i just headshotted one and then, if you just hit headshot you’re dead, can i take that one the same thing yeah, but i want to okay, oh my gosh.

Would you say we’re allowed to pick up when we have crossbows? Yes, pickaxe is like not a gun, it’s actually so hard to hit. With these guns, i’ve done 748 damage that’s this time a billion edits. We can try shooting them from far but like when it’s close range hoop our pants yeah. They have shotguns Music that’s, a car, okay, i’m.