Here to bring you guys all of the latest fortnite news, leaks and updates. We’Ve got some awesome stuff to announce today so make sure you watch the video fully finished to find out absolutely everything, fortnite, music and updates related, obviously like if you enjoy it, subscribe to me here on the channel for more fortnite content and finally guys creator co. Bobbles in the forum item shop helps put your gal that one step further hashtag hashtag. Thank you all in advance. Let’S get cracking those straight on with the video today starting off week. 11 challenges. Yes, that’s right. The challenges have just dropped earlier on today and they’re. Basically, all valentine’s day related here is in fact a list of all of the different challenges that have, in fact, just dropped as well as obviously the bonus golden challenge for you guys to do this week as it is to do damage with crossbows. But before we talk about crossbows, he is in fact a cheat sheet, so pause. The video take a picture of the video whatever. So you guys have this image so it’s a lot easier for you guys to go on to complete your weekly challenges. But let’s go on to talk about crossbows. Now crossbows have been a very known weapon to be in fortnite throughout the seasons throughout the years and basically the crossbow normally always comes into the game. Around valentine’s day kind of like the whole cupid’s bow sort of thing.

You know it makes sense and essentially it’s just been added into the game again. This is obviously for valentine’s day, which is three days away, as well as obviously the week 11 challenges now. Obviously, where there is a challenge for the next week, it means that the crossbow most likely is going to be in the game for the next seven days, and then it will be rolled out when next week, week, 12 challenges come out. Since the legendary challenge is literally per week, it will mean that the crossbow won’t need to be in the game for the rest of the season just this week, but nevertheless crossbow’s back honestly, don’t know what to make of it it’s a very weak weapon. Nevertheless, though, dealing damage for the challenge is probably going to be proven to do most simply in team rumble, but the crossbow fun gun definitely make the most of it, while it’s in the game, because otherwise you’re gon na have to wait a whole another year to Use this bad boy next topic, though, what have we got? The flash skin? Yes, that’s right, a bunch of leakers have finally actually managed to get the flash skin in their lockers essentially and actually be able to do like showcases, so full credit here to luani and xkimo x. I think there’s their names. So sorry, if i’ve butchered them i’m, not very good with names, but anyway, full credit to those guys here is in fact a video basically showcasing of the flash skin all right, so you guys go.

That was absolutely awesome. If you didn’t realize the back, bling has actually been announced to slightly animate, which is very cool. Indeed. Flash is obviously a awesome. Awesome, skin and he’s scheduled to be released on the 14th or you can get him a little bit earlier. If you guys actually won him in last night’s, flash cup tournament that i’m not gon na lie, was incredibly sweaty, though so, if you did props to you, that is an incredibly good achievement in my books anyway, next up here in the video, though, what have we Got guys let’s talk about the creator battles so guys, as you can see, on the screen here, hearts wild the new creator battles, basically log in on this website. Link to this would be down in the description below you have to actually connect to a team. Some of the teams are full, as you can see here but say we want to join this team. We’Ll click, yes, we’ll join and then basically we have to participate and compete in these different challenges. In order to get that creator more and more points, the higher you place, obviously, in the point system, the better your team does and essentially the more prizes you will win at the end of the week, so basically select the creator you want to stand by and Then just complete challenges and it’s. That simple, as you can see here here, is in fact all of the different prizes first place.

You will in fact win all the awards, but especially these breathless blades pickaxe, which is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t lie so i definitely definitely want to try and somewhat win at least a couple of these prizes, but moving on to the next topic of today’s, video is in fact about cypher pk. He has, in fact, just officially announced his very own tournament now this has been long in the waiting and basically it is on all platforms. However, it is trios and you have to actually be in n a east only. You can obviously change your region to still participate, but you will obviously have the ping of an nae player which is kind of sucky it’s taking place on the 17th to the 18th. Obviously the 17th is the first one and then, if you do well in it, you obviously go through to the next stage, which will be the 18th, but it’s 11 p.m. Gmt that’s 6 p.m, et on the 17th for the first one of this cup, and basically, you have to register to unlock the event, and the tournament occurs across two rounds with the top 300 trios moving on to round two very simple here is in fact an Image of all of the point system – very nice point system – i can’t like definitely rewards those who do well and are good at the game, so bad for me, but good for anyone that is actually good at the game.

Nevertheless, though, i’m really hyped about this cup make sure you do register, though i know i’ve said it but i’m saying again, you have to register in order to actually participate. Otherwise, unfortunately, you can’t play it will not appear unless you’ve registered but it’s very straightforward. To do so simply just literally google slap pk cup register, it will come up the first link, click on the link and literally log in and that’s it you’ve done it you’ve registered for this tournament, but there you guys go. That is indeed going to be it for today’s video. I hope you guys have indeed enjoyed if you have make sure you smash the like on the video like, i said earlier obviously subscribe to me here on the channel stay, stop saying of all the latest fortnite musics and updates this amount of you guys. Aren’T subscribed in comparison to subscribing so make sure you obviously subscribe to never miss out and obviously, like i said again, credit card. Bobbles helps put you gail that one step down.